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Our America: It’s Time to Unify Against the Us vs. Them Mentality

AMAC Action – by David Robinson


On September 13th-15th, members of the AMAC Action team attended the Conservative Minority Conference hosted By Our America in Dallas, Texas. Our America’s goal is to engage and campaign in the ethnic minority communities to promote constitutional conservatism.

In recent years, we have seen a continuous battle of what seems to be an “Us vs. Them” mentality, but what made the Conservative Minority Conference unique was its focus on what unites us. I know some may be thinking that a “minority conference” seems counterintuitive, but by recognizing differences while also sharing the same ideology, highlights the “Us.”

As many can imagine, being a conservative who happens to be a minority opens the door to plenty of hate from the Left. Notable political figures such as Larry Elder, United Senator Tim Scott (SC), and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas can attest. In fact, “Uncle Tim” was trending on Twitter after Senator Scott delivered the rebuttal to President Joe Biden’s address to Congress back in April of this year.

During the conference, many gathered from around the nation to remind and encourage each other what America is about and how we can help keep it from destruction. One of the main themes throughout the conference was the Left’s obsession with having a false sense of “identity” and how we can overcome the narrative. The dictionary describes Identity as “the fact of being who or what a person or thing is,” and although our outward appearance is a part of who we are, it does not define who we are, which the Left wants us to believe.

In a breakout session with Kenny Xu, an author and President of Color Us United, he said something profound: “obsession with equity blinds us.” He continued by highlighting the political climate in which we are coerced into believing that individual outcomes are determined by others around them. The Left is intentional about using “buzz words” such as “equity” because they know that it pulls at the heartstrings of certain demographics throughout the country.

Will Coggin, the managing director of the American Security Institute, reminded us that “weak leadership invites aggression.” In its context, he was referring to policy on China, but I believe the quote resonated with many of us in a different way. It ignited a fire in all of us to address the Left’s unhealthy obsession with race and gender. And that is why conferences like these are significant when it comes to building key partnerships within the conservative movement.

They are not for us to focus on our division, but to galvanize and strategize on how we can use what makes us unique, so we may be successful in defeating the “aggression” that could occur if we allow ourselves to become “weak” on issues such as “identity.”

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Robert Dark
6 months ago

We can’t ‘unify’ with these! How can you ‘unify’ with snakes! These people are vile, evil demons! We are in 1917 Russia with Bolsheviks unleashing anarchy and terror to torture and enslave the populace. We are fighting sedition by traitors and revolutionaries. We you have snakes in your house you stomp them!

9 months ago

To even keep any hope, I’ve had to give this to GOD, and I realize this is as simple as good vs. Evil.

9 months ago

Good thought provoking article but I’d like to see it written without reference to “the Left” which perpetuates the “Us vs Them” theme. (… One of the main themes throughout this conference was the obsession with… and …The intentional use of buzz words…) Reworded leaving out the Left … just a thought.

Donald L Schmidt
9 months ago

I don’t have much faith in the american people. It is so bad I no longer feel the use the of the term American for the people presently living in the U.S is appropriate..

Gunny Joe
9 months ago

When will we learn that equal, will never mean that we all have the same, amount of money, the same house, etc. etc. What all men/(women), are created equal, means in the eyes of GOD (your higher power), that given the amount of motivation the person has, he has the right to move as far in this United States as he/(she), wants. Yes there are road blocks but they can be gotten around. Is all fair? No but that is part of life, keep your head up and march on.

Deb Rockwell
9 months ago

All useless when we have a MSM intent on lying and brainwashing the people. They need to have legal and financial consequences to their dishonest actions. THIS is the biggest problem facing our nation and our world. It MUST be addressed if we are to have any hope.

Fred Noel
9 months ago

There will never be a unified nation as long as the main stream media only reports on the left’s propaganda and not both sides of a story and continue not to report on eveything!

9 months ago
Reply to  Fred Noel

MSM – and that now includes FoxNews – are OWNED by the Leftists & globalists… As long as this is so, they’ll only “report” what they want the masses to “consume”, think, believe, and act (or not act) upon. Period.

9 months ago
Reply to  Fred Noel

The media has been doing this since the Vietnam war era. There are just more of them now. When you meet a media representative be sure to congratulate them on a job well done destroying this country!

Gunny Joe
9 months ago
Reply to  Ken

Would give you two up votes for being 100% correct, if I could. But the media working against us go’s father back than Vietnam.

9 months ago

All of these things are to divide us…and play right into the hand of socialism…this is not God’s teaching…recognize this and move on…it a real head-scratcher…

Tim Toroian
9 months ago
Reply to  Raes

The socialists are promoting them which impedes concilliation.

Stephen Russell
9 months ago

We need Unify OUR side since thier side WONT talk.
They wanted Civil War 2 since day 1

Bill Walters
9 months ago

Systemic racism is a made-up term. In order to prove that, two things have to happen. (1) It needs to be defined, and (2), an example of an institution or organization in the United States that practices it (with the exception of the Klu Klux Klan). I have asked these two questions of many people, and sometimes they come close to (1), but cannot answer (2). The closest example of something: systemic” would be the human body, which is a system composed of organs, arteries, veins, bone, tissue, and cells. The only systemic illness the body could have is a fever, which takes over the whole body. A headache, toothache, sore knee, or stomach ache, are isolated incidents; just as racism is an individual attitude. The liberals use “systemic” to give the impression that we are racist and discriminatory about every group you can think of.

Patricia Mullins
9 months ago
Reply to  Bill Walters

Excellent Analogy .Great post No !

edgar fletcher
9 months ago
Reply to  Bill Walters

We need to resign ourselves to the fact that it is coming down to a civil war. I choose to stand up against this tyranny, I refuse to back down to a liberal, left-wing agenda designed to destroy America. Yes……I will fight with all I have against this.

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