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Parents Against Stupid Stuff


Adults deciding where to settle and raise their families once considered tax rates, job opportunities and housing prices. Now they also have to ask themselves whether they want their children in schools that push gender fluidity, teach masturbation and provide tampons in the boys’ room for females transitioning to become males.

Several states have already joined Florida in barring teachers from instructing their classes about gender identity and LGBTQ choices, and many are considering similar legislation.

Parents are outraged by the indoctrination and sexualization of their children. In Connecticut and New Jersey, school board meetings are overflowing with parents protesting lessons on gender identity and fluidity in elementary school.

New Jersey requires that students be taught the correct anatomical names for their genitalia by the end of second grade and gender identity options by the end of fifth grade.

The Democratic-dominated Connecticut legislature adopted a state budget two weeks ago that mandates free tampons and pads in school bathrooms, including at least one boys’ bathroom for students transitioning from female to male (budget Section 84). A resource guide recommended by the state for Connecticut teachers encourages them to wear rainbow bracelets and display gay pride signs.

Some parents are outraged. “We will not allow our children to be force-fed content we oppose,” said one New Jersey parent, while another protested that state standards “go against our Judeo-Christian values.” In Connecticut, Parents Against Stupid Stuff, a newly formed PAC, intends to influence the gubernatorial race there by opposing sexually explicit curriculum and demanding a larger voice for parents.

It’s an uphill battle in deep blue states. In Rhode Island, Sen. Tiara Mack, a gay Democrat, wants sex education to “affirmatively recognize pleasure-based sexual relations,” while Democrat Rep. Rebecca Kislak wants to emphasize that gender is nuanced.

But in red states, legislatures are enacting laws to protect parental rights and scrub the curriculum of divisive sexual indoctrination.

In New York, state lawmakers are not legislating on curriculum issues, instead leaving it to the school districts. That’s why this week’s school board elections there are so high stakes.

On Long Island, Moms for Liberty have endorsed 30 school board candidates who oppose the emphasis on gender fluidity and advocate for more parental involvement.

Amanda Cohen-Stein, who is president of the Long Island Strong Schools Alliance, insists “politics do not belong in our school boards” but supports teaching “diversity, equity and inclusion,” as if that’s not political.

Andy Pallotta, president of the New York State United Teachers, also says school board elections should be apolitical. He claims “NYSUT and its local unions are big tent organizations.” That doesn’t pass the laugh test: Its website shows the union is leftist, and that offends many parents.

Claiming school board elections are nonpartisan is a ruse.

Sadly, Newsday’s editorial board parrots the union’s talking points, insisting parental alarm over what’s being taught is “misguided.” Newsday claims “schools are not grooming kids, or devaluing them for whiteness or straightness.” Rather, the editors say, “This is a region built on love of our teachers and schools and districts.” Ridiculous.

Long Island parents who have looked at their kids’ homework and listened in on remote learning are too informed to swallow that pablum.

The same is true upstate. Western New York Students First is helping 35 school board candidates who want more parental input on curriculum and board accountability. “Most people couldn’t tell you who is on their school board. The hope is we kind of start to change that,” explains Jonathan Rich, spokesman for the organization.

The Buffalo News disparages the new excitement over school board elections as “a dangerous moment” brought about by “right-wing manipulators.” Nonsense.

No one cares more about a child’s education than the parents. In the past, many boards have barely tolerated the presence of parents at meetings. That has to change.

Maryland parents are turning out in droves to protest the state’s new standards, which teach kindergarteners to “recognize a range of ways people express their identity and gender.” As an outspoken great-grandmother put it, “Children belong to the parents, not this county, not this state.”

Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York and author of “The Next Pandemic,” available at Follow her on Twitter @Betsy_McCaughey.


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Linda Collins
20 days ago

Oh boy, another rich religious guy trying to control stuff. Sigh.
Any parent who is actually opposed to stupid stuff would be opposed to this PAC.

Judy K.
1 month ago

And now with the new ‘Disinformation Board’ getting started, it means that Parents and Grandparents need to show up by the thousands to these school meetings so they can overwhelm those NAZI’S. This is where the real fight is going to begin!
Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by ‘hail’ fire. We need to let the Perverts who are trying to seduce our children know, they’ll have to go through us first!!

There’s this terrific meme out there showing an elderly woman with a sarcastic smile on her face pointing a gun with the words, “Take a seat, and I’ll tell you all about Jesus.”
I love that meme! Everyone should see it, it’s perfect for the sentiment of today. But this is truly where the fight is going to happen…thousands of parents joining together to save their children from the devil!! This is what it’s going to take. God help our children!!

1 month ago

IMHO: Good teachers are the most important thing we can give our children of 5 through 16 years of their lives. We have slipped and fallen squarely on our butts concerning this important requirement, and a lot of parents are now finding the necessity of getting off their butts, growing a spine, taking responsibility, and doing something about it.

Teaching is a “calling” similar to preaching. Good teachers teach because they want to teach, although a good salary is necessary for them to live. Teachers who teach just for the salary are not good teachers and should be weeded out. I’ve encountered both types during my many years, and I’ve even been one a few times, mostly in adult education in technical and science high school through university levels.

Our Public Education System has been “Cluster Fk” ever since the Federal and State governments got involved because our governments have been infiltrated by ultra-wealthy Deep State liberals who are following Klaus Schwab and Karl Marx agendas to destroy our country, and this is another problem we need to address. Whether you are worried about Judaeo Christian values or Catholicism or some other religious dogma matters little when you have lost your core common sense, and, anymore, common sense is not nearly as common as we seem to think it is.

Next thing that’ll happen, I suppose, is a Mass Information Psychosis political movement, like the CoVid-19 political movement, that will make everyone think a Democratic Preachers Union would be a “good thing” to “Group Think” about. Just what we need, Democratic preachers uniting against the USA to preach a common core or CRT type faux religion to indoctrinate (brainwash) us to be even more stupid, drugged, and docile, in order to follow their controlling idiotology of their Elite/Slave NWO/GR Socialist Utopian pipe-dream “to own nothing and be happy!” Hogwash!! Wake up.

Eduardo Espinosa
1 month ago

It’s about time to start calling lie whatever is not true. Stop them!!

William Hodge
1 month ago

How are school board members, assuming they are voted onto board, being elected when they have such moronic positions? Maybe they should be recalled or voted out?

anna hubert
1 month ago

This is the child abuse beyond and above Native Americans were encouraged to sue Catholic church Who will take responsibility for this attrocity?On one hand we are forcing children into world they can’t comprehand on the other we provide adults with safe places and coloring books and crayons WTH who is in charge of this insanity and who are the individuals instructing these children they certainly are not teachers .

Edward Mashmann
1 month ago

Here is their website

Linda Collins
20 days ago

nutjobs. Just stop this nonsense and turn off Fox News.

Nancy Arnett
1 month ago

When will they start requiring the students to have intercourse with their teachers as as “class lessons” —– with a grade attached. So, why aren’t these teachers, school boards, etc. being prosecuted as pedophiles?Minors are that group of the population under the age of 18. It is illegal for adults to expose these minors to explicit sexual behavior – so where are the arrests?For the love of God – allow these children their childhood – their innocence. They grow up quickly enough.

1 month ago
Reply to  Nancy Arnett

Nancy you are so right. It is horrible how our children are being indoctrinated.

Eduardo Espinosa
1 month ago
Reply to  Linda

Take time with your children and tell them what is clean or filthy in whatever they were taught at school. Don’t be shy when
is time for defending the truth! Confront those seudo teachers.

1 month ago

Teach them the Word of God. Pray with them. If you teach them God’s Word and they live by it they will be greatly rewarded

Linda Collins
20 days ago

Oh brother. You people are sick in the head.

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