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Part-Time Workers Losing Pay Due to Obamacare

from Newsmax – Many part-time workers are getting slammed with a one-two punch from Obamacare — loss of pay and denial of access to employer-sponsored healthcare insurance.

The healthcare reform legislation passed into law requires large employers offering health insurance to include part-time employees working at least 30 hours a week.

Instead, a growing number of employers are cutting back part-timers’ work hours to avoid paying for their insurance.

An estimated 2.3 million workers nationwide are at risk of losing hours and therefore pay, according to research by the University of California-Berkeley cited by the Los Angeles Times.

The Times offered as an example the city of Long Beach, Calif., which is limiting most of its 1,600 part-time workers to no more than 27 hours a week.

Large restaurant chains and retailers are also beginning to cut back on employee hours, and colleges are reducing courses for part-time professors.

According to the Times, the average annual premium for employee coverage was $6,540 in California last year, and family coverage was more than $16,000 a year. Nationwide, employee-only coverage cost $5,615 last year, and family coverage cost $15,745, the Kaiser Family Foundation reported.

One consolation for part-time workers is that due to low salaries, many of them will qualify for government insurance or be eligible for discounted premiums on private policies beginning in January.

On the other hand, it’s expected that some businesses will drop health coverage entirely and instead pay a penalty of $2,000 per worker.

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Lowes Complaints and Reviews Total Complaints Orlando Florida 1,419 Claimed losses $1,000,765,804 Reducing full-time employees to part-time might be the next step Lowe’s might consider in the near future. Why not run all the stores with only a part –time and seasonal part-time staff. If ALL Lowe’s employee’s hours were cut to part-time, this would eliminate the health care cost burden on the employer. If an employee works over 29 hours they must be on an approved healthcare plan or the company has to pay a fine, Most part time workers opt to pay the penalty or are on their parent’s healthcare until the age of 26. People who never even considered going on welfare, will find that it’s easier and cheaper to work 1 PT job and go on the .gov healthcare plan. How many people will say to themselves: So, I can work 50 hours/week, make less… Read more »
I work @ Lowes in Florida and they are now planning on only hiring part-time, seasonal and temps to fill any open positions. They realized they can run their stores on a bare-bones skeleton crew and still beat their sale projections so they will make Lowes employees work double-duty. The morale is so low @ Lowes that its affecting customer satisfaction but Lowes execs don’t seem to care as long as they make their sales quotas. Returns are easy – No problem, Lowes happily does returns even if you abused and broke the product. Lowes also has an unadvertised tool rental policy where consumers can return anything within a month and use them as often as they want for free. Don’t need to buy their EPP (Extended Protection Plan) either since Lowes policy posted on their wall is #1 Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is our goal. If you are… Read more »
Lowe’s Home Improvement stores cut part-timers hours in November 2013 from 39 hours to 25 to avoid healthcare.They now cut part-time hours to 10 -12 hours a week in Florida so the big corporate executives can get their million dollar year-end bonuses. Hope they all get a visit from Scooge’s 3 ghosts to realize how many of their employees cannot afford their share of rent (living with roommates) nor have money for food and basic essentials. Lowes corporate executives’ families should have the same Karma returned to them that they did to their employees right before Christmas and the holidays. It is the employees who worked to make them rich and this is how they reward their hard working employees. Screw your billion dollar online sales that Lowes made by Dec 1. 2013. The Corporate Greed never ends. Hope all these Lowes Executives rot in Hell with their (Blood Money)… Read more »

I work part time at one of the major home improvement companies……..
Thanks to the healthcare act all part timers are being cut back to 25 hours a week.
That’s a loss of more than $750 a month in pre-tax income.
I am having to choose between food and rent/utilities.
The American people should have been the ones to decide whether or not health care reform was passed.
Imagine how difficult it is going to be to watch seasonal workers get 40 hours a week because they are temporary hires, while I have to struggle to keep the necessities.

I am single,a part time worker, and recieve good health insurance through my employer and pay $80 a month. I was on different insurance before I started working at my present job. I happened to look up what I would have to pay for my old insurance and because of obamacare it went from $100 to $140 since I am considered “300%” above the poverty line. What a joke. My employer has been forced to cut hours down to 25 a week and it is strict to a T because of obamacare. I make $400 every two weeks now instead of the extra $100 or so I would earn from picking up hours a year ago., I am now forced to pick up another job which is going to be a hassle because now I have to limit availabilty at one job or another. I am a working class, honest,blue… Read more »

I wonder if this cluster of a mess being caused by “Obama Care” can be fixed.
I DO have an answer that will correct any and all issues that will arise but it will never come to be.
Take ALL of the politicians off of their cushy extravagant free health care systems and force them to use their “Obama Care” system that they shoved down our throats.
I bet the needed changes will then be implemented very, very quickly. Hopefully we will never again have to pass a law without being allowed to see what it contains.
The quote kind of went like this.
“If you want to see what is in it you will have to pass it first.Thank you Miss Pelosi.

For all those folks who voted for Obama,(thus Obamacare) just wait until YOUR medical claim gets denied over and over by the government panel that will be making all your health care decisions for you now. It will not matter how free your medical insurance becomes or how little you pay for the premiums if they will not pay for the procedure you need,that you and your doctor (or medical assistant now) deem necessary. In my opinion, I believe this is what is going to happen. Wake up America, I still have Faith in all of you.

IN 2014 let us put our leaders in there place we still have the power to vote them out this needs to be done while we still have that freedom .

I took a part-time job. Thanks to Obamacare, they cut my part-time hours back to 25 hours. That cost me 50 hours a month at a loss of $400.00 per month.

Now magnify this by millions of workers across the country, as companies prepare for Obamacare, and you can see how this will have a ripple effect throughout every economic sector of the economy. By this time next year, we’ll start hearing from numerous Democrats in Congress how Obamacare seems to have had some “unintended consequences”. Not that any of them will come out in favor of the total repeal of Obamacare. What we’re likely to start hearing is the Democrat drumbeat for “solving” the problem by instituting single-payer. Then watch out.

“One consolation for part-time workers is that due to low salaries, many of them will qualify for government insurance or be eligible for discounted premiums on private policies beginning in January.” This is NOT a consolation, period. Hours getting cut to qualify for reduced Government healthcare?? Really? What good is health care if you are homeless?
I am 100% fed up.

If you don’t think it will happen, don’t hold your breath, Single payer is just around the corner and then we are all forked.

Bottom Line: This administration is using a European model – and we’re about half way there. Obama in his dope clouded thinking has big plans for TRANSFORMING America to a third world Syria like country. The only difference between Obama and Asad is that he hasn’t started murdering us yet.

IMO the killing has started, “think Benghazi

God Bless America

interesting that the democratic congress was trying to pass an increase in minimum wage so that those jobs would pay a livable wage, and then they pass Obamacare forcing their employers cut their wages or terminate their jobs.
They are not even faithful to their constituents but that’s OK because most of them do not know it.

The sad part of Obamacare is most of the people that voted for Obama are the ones that are having their wages cut. Don”t we ever learn ?

Hey, wait a minute! Isn’t obama a part time worker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was full time community organizer became a part time follower with his teleprompter

The Democrats have always been easy to figure out. They just want to own every facet of our lives so they can dictate what’s best for us. Socialism at it’s finest. Barack Obama was the perfect choice for them. It’s the Republicans nobody can figure out since they lost the election. They have so many examples of poorly run government, they must not be able to decide which to use in going up against the Democrats. If I were leading the fight, it would be Obamacare, hands down. That debacle will be the final straw to break America financially. Their leaders know this, but they don’t seem to want to take it on. Why? Maybe, it’s because Congress can opt out of it. With exception, they are all a bunch of cowards. Lately, the Dems seem to be shooting themselves in the foot every time they turn around.. Serious scandals… Read more »
Hi Dick, The problem with most Republicans is that they don’t even understand the field of battle they are on or the enemy they face. Senators Paul and Cruz get what’s at stake and understand the inherent dangers of adopting the socialist paradigm for our nation, along with a few others scattered throughout Congress. But the majority of Republicans, the so-called “old guard” who are drastically out of touch with what is going on and the concerns of the people they supposedly serve, seem to think this is just some minor difference in philosophy between the two parties. Certainly nothing to be overly concerned about. This explains why the Republicans fail to gain any real traction or even ask many of the right questions in any of the investigations involving this corrupt administration. If you don’t understand the enemy you face, you can’t possibly defeat that enemy. All you do… Read more »

Yep. I was cut to a level below that requiring Obamacare because the employer did not want to be forced to pay for our healthcare. 99% of us were working part-time hours (more than that to which we were cut) for personal reasons and did not WANT healthcare. But, now our employer is required to provide it, and therefore, cut our hours to avoid the cost. Way to go loser POTUS and Congress who voted for it.

Isn’t it intersting that Congress wants an EXEMPTION from Obamacare because it is TOO EXPENSIVE???????????

Hypocrits and losers all in Washington, DC — unfortunately we have to pay the price.

We already lost 15 hours per week and work no more than 20-22 hours per week as part time employees. Many of us do not need Obama Care or want it. Just leave us alone. We were doing just fine.

“One consolation for part-time workers is that due to low salaries, many of them will qualify for government insurance or be eligible for discounted premiums on private policies beginning in January.”

Creating more people that are dependent on government subsidies should NOT to be considered a consolation. It is an erosion of the private sector economy in favor of increased government-controlled manipulations, that both distort and weaken the overall economic structure of this country. All this will do is create more of a burden for the taxpayers of this country to support. Who do you think is footing the bill on those “discounted premiums”? We are!!!

I think the Libertarians have a good idea. Get the government out of my life and leave me alone. I think the original idea of government was to protect us from each other and outsider powers.

The key phrase is “One consolation for part-time workers is that due to low salaries, many of them will qualify for government insurance” that is what they want to force us into. GOVERNMENT INSURANCE, then they will control what is covered.