Patriotic Mothers Taking a Stand: the Mom’s March for America

mothersRighteous women in their circle of influence, beginning in the home, can turn the world around.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

On September 23rd, the Mom’s March for America took place in Omaha, Nebraska’s Ralston Arena. Organized by the non-profit HomeMakers for America organization, the Mom’s March aims to unite American mothers who are concerned with the increasing decline of our culture, the immoral influences on our children, and who are seeking a voice for their values. These women aim to raise the bar of decency, civility, and liberty in our culture, standing united to proclaim that family matters.

In addition to organizing the march, HomeMakers for America also prides itself on offering important resources and programs that help educate families and children on the principles of liberty. These resources include the American Heritage Center, Ladies Liberty Conventions, and the Hearthstone Education Plan. These programs provide mothers with valuable teaching tools to pass the indispensable values of liberty and virtue down to the next generation of Americans.

At the 2017 Mom’s March, Kimberly Fletcher—friend of AMAC and founder of HomeMakers for America—spoke about the role of mothers in the home as well as in American society. “The most influential person in society is the mother because of her influence in the home,” Fletcher explained, “We are deciding at this very moment what the standard of humanity will be in the future, whether freedom will prosper and if families will thrive.”

This year’s march proved to be a huge success, with over 500 guests attending in person and thousands more participating via livestream. Fletcher and the other organizers are already planning next year’s march; they look forward to continuing their mission to make the voices of American mothers heard while upholding the values of faith, virtue, and patriotism.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Mom’s March or would like to know more about the movement, you can visit the Mom’s March website here, or the HomeMakers for America website here.

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Dennis Weber
5 years ago

These ladies deserve a medal. Raising the next generation properly is the most important job on earth.

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