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OPINION: Hoarders and Helpers Have Emerged as a Result of the COVID Crisis; Be One of the Good Guys

hoarder helper supermarket store COVID coronavirusWatching hoarders as they empty the shelves of supermarkets, grocery stores and pharmacies as COVID 19, the coronavirus pandemic, takes its toll on daily life in our communities, it is easy to assume that a crisis brings out the worst in people.  But, the fact is it can bring out the best in us, as well.

Take the story of a pair of brothers in Hixson, TN who sought to corner the market for hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes and face masks in the early days of the potentially deadly disease.  The New York Times reported that during the three days after the first death was announced on February 29 one of them set out on a 1,300 mile road trip through Tennessee and Kentucky filling a U-Haul truck with the loot.  The other brother stayed home listing the stuff on Amazon at exorbitant prices as high as $70.

As Times reporter, Jack Nicas, put it in his article: “To him, ‘it was crazy money.’ To many others, it was profiteering from a pandemic.”

The good news is that the brothers got their comeuppance.  Tennessee’s Attorney General was quick to issue a cease and desist order and Amazon quickly shut them down leaving the boys sitting on nearly 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer with no way to unload them at a profit.

Meanwhile, there are heartwarming stories of kindness that have begun to emerge throughout the country about neighbors helping neighbors.  Many are taking to social media to rouse the good guys to act at this time of crisis.

One woman on Facebook posted a notice offering to shop for seniors in her community and neighboring communities who are house-bound as a result of the COVID epidemic.  Caring messages and posts are showing up throughout the social media world.  They offer to provide caregiver services for those who might need it and necessities such as medical supplies.

One out-of-towner contacted a deli in Detroit and put up cash for a take-out order for a “worthy charity or person [all your call].”

Here a few things that you can do to help during the COVID crisis:

  • There are plenty of elderly neighbors in your communities, individuals and couples who might, for all intents and purposes, be shut ins at a time like this.  Check in on them and help them on a regular basis.  Offer to help them with chores and shopping, for example.
  • If there are neighbors who need medical attention, offer to help them get in touch with a teledoctors via the Internet as in-person visits to medical facilities are being discouraged.
  • Schools throughout the country are shutting down in order to contain the virus, schools that were providing meals for their students.  Get together with your friends and neighbors to find ways to ensure the kids get something healthy to eat.
  • Help support local food banks and places in your community that provide shelter for the needy.  You might also consider helping out neighbors whose employment has been disrupted as a result of the virus by helping them to purchase necessities.

In other words, become a good guy and come to the rescue if you are able.  Don’t be a hoarder; be a helper.

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Shirley Everett
2 years ago

This too shall pass & praise to President Trump for all he is doing.

2 years ago

Beware. Bleach will be next. Get it while you can.

Whiskey Sierra Lima
2 years ago

In this area of south eastern Arizona, there are to basic types of people here, that are the (Hoarders) of and within this area.

(1) The over abundance of “Snow Birds” from the colder parts of Our United States, and the country of Canada, during Our winter months in this small city’s location here in south eastern Arizona. The snow birds (Are, By In Large) the Worst of the Worst (Hoarder) types; And, generally care for Only themselves, on the Individual, and or Collective daily basis; And have done so, Even before this Corona Virus had hit Our Country; And, the Snow Birds shall continue to do so, even after this Corona Virus is fully beaten back and eradicated..

(2) The (Millennium) age group of people here in this south eastern Arizona area.. The millennium age group of people, are what we here in south eastern Arizona refer to as, (The Selfish, Fully Self Absorbed, “Self Entitlement Era” of the American Population at Large).. We here in this area of Our United States, often say to these Millennium types; “That one is Only entitled to what one Earns in Earnest, and, Pays For in Earnest, based Upon ones Merit(s) in Earnest”..

Outside of those two category of people in this area of Our Country, the rest of our Hard Working American citizenry; Does on a continual basis, Lend our helping hands to our neighbors.. The snow birds, as well as the millennium types, Only look out for their greedy Appalling selves.!.

Thank you, and have a good day..

SSgt T
2 years ago

Semper Fi and greetings from south central NC.

Whiskey Sierra Lima
2 years ago

What I had learned time and again during my career in our country’s Marine Corps, is that not having everything one desires to have, is not the end of the world. The employment of what I had experienced during my career, had and has been the driving force to not only help me and mine, but to reach out to my neighbors, in the good neighbor way, to see what can be done to ease their worries and concerns during this COVID-19, Corona Virus crisis. My wife and I are not rich money wise, not hardly.

However, we do and have always helped our neighbors, in the (neighborly) way on a daily basis, to the point that this health crisis, as with just about all other eventualities in and of Our Country, have had the flames of this epidemic, fueled by the (fear mongering media types)..

My wife and I have, and our children, have Lived through times in and of our country, where decency and fair play had won the day; Just as decency and fair play shall win these days as well..

Being a good American, toward and with our fellow Americans, is not a hard thing to do, as long as each of us puts aside any and all petty differences when the times get tougher than they normally are.. The old saying goes; “When the going gets tough, the Tough get going”.. It is this basis approach, that has been in dire need of being
Re-Kindled here in Our United States; And, for the most part, with the exception of the (Hoarders) within and of Our Country, the re-kindling of good will toward our fellow Americans, is on the up swing.

Although this COVID-19 Corona Virus had taken Our United States Of America by storm. It is this very ordeal which we as Americans have bolstered our collective efforts to help our fellow Americans, even in the smallest of ways, with the actual means at people’s disposal.. So there has been some good, not a whole lot mind you, but there has been some good nonetheless, to and with the Corona Virus, having hit Our Country with a fury, with respect to each of us here in Our United States, for the younger, and the older Americans alike, to be the people, which in general terms, we as Americans have always been. Decent hard working American citizens..

Thank you all for reading what I have posted herein..

2 years ago

Appreciate so much comments from Ms Hill and Mr Fisher. Re Ms Hill, small towns are resourceful and know how to get through difficulty. Major city folks tend to be
dependent on unlimited retailers and phone books full of service providers. Re Mr Fisher, use bleach and other commonly available items for antiseptic .

Whiskey Sierra Lima
2 years ago
Reply to  Steve

Agree fully, with what has been conveyed about the Small Town Folks, being more Resourceful, in getting through difficult times; Than that of our Big City American folks..

My wife and myself reside in a Small City (about 10 to 12 thousand people), before the Snow Birds flock in during our winter months here in south eastern Arizona, which brings our small community’s population, to (40-45 Thousand people)..

We here in this small community, do have major city areas which are further away from us, and those major city areas, fully out number us here in our small community.. Even with the major city areas an hour or so away from our location here in our small community, we support our Local small town community across the board..

We do not have the sprawling shopping centers here in this small community, Not Hardly. The near by small/medium size city, did have a fairly decent amount of grocery stores, and other retail stores, as well as one Outlet to shop from.

In the nearby Small/Medium City (numbering 48 to 52 Thousand) people on a given day; The Sam’s Club Outlet closed- after being open for under two years, Target Department Store closed-after being open for only a year and a half, K-Mart closed, Albert-son’s Grocery Store closed, and now, J.C Penny is closing as well..

But we here in our small community of normally (10 to 12 Thousand people), keep moving along, we keep moving forward as best as we are able to; As we have Always done..

Joanna Johnson-Smith
2 years ago

It’s times like these that show us who people really ARE! We have Trash and we have Good People. The Trash is hoarding and snatching necessary basics out of the hands of others in need. There IS NO SHORTAGE, only greedy idiots who think they need 500 rolls of Charmin and have to empty the shelves before they’re even fully stocked! THEY are CREATING a shortage by being selfish and stupid. Take ONLY what you need for a week or two, the stores will restock as always, and this virus will pass. Even the Book of Genesis tells us not to hoard. The behavior is despicable and embarrassing to decent Americans.

2 years ago

The real problem here is the media.They have scared the whole country and continue to do. The truth is that we have plenty of food to go around if everyone weekly shop like they always did.The grocery stores are unable to fully restock because people are so frightened they will
go hungry they keep buying even though they have more than enough at home. I live in a city that borders another state and every day there are more cars at the grocery store with #plates from that state that ours.The media continues that we are running out of food. We have food what we don’t have is disinfecting and ant bacterial products . Good old bleach will take care of most of the cleaning.Can’t get gel for your
hand sanitizer. Make a spray instead. use vitamin e oil, or mineral oil. The gel or oil’s main purpose is to stop irritation from the alcohol.
I guess i’ve ranted enough. Oh one more thing which by the way I should have said first is don’t forget that your first line of defense should always be God. He is always there for you just waiting for you to come to him.Prayer can do more to stop this virus than anything else.
Be safe don’t worry God is near and he loves you.

vicki hill
2 years ago

We live in a small, rural Wyoming town. More of a wide spot in the road. Our neighbors are generous and most of them are in the business of producing food. We eat well, get water from our well, raise our own chickens for eggs, and have the land to grow enormous gardens as well as pasture a few animal. No problems here. In town the Walmart needed security to protect the employees stocking toilet paper. Outside of that we have what we need. No shortages of anything. Life remains good.

Georgianne Hanson
2 years ago

I am a hoarder, but not what you think. We never throw anything away, it might be useful some day? We are trying hard to break that habit, but it is not easy. When you have 4 toasters and only 3 work, but what if they don’t? Some could say it is mental illness. Don’t actually know but there are a lot of us in this world. Maybe because we went without things in our lives, or perhaps losing someone we loved. We, my husband and I are really trying to get rid of stuff! It’s a sad thing. Many times, I am thankful we did not throw things away. We are one of the first people to help others who are in crisis. We have freezers full of food so we do not need to shop! If it came down to it and there were no electricity we would have a giant bbq for all of the people who are elderly who live in our mobile home park. Crazy? Maybe, helpful, you bet. We have whooped for our 76 year old friend who is afraid to go out.

2 years ago

CONGRATULATIONS! to the media for pulling off the biggest fraud in US history. This is a recreation of the Wag the Dog movie, allowing media, Democrats, Hollywierd personalities and computer false flags to turn America into a big, giant whimpering blob of protoplasm.
Of course people are hoarding, selling with double the price whatever they have stockpiled to “desperate” people, and in general following like lemmings to the sea the direction to crashing the American economy with their blind trust in villains.

Charlotte A Mahin
2 years ago

Why is everyone buying enormous amounts of toilet paper??? Still have not figured that one out. This is not a stomach flu! Why are people buying crazy amounts of bottled water? We are not going to run out of water. Finally, most of the stores in my area are now limiting you to one of most of the sought after items.

Lee Fisher
2 years ago

Use things already in your house. Soap and water, Alcohol, Hydrogen peroxide, bleach. They all work well.

Larry Gott
2 years ago

Woe be to the profiteers, I am among those that are at risk (age, underlying chronic health issues), but I still find ways to volunteer im my community with minimum risk.

2 years ago
Reply to  Larry Gott

I say that those grocery stores etc that are using this “opportunity” to mark their things UP – they will lose in the end because your regular, good customers will take notice and deny you their business later!!! Hake heed Food Lion!!!

Dale Single
2 years ago

We are on retirement, more of a tip than income, but we help people in our community every week. This unwarranted crisis is no different than usual.

2 years ago

It is easy to replace the term hoarders with the term narcissists.

Whiskey Sierra Lima
2 years ago
Reply to  Hans

Narcissistic attributes can be a healthy thing, but only if it keeps one alive in combat zone; Where the narcissistic types, actually Help all of ones fellow Americans, in the combat zone..

2 years ago

Here in upstate South Carolina ( Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson) there is no hand sanitizer, alcohol, aloe vera, Lysol spray, potatoes. ground beef, bread, or antiseptic.. Its third world. No point in panicking. Its just a fact. I truly believe that our federal govt is doing all that it can do. I just say to myself ” relax, be cautious, and survive ” .

2 years ago
Reply to  Steve

Same here in Colorado. You can add pasta, eggs, and can vegetables to the list. Friends across the country are all reporting the same yet too many stores continue to refuse to limit purchases. They’re telling us that we shouldn’t worry – there’s plenty and it’s on the way. Well where is it? As the weeks roll on and the shelves remain empty I’m starting to wonder.

Terrie Simpson
2 years ago
Reply to  Steve


2 years ago
Reply to  Steve

I am making my own dog food, cooking more things like banana bread with nuts for healthy eating. I have no meat so these things I do have are working. I encourage people to do their own cooking/baking unless they can afford – money wise and health wise – to “order out”. Don’t worry about “hand sanitizers” use SOAP and do a diligent job and take your time-wash between fingers and maybe a good time to take off your rings so they don’t “trap” any germs…

Whiskey Sierra Lima
2 years ago
Reply to  Steve

This American agrees with your take on the situation Steve.

anne Courtney olson
2 years ago

Our church is offering shopping and delivery for the elderly and sick during the crisis. They are using the Youth who have been cheated out of Spring Break activities. They will probably miss getting their diplomas by hand as well. Send an encouraging note or make a phone call to let them know that you are sad bout it too. Praise then for the 12 or 16 and more years they have gotten an education and remind them that all this knowledge translated to a bright future. And thank them honestly as they drop off your medicines or groceries. We can do this together.

2 years ago


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