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OPINION: Religious Intolerance is Un-American

religious-liberty-america-bibleVice President Mike Pence stirred up quite an uproar over his remarks claiming prejudice against people of faith is on the rise.  But, as Professor James Finck of the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, noted in a recent Opinion Article: “What is most interesting about religious intolerance today is that it is the last socially acceptable form of intolerance.”

Remarks by progressives in Congress certainly appear to underscore the validity of Mr. Pence’s warning that “it’s become acceptable, and even fashionable to ridicule and discriminate” based on an individual’s belief in God.

Remember when Senator Dianne Feinstein D-CA told Amy Coney Barrett during her circuit court hearings that “The dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s of concern,” implying that her religious beliefs might make her unsuitable to serve.

And then there was the incident last December when progressive Democrats, Sens. Kamala D. Harris and Mazie Hirono, targeted judicial nominee Brian Buescher for his faith based convictions.

The growing acceptance of religious bigotry is a global issue of concern.  But, it has a particularly disquieting impact in the U.S. at a time when it is becoming trendy to promote ideologies such as socialism as a viable alternative to our constitutional federal republic.

Some conspiracy theorists might perceive the newfound love of a godless socialist system of government as designed ultimately to put the progressive left in charge of America’s future.  But, the fact is that the anti-religion movement got started when Americans began losing faith, something that has been happening for some time, according to Pew Research.  In a report released a year ago Pew noted that the number of Americans who “have doubts about God’s existence – or that they do not believe in God at all” continues to grow.

A number of other recent surveys seem to confirm that more than half of Americans don’t consider religion important to them anymore.  Just 43% of Americans viewed religion as a core component of their identity in 2018.

Meanwhile, anti-Semitism is on the rise in America.  The Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism released new data recently, noting that 2018 was the third-highest year on record for attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions.  There were 1,879 such incidents representing a dangerously dramatic increase in such hate crimes.

Finally, in what is perhaps one of the most blatant assaults on Freedom of Religion, a bill has been introduced in the California Senate, SB 360, that seeks to directly interfere with an historic religious tenet.  It would require a Catholic priest to report what a penitent reveals to him during confession.  Confession is one of the most important sacraments in the Catholic faith.  And, its confidential nature has been well recognized throughout history.

It might appear to be a one-off piece of legislation that would not impact the general right of Americans to practice their religions, whatever their beliefs.  But the proposed law has insidious, more profound implications for all religions, according to Father Pius Pietrzyk, a professor of canon law.  As he put it an Opinion Article published in USA Today: “If this bill passes, no religion is safe.  If a core principle as deeply ingrained in Catholic tradition and doctrine can be wiped away this easily by the state, no fundamental rights of religion or conscience are safe.”

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'grandma' Jeanne
1 year ago

Scripture says that in the last days these things would occur…They hated Me, Jesus said, so they will hate you also. Be prepared.

1 year ago

What happened to “separation of church and state” the supreme court proclaimed? Are laws now a one way street open only to liberal interpretations? It seems to me ignorant people are electing ignorant leaders. i suppose this is normal because during the Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and other wars I have come to believe a cruel people need or gravitate to cruel leaders (IE Hussein, Ben Laden, etc). Due to the lack of knowledge of God, American history and moral values present in America today I am very concerned about immoral leaders making laws I am supposed to live by. Maybe… Read more »

1 year ago

It’ really not religious bigotry, it’s Christian bigotry. Christianity is the only true belief with the true God and the Devil uses his little demons on the left to discriminate against Christians. There’s no need for the little demons on the left to attack the others, they’re not a threat to the Devil. Anyway, the leftards don’t have the courage to attack the muslims, they’re cowards as well.

Sharon Roach
1 year ago

Great Article. Love AMAC and appreciate its stand for God and patriotism.

Tony Justice
1 year ago

Satan has shown his Hand. These apostates are mimicking his despicable reverse oratory. If you ever paid attention to People that espoused Communism, you will remember that it Always sounded the same, no matter where it came from. Russia, China, North Korea or some of the Balkan Countries. This Abhorrent Rhetoric spewing from these, Ignorant, Uneducated, self-aggrandizing, evil followers of Satan, pretty-much all sound Alike.They are not hard to Identify, Just follow the trail of Blood to the Abortion Clinics or the Prisons and Universities, and there you will find Them. The Great thing that God arranged was that CAN… Read more »

D Ship
1 year ago

The biggest obstacle our Country has, is the lack of knowledge about Islam and the belief that it is a Religion! Just for this one sentence, I will be labeled as an Islamaphobe. In Reality, many people in the US are either Truthophobes or think that all the quotes about kafirs, from the Islamic doctrines writings, the Koran and the Hadith are some how faked. Just like good people who become involved in other cults, a Muslims must be saved and Islam must be banned from the US. If not, the US will become just like so many other countries… Read more »

Todd Taylor
1 year ago

Completely Un-American! Freedom of religion is guaranteed by our Constitution. The only intolerance Christians face is from the elite liberal left. No other religion faces such intolerance, coupled with volatile hatred being acted out around the world and now such hatred has come to America. Notice that when Christians are persecuted, killed around the world the elite, liberal media will not mention the fact the victims were Christians. Our brothers and sisters of the faith were hurt or killed simply because they are Christians; is this behavior to be encouraged in America?

1 year ago

Pray America! Fast, get together with friends, and pray without ceasing! Tomorrow is a National Day of Prayer led by Franklin Graham for our President! He has over 250 leaders of faith on board and is asking churches and Christians to take time tomorrow and pray for our President! Prayer is powerful and God is still listening, don’t give up to the enemy just yet! God bless America!

John Berg
1 year ago

Opinions have been around since Adam and Eve, however, God hasn’t changed. He is the same today and will be the same for eternity.

Hope panagiotou
1 year ago

Would it be like therapists having to disclose information related to safety of the client or someone else?

1 year ago

America was founded on the principles of religioious freedom. It worked until God was removed from the school, the prayers before congress met every day, and prayers were removed from school. Right became wrongs. Punishment for consequences of wrong doings is never more than ignored if political wrong doing, celebrity plea bargins with slap on hand, and if informer for wrong doing no punishment. Give to all who want destruction of America, take care of our citizens. Bring the troops home, let the Muslims go fight for their own country that they left to change ours. If it was so… Read more »

Charles E. Tomison
1 year ago

Let’s see, right brain?, left brain?, no brain? America has been immeasurably blessed by God, whether you recognize Him or not.

America removed God from public schools 50+ years ago. Now look at what great results have followed that no-brainer.

el Dorko
1 year ago

True religions yes, tolerance! Quasi religions like Islam (which has 3 components: religion, political, cultural) absolutely should not be tolerated in the USA. Islam is not compatible with western civilization. We had better get this right. Let’s not be conned into thinking all is good and fuzzy, It isn’t.

RK Wright
1 year ago

Whenever you start talking about faith, it seems to boil down to religion. Not being “religious” seems to be measured by whether or not one attends or holds membership in a particular church or religious establishment. I would point out that one can be religious, have a deep rooted faith in God and/or a power greater than oneself, without being tied to a particular church organization. Religions seem to have become more about their self preservation and less about helping people enrich their understanding of and relationship with that greater power. As a baby-boomer, I have no doubt that the… Read more »

1 year ago

It is a constitutional right.

Pat Robinson
1 year ago

The biggest change came after Madeline Murray O’Hare used the courts to have prayer removed from schools. From there it progressed to all so-called “public” places (not really public, but all things government). So the anti-Christian movement got stronger with reinterpreting the separation of church & state from keeping gov’t from any control over religion to keeping religion (Christianity only it seems) from anything to do with gov’t including attempts not wanting anyone in gov’t positions of influence to be Christians who live and speak out their faith.

Earle Bluff
1 year ago

In Romans 13, Scripture says that GOD has established government, and that citizens have a responsibility to submit to government. However, GOD has also stated through Romans 13, that the “one in authority is GOD’s servant for your good…” (Romans 13, v 4). We have laws; however, when responsibility is dropped into the laps of officials who probably do not know this admonition, obviously, I believe it may be concluded that the freedoms of our laws can be challenged, and misinterpreted. Look at other nations, as pointed out in other posts, that have no knowledge of the true GOD. Sadly,… Read more »

Mike Farris
1 year ago

It’s sad that the very people who are claiming the Christian faith as the last bastion of prejudice are themselves the culmination or result of unbalanced prejudice based on the very principles of an idea and why America began with a revolution and less than a hundred years later had to purge herself of ignorance to the inhumanity of slavery in a civil war. What was once a struggling nation of peoples comprised from all faiths, creeds and walks of human life had become united as one nation under God. So devoted was this acknowledgement, our nation adopted a pledge… Read more »

Clair Wiltse
1 year ago
Dr. Scott
1 year ago

California would attack the sanctity of a religious tenet, but release known criminals under some crazy sanctuary for people who are here by illegal means? Such backwards laws their elected officials try to create remind me of insane ideals of history. I have to ask the questions that jump to my mind. Why do they hate the religious beliefs of the Christian Church, but encourage such illegal activities of foreign non citizens with protection? With all the help and support using the taxpayer money to pay for almost everything illegal aliens need to live here, and organizations like Planned Parenthood,… Read more »

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