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Outstanding Service Since 1987

AMAC Member: Bruce Curran

Location: Maine

I have been recieving medical service from the VA here Maine since 1986. I have never had problems with appointments with my PCP or a specialisit that I been seeing for the past year and a half. I could tell of many times the staff at Tougus Hospital of the CBOC’s that I have appointments with have gone out of their way to help. I reciece Hearing aides and eye glasses from them also. These items are of OUTSTANDING quaility and there are staff available to TUNE UP the hearings aides or adjust the glasses on a walk in basis most of the time.

I broke my arm in the spring of 2013, went to the local ER 1st, xray showed a major fracture. I needed a truma surgeon. The local ER doctor contacted the VA and recieved clearance for me to be transported to a nearby hospital with a truma team. I arm was fixed the next day witha three hour operation with included plate and screws to heal the Humurus bone which was in 5 pieces. The VA picked up the all the of expenses without and major issues.

They have been great to me since 1987.

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