Petition to Declare Soros a Terrorist Reaches Threshold for White House Response

George SorosAs of this morning, over 140,000 Americans have signed a petition demanding liberal billionaire George Soros be declared a domestic terrorist.

Soros, the leftist financier who donated millions to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, is notorious for giving billions to liberal causes. In 2004, Soros helped jump-start Barack Obama’s political career, hosting fundraisers supporting Obama’s run for Illinois Senate. Soros is also a financial backer of Media Matters for America, a progressive media watchdog group, and has been a major funder of MoveOn.org, a progressive advocacy committee that raises millions for liberal candidates.

On top of all this, George Soros has exposed himself as wholly delusional, repeatedly saying that he views himself as a messianic figure. “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of my self-importance, “he once stated, adding “…to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god”. An admitted megalomaniac, the man is yet another wealthy liberal lunatic with delusions of grandeur.

Soros has made it clear he wishes to curtail American sovereignty and use his billions to impose a radical agenda on America. Given what a destructive leftist demagogue the man is, it’s no surprise that the American people are finally speaking up and fighting against his attacks on America.

The petition calling for Soros to be declared a domestic terrorist was posted on the “We the People” section of the White House website on August 20, and needed to break the 100,000 signature threshold within 30 days to trigger an official response. The petition states that Soros has “willfully and on an ongoing basis attempted to destabilize and otherwise commit acts of sedition against the US and its citizens”, through creating and funding organizations exclusively devoted to facilitating “the collapse of the systems and constitutional government of the United States”.

Soros has, according to petitioners, “developed unhealthy and undue influence over the entire Democratic Party and a large portion of the US Federal government”, and “the DOJ should immediately declare George Soros and all of his organizations and staff members to be domestic terrorists”. The petition also demands that all of Soros’ assets as well as his related organizations’ assets be seized under RICO and NDAA law.

Launched by the Obama administration in 2011, the “We the People” portal enables anyone to log on to the White House website and create a petition potentially capable of garnering a response.

Several other White House petitions are currently in the queue to receive a response from President Trump, including one asking the president to formally recognize the Antifa movement as a terrorist group, which has gained over 300,000 signatures.

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4 years ago

Sounds like a plan, T Holder

T Holder
4 years ago

Let’s see how we can affect the life of Mr. George Soros. Where does he get his wealth? Where does he hang out? I’m going to research these questions. Joined together into a concerted effort perhaps we can chase the treasonous maniac out of the country, at least. Let’s meet back here with our own research results.

4 years ago

Soros is a very Evil man but I d not think he will be stoped by anything but a natural death

4 years ago

A piece of garbage, but not a terrorist unless there is evidence that he donates to terrorist organizations.

4 years ago
Reply to  alan

What are organizations such as Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, AntiFa and several other similar organizations, which were all financially backed by Soros from the get go and whose sole purpose of existence is to incite anarchy and violence. All of these groups share the common goal of trying to collapse our societal and governmental systems from within through a sustained pattern of repeated protests that usually are allowed to culminate, in states or cities where like-minded “Progressive Democrats” hold power, in some degree of both physical violence and damage to personal property. If that does not meet the broad definition and goals of what constitutes multiple terrorist organizations, then what does?

Not all terrorist organizations have to have members who scream Alluha Akbar as they assault and try to injure or kill people. Terrorism can and does come in many different forms and ideologies. They all however do seek a common goal: To destroy existing societal and governmental infrastructures based on the western style of people-centric, representative style governments. Where the broader population has some degree of input and control into how the government functions. Although that input and control can and does vary widely from country to country, depending on how much the population of that country has surrendered their freedoms and control to the central government in exchange for the promise of benevolent care. That is usually referred to as the social welfare state in modern terms. All terrorist organizations share the common goal of replacing those existing governments with a much more authoritarian style regime, either based on a rigid, government-centric political system like pure socialism / communism or a theocratic model like Islam, that hides behind the façade of religion, to control the overall population. In either model, the central government controls and dictates all aspects of life for the broader populace. Deviation from that dictated lifestyle is of course not permissible and punishable by either imprisonment, violent punishment at the hands of authorized state officials or death.

Don’t forget that Soros grew up in Hitler’s NAZI Germany and he personally was allowed to financially benefit from the misery and torture of others. That no doubt helped form his sick attachment and apparent fondness, if you want to call it that, for the brutal and repressive socialist style of government that he keeps trying to re-create in various countries around the world through his financial support for like-minded “hate” groups. That so many politicians refuse to call these groups what they really are, doesn’t change the fact that they operate exactly as any other terrorist group would operate.

Ivan Berry
4 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Very good response, PaulE. Then there are those of like mind who use the visable Soros as their front man, while contributing for the same end. And they are ligion.

4 years ago

A piece of garbage, but not a terrorist,unless we have evidence that he donates to terrorist organizations.

Rudy Jensen
4 years ago


Jerry Kaser
4 years ago

Soros should have been hanged for Nazi war crimes years ago. The Man and his entire family needs to be incarcerated. Their finances and industries destroyed. They are destroyers of freedom and humanity. Pure Evil.

puma slc
4 years ago

How can I ADD my name in support of the Soros Petition ? He –ideologically and for his continuing abuse of bankroll to support BLM and other anarchist groups bent of disrupting American society– is an unmitigated menace to American democracy !

Iris Stanfel
4 years ago

I agree.

Vincrnt zannelli
4 years ago

Push the president to agree with this petition

4 years ago

Soros is as strongly anti-America as anyone on earth with the POSSIBLE exception of Kim Jun Un. Soros may be even worse than Kim.

4 years ago

While we are busy with SOROS….maybe we can do the same thing with HILLARY CLINTON.
She is laughing at the fact no one does anything about her corrupt ways……SHE IS ABOVE THE LAW YOU DUMBIES.
get out of the sand and do something….


4 years ago

This behavior is to be expected by someone who as a young boy was in the Hitler Youth organization, he apparently learned the message well. He openly admits this in his own book, he says he did it for self-preservation but he still turned in his fellow Jewish friends and families. He changed his name so as not to be identified as Jewish. There are quite-a-few books written about him. He does in fact hate America.

Wayne Peterkin
4 years ago

Soros is a father figure to Spectre’s Blofeld of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. Soros is unfortunately real and a thoroughly evil man who lusts after world domination. One can only hope he suffers a similar fate as the mythical Blofeld.

Alan S
4 years ago

Shouldn’t the whole Democratic party be declared domestic terrorists?

4 years ago

where are the petitions to sign, I want to sign them.

Angela M. Rosati
4 years ago

Everybody reading this, please sign the petition. Thanks.

Angela M. Rosati
4 years ago

All of you reading here, please sign the petition.

Angela M. Rosati
4 years ago

I just signed the petition. Get him out of our country! Throw him in the ocean! Throw obama and the clintons, too.

David Campbell
4 years ago

It is a bad idea to use the word “terrorist” anytime a person or group does things that are objectionable. The problem is, as you broaden the definition of what qualifies as terrorism, it can boomerang on you as many organizations or people get branded terrorists. As an example, look at the people and organizations that are labeled “hate groups” by the SPLC; same idea. The better approach would be to have him charged with sedition, a word apparently used in the petition.

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