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amacTo Dan Weber,

Wondering how many people other than you and me have/had rejected outright all propaganda from AARP? When I approached age 50 years ago, I started getting inundated with mail. At first I was just offended that they were tracking me. I didn’t know much about the organization, but I figured I was better off on my own that part of than group. I consider myself relatively politically savvy. (Conservative- I wrote a speech in 8th grade supporting Barry Goldwater), When AMAC issued a press release announcing its organization a few years ago, I was appreciative that there was now an alternative to the other group.

Because I still work and intend to keep working for enjoyment as well as necessity, I held off joining till about 18 months ago. Then I joined more as a “follow me guys” rather than any driving need for any perceived benefits. I don’t make a lot of money, but I support Judicial Watch, Numbers, and AMAC because of what all three are trying to do for the country. In each case I use as my model, “lives fortune, and sacred honor.” Easy words to recite, less easy to actually follow. I have a dormant manufacturing operation, and also work for the military and veterans affairs in support of the National Guard,

Point is I paid for a five year membership, but when you politely asked for people to step up because effecting change in DC requires money, I was compelled to respond. I had the $500 (plus 250 more) earmarked for a Smith & Wesson that I had been coveting for the past couple of months. I decided I don’t need the pistol as much as I need the country so there you are.

Keep-a-going, never waver and never give up, Dan. Thanks
Steve Baker

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