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OPINION: ‘Birth Day’ Abortions Don’t Bode Well For Future Seniors

abortions birth day seniorsProgressives have gotten cocky in recent months and are letting it all hang out, not so much of the good but a lot of the bad and the ugly. Want proof? The states of New York and Virginia recently cast a bright light on their obscene views on life that progressives there have.

New York managed to enact the country’s first “Birth Day Abortion” bill and Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam got a little too graphic about his take on efforts in his state to legalize extreme third-trimester abortions.

Northam riled the country and the mainstream members of his Democratic Party when he graphically described what many interpreted as the proposed legalization of infanticide in new abortion legislation.  The bill, which has been tabled in the Virginia House of Delegates, would allow abortions to take place right up until the natural birth of a fetus.

A broad-based backlash ensued when Northam described for reporters how a “born alive” abortion might proceed.  “If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

The Democratic Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, meanwhile, defiantly basked in that state’s socialist limelight as he signed a new law ironically labeled the Reproductive Health Act.  This ill-conceived decree is not about health; it’s about death.

Cuomo, who calls himself a Catholic, incurred the wrath of Timothy Cardinal Dolan, the Archbishop of New York, who described the law as a “ghoulish radical abortion-expansion law.”

Dolan called the new law an insult, pointing out that it “allows for an abortion right up to the moment of birth; drops all charges against an abortionist who allows an aborted baby, who somehow survives the scissors, scalpel, saline and dismemberment, to die before his eyes; mandates that, to make an abortion more convenient and easy, a physician need not perform it; and might even be used to suppress the conscience rights of health care professionals not to assist in the grisly procedures.”

The insanity of it all is alarming.  The new generations, the Millennials and the younger Generation Z, as they are called, seem to choose extreme positions on social issues, including abortion.  And, they applaud such laws that help them thumb their noses at mainstream Americans.

Are these youngsters, who were lucky enough not to have been aborted before or at birth, adopting a cavalier view of life, in general?  Will they be in the forefront of a movement to allow what is called Organ Donor Euthanasia [ODE]?

Wesley J. Smith is an author and a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center on Human Exceptionalism.  He recently published an article in the National Review about the notion of legalized killing for the purpose of collecting organs to meet a demand for transplants.

Lest you think ODE is the stuff of science fiction, Smith notes that: “The world’s most respected bioethicists have published serious articles in influential medical journals urging that doctors be allowed to harvest cognitively disabled patients while they are alive.”

Smith concluded his report with the chilling hope that “the public never be ready to accept doctors’ taking a living patient — who may not even be physically ill — into a surgical suite, anesthetizing him, and then harvesting his beating heart.”

If newborn babies can be murdered at birth, what chance will old folks have in their twilight years?  None of the developments I’ve described bode well for future senior citizens.

But, perhaps there is a glimmer of hope that our lawmakers can come to their senses, at least some of them.  Senator Ben Sasse [R-NE], for example, tried to introduce a bill to protect babies born alive after an abortion attempt.  Despite the fact that the measure was co-sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Democrats managed to block it.

But, the message came through loud and clear: pro-abortionists face a ferocious opposition among lawmakers and voters.  Especially if they engage in efforts to lift all restrictions on procedures to kill fetuses and live babies.

Meanwhile, the right to life movement appears to be getting a boost in spite of progressive attempts to make murder legal.  In fact, we are encouraged by the hundreds of thousands of pro-life young men and women who participated in this year’s Right to Life March in Washington. And, we were proud to sponsor attendance by the University of Idaho branch of Students for Life, a national organization that that boasts 1,200 branches at colleges and universities across the nation.

These members of the new generations and the perseverance of lawmakers like Ben Sasse give us hope for the future.

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Walt Millet

I find it interesting that the ultra-socialist liberal left has often referred to President Trump and other conservatives as Nazis while they support and cheer many of the same inhuman atrocities the Nazis used 75 years ago.


First abort un-borns, then just-borns, then mentally or physically handicapped, then people who do not conform, then the over 60’s (they have been trying this for decades with their “assisted suicides”). Remind anyone, who actually read the history books, of any other Countries?

Joyce Hartnett

There is such a thing called “BIRTH CONTROL”, which I diligently practiced for all my re-production years. We planned 2 children and had 2 children for a variety of reasons. This latest issue is disgusting to me, so unacceptable. Why would anyone in their right mind let a baby die at birth. They are so many couples out there who try many ways to have a child and cannot. I believe with my whole heart, these people should have the opportunity to adopt these babies. This is manslaughter, murder, whatever you want to call it. How could anyone with a conscious, compassion, or a loving heart take part in such an act. This precious infant to grow up and contribute such positively to this “crazy” world.

Marion Hargett

We are slowly becoming a country of SOULLESS BARBARIANS!!!!

The Freezing Senior

DEMOCRATS – The Cult Of Death Worshippers personified.


You know where this is going. You’ve served your purpose. You’re just a burden on our economy. What good are you at 80? 70? 65? I suggest you send a few dollars to “Students for Life” to help them in their fight against infanticide and abortion.

Diana Erbio

Sent this as a Letter to the Editor at my local newspaper. They usually publish my letters that are often opposite of their ideology…BUT not this letter? I believe it’s because they know if more people realize what the New York Bill was they would be disgusted and angered! Here’s my letter that wasn’t published. I will continue to submit it… PINK HAS BEEN REDEFINED So, in this brave new world, the term “women’s reproductive health” has replaced “third trimester abortion”. It is legal in New York, thanks to Governor Cuomo and Democrats in our state legislature, to take the life of an infant seconds before birth. The new law, that Cuomo & Company passed also allows nurse practitioners and midwives to perform an abortion all the way up to the moment of birth. No longer must it be a medical doctor. In celebration of this breakthrough, Governor Cuomo &… Read more »

Laurie Bee

Poor defenseless babies! Since the democratic murderers are hopeless cases, I encourage pro-lifers to donate to the Students for Life as I do. Changing the hearts of our youth seems to be our only hope. Present day babies-to-be are doomed if they are inconvenient or imperfect. God have mercy on our immoral society.


The NY law law (“Reproductive Health Act”) is a intentional misnomer.

Abortion results in NOT reproducing and pregnancy is not a disease that needs to be cured, as “Health” implies.

The INGSOC Party in Orwell’s “1984” would be gratified at how it fits the practice of “New Speak.”


The DEMONcrats cater to anybody they can get a vote from. Babies don’t vote so they are expendable.


Isn’t it amazing how fast America is falling.
I’m a registered Democrat. I will not vote for any of the current President participants. If the party continues to go socialist, we’ll be a Socialist Nation.

Bradley Smith

Do they sing happy birthday before or after they murder the baby? These people are pure evil! God bless us all.

Edgar Martinez

The govenor of New York and Virginia should be forced out of office. They state that an illegal emigrant has the right to live well in thr United States, why doesn’t a baby (legally born in the United States) have the same right to live well also here. These liberals are hypocrite, liers and muderers. There should be a special prosecuter investigating them.


D-destroying E-education M-morals. O-opportunity C-Christianity R-rights. A-ambition T-truth S-Supreme Court …….. and the unborn!!!


Soylent green… is that where we are headed

Carol DeF

Wait a sec. Aren’t parents who, due to religious beliefs, are being imprisoned for not providing proper medical care for their children? How is this different? Sometimes I think these liberals are more concerned with animal welfare than the welfare of children.

Adele M Gill

Great article, however, I have read that abortion rates are down and that most millennials are Prolife. Cross ref: Students for Life. Late term abortions are a travesty and should never be allowed. Under any circumstances. God bless Cardinal Dolan for speaking truth into this diabolical practice of extreme abortion. Human life is a precious gift from God to be protected at all costs.


The socialpathic mindset of the liberals will extend to the old and anyone disabled. Anyone HEARTLESS enough to kill a child will kill for any reason!!!! A vote for such infanicide can be used on them. A woman’s right to choose will soon be a Child’s right to choose.

Voting for murder – Will it be yours!!!

Kathie Makowski

Where are the psychiatrists, the doctors, and the fathers (notice I didn’t say baby daddies or sperm donors and)…has everyone had a drink from the ilth koolade? This is insanity. Life means nothing? Ok, then get rid of all of the shrinks, rename Drs murders, and let the state take control of all babies at birth. There will be no longer family units. Just the govt and people.


I don’t believe a woman would carry a baby to term, then murder her child.