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Oklahoma House Declares Abortion Murder

abortionThe Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a resolution Monday declaring abortion to be murder and criticizing the U.S. Supreme Court for decisions that have allowed women to seek elective abortions.

The resolution, passed on a voice vote without any debate, carries no force of law. But it takes the remarkable step of specifically accusing the Supreme Court of “overstepp[ing] its authority and jurisdiction” in Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, two landmark decisions that protected a woman’s right to seek an abortion…

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from - The Hill - by Reid Wilson

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5 years ago

Let Babies Live ! “LBL”

Gary Ross
5 years ago

This whole abortion thing has been created to justify the lack of sexual responsibility. If you play it out with Hillary winning the election, it would have adversely affected all moral values simultaneously. I can’t even imagine living in a world like that, nor would I want to.

5 years ago

Let’s be clear, the choices are not pro life v pro choice. The latter is more accurately labeled as pro death.
Either one believes that the unborn infant has a right to life, or one believe the killing of the unborn is a reasonable option for the mother. From a moral /civilized point of view, if a mother does not want the child, it should be made easy for her to birth the child and then pass the child to a licensed adoption agency. This way the infant gets to live and the mother gets to be freed from the responsibility for the unborn. The only people who would lose out are the organizations like Planned Parenthood who make a profit out killing infants, and of course abortion physicians who have evidently forgotten their solemn oath “to do no harm.” No sane person could conclude that a physician is doing no harm to the unborn aborted infant. To make that argument is beyond illogical. I also applauded the State of Okalahoma for their legislative courage.

Wilbert Jennings
5 years ago

The babies have no choice when men and women create a child out of lust, surely love wasn’t in their minds when they had the baby sucked from the womb and sold as parts through planned parenthood.

5 years ago

Well I definitely think it is the right thing to do I don’t know if he should be called Murder at this point but definitely punished .And if it is found , punished harshl. Yes I believe in God’s eyes it is murder

5 years ago

Right, abortion should never have been ruled on as a civil or constitutional issue. It is a moral one. Also, as with any moral matter there can be no middle ground. You are for it or against it. Remaining uncommitted is a vote for.

5 years ago

It’s amazing to Me that a Senator from The Socialist Republic of Massachusetts ( Elizabeth Warren ) grew up in Oklahoma However all decent Oklahoma Principles and Standards seem to have escaped Ms. Warren

Lee Dickens
5 years ago


Lee Dickens
5 years ago

Creating laws which are brought about by religious beliefs can lead to the very thing we are fighting now .
If you deny a woman,s right to make life decisions when her religious beliefs are different than yours who is to say that you are justified to do so in a free society ? Live your life by your beliefs and let others do the same.

5 years ago

It’s about time someone steps up to the plate in favor of the unborn life. They are humans like us w/o a voice for awhile, who want to live like the rest of us, and who now live & enjoy freedom. Good job Oklahoma!!! God bless you & the USA.

Jim DeBorde
5 years ago


Terry Moncus
5 years ago

Come on Texas, show your heart!

5 years ago

What happened to my last comment? I think AMAC censors what it feels like. There was no profanity or nasty remarks, just my experience with women who asked for abortions in my medical practice.

5 years ago
Reply to  Drjca1

They do censor for content at times. Purely subjective if and when it happens.

5 years ago
Reply to  Drjca1

Your comment is still there today. But you never answered Craig’s question asking if you’re Atheist?

Rich Newhouse. Arizona
5 years ago

God bless you Oklahoma for having the courage to speak the truth instead of political correctness. So very refreshing in these times. A woman is the closest thing to God with her ability to create life. At the moment of conception a new and totally separate human being is created and from that point on murder is murder no matter how you try and parse it. The woman’s right to kill her baby has become so embedded in our social lexicon that children are being taught it in schools by Planned Parenthood education courses. Not only is there the horrendous consequence of destroyed life but it is wiping out civilization in many countries where they have fallen below the necessary replacement level of 2.1 children per family. Greece for example is bankrupt where there is barely one child to replace and support 2 adults. Italy is right behind as well as many other European countries. America fell to 1.9 a year ago. The Vatican is listening to Paul Ehrlich author of the totally discredited book “The Population Bomb” and many other United Nations Population Control groups. Group think and political correctness has seized control of so many leaders that they are actually recommending that we eliminate 6 Billion people from the earth. “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Bobby Blake
5 years ago


Pansy Lou
5 years ago

YIPPEE!!! Thank you Oklahoma. Finally someone has the courage to do what is right and honorable. Abortion is murdering an unborn child. I often wonder what the “right to choose” people think a fetus is at the moment of conception if not a person.

Bob Ross
5 years ago

Thank God for legislators that believe in the sanctity of life. I hope and pray this action will cause other states to follow and eventually end abortion on demand.

Robert T Rueger
5 years ago

Abortion is murder is no more than common sense & just against NATURAL LAW.

5 years ago

God bless Oklahoma!!! What courage and bravery. You are an inspiration to us all.

5 years ago

So do I.

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