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Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Banning Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

critical race theory

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill on May 7 banning the teaching of critical race theory in the state’s public and charter schools.

Critical race theory is a quasi-Marxist ideology that holds that racism is ingrained in the United States. Among other concepts, it labels people with white skin, including children, as oppressors who hold an inherent advantage over other races and should feel guilt due to their “privilege.”

“Now more than ever we need policies that bring us together, not rip us apart,” Stitt, a Republican, said in a video posted on Twitter. “I firmly believe that not one cent of taxpayer money should be used to define and divide young Oklahomans about their race or sex.”

The bill does not mention critical race theory by name and instead bans the teaching of some of the racist and sexist concepts promoted by the ideology, including that “one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex” or that “an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously.”

The bill also prohibits teaching that “an individual should be discriminated against or receive adverse treatment solely or partly because of his or her race or sex” or that “members of one race or sex cannot and should not attempt to treat others without respect to race or sex.”

“Nothing in this bill prevents or discourages those conversations,” he added. “We can and should teach this history without labeling a young child as an oppressor, or requiring he or she feel guilt or shame based on their race or sex,” Stitt said.

Even though the new law directly prohibits the teaching of racist concepts, opponents of the measure called it “racist.”

“This past week, the Oklahoma State Legislature passed HB 1775, an outright racist and oppressive piece of legislation. As a mom, community member, and the Chair of the OKCPS Board of Education, I am appalled at the flagrant, attempt to erase factual, incomprehensible history that has occurred in the United States,” Paula Lewis, the chair of the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board, wrote on Twitter.

“Our history as a country and as a state, if told accurately, is uncomfortable and should be heartbreaking for Americans that look like me, white,” Lewis added, reciting some of the more prominent critical race theory concepts. “The only way forward as a country and as a state, is for all of us to have hard, uncomfortable conversations—to acknowledge the truth, apologize for actions that stemmed from not knowing, and do all that we can, both individually and collectively to atone for our actions that have contributed to the oppression of our African-American, Hispanic, Indigenous and other people of color, brothers and sisters!”

Reprinted with Permission from - The Epoch Times by - Ivan Pentchoukov

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Vicky Brunkhardt
8 months ago

This is great to hear for Oklahoma schools. Congratulations, Oklahoma and Governor Stitt! I commend standing tall to the abominations of the liberal Left. They say they hate themselves, yet their actions show suppression of school aged children, less knowledgeable, pure brainwashing, and nothing but power hunger for themselves. If and when these theories become reality, Marxism and communism will infiltrate into our society marking the end of liberty and freedom; possibly for the whole world! :(

J Brown
8 months ago

We need to protect our future generations from this racist method of cajoling history into communism. The only group that communism makes happy are the circle of higher ups in the government who have enough money to keep themselves alive.

History 101
8 months ago

The last time I chaecked, the one primary distinction that most of us have from other races was opposable thumbs. As far as other members of the human race go, I see far more similarities than differences.
On the income inequality score, it seems apparent that inequality in income has far more to do with inadequate initiative and effort through the life span than otherwise static physical or cultural attributes. One can’t fix lazy and entitled….

Gary E Bowling
8 months ago

We need to teach our children Critical Love and how to love each other. How we are all the same race, the Human Race. Skin pigment is just melanin. Some of us have more and some less. Yep, we need to take our schools back!

8 months ago
Reply to  Gary E Bowling

Absolutely. Well stated.

Gunny Joe
8 months ago
Reply to  Gary E Bowling

When single children are having children, because the government policies made that a profitable deal. When said parents watch videos and listen to music that glorifies hate and dissension. How can love be taught? Two parents male and female, married. That is the start, but I see us not returning to that workable solution. Only God can drag us back to that mold.
know that if there is a man or woman laying on the floor of the helicopter I am crewing, and that person is pumping out, nothing I can do to stop the bleeding nor make the bird fly faster YOU care not the color of skin or how they warship, the are American and gave their all for our Nation.

mike s
8 months ago

Kudos to Oklahoma

8 months ago

All states should ban this poison from being taught to our children!

Richard Ramos
8 months ago

Paul Lewis should be fired from her position as Chair of OSB. This woman should be ashamed of herself. She knows nothing of the history of America. She needs to take a class from Dr. Thomas Sowell. He can set her straight.

Ken Westenkirchner
8 months ago

To promote that one race is superior based solely on the color of skin is absurd..and racist to the core.We are created equal with equal opportunity. What u do with opportunity will make or break u. If we’re going to have hard

Evelyn Horne
8 months ago

No one has asked anyone not to be proud of who he or she is. But ignoring that racism is very much a prevelent entity in our country and the foundation on which it is built is like putting Bactine on a cancerous sore. So long as it is swept under the rug or pretended not to exist it will become worse. The fact that so many people don’t want it talked about is proof that the status quo does lend advantages to some who are not willing to let them go. So long as we are alright with the inequity that is thread that holds the fabric of this nation together we will not move forward. What is it that offends you? Is it the telling of the truth over the lies that we have become willing to wave our precious flag over or is it what you perceive as a nasty way it is told?
If the wording is the issue then lets sit down and find a way to present the facts that does not seem bias.We should not candy coat the facts just present them in a way that makes the reader responsible for his or her take away. There is no denial about the fact that there are those who wish to lie and cloud truth with window dressing.Rep. Ray Garofalo stated that the good parts of slavery should be taught in schools.instead of the divisive parts. This confuses me as a historian and an educator because slavery in an of itself is divisive and what exactly are the good parts of slavery?We have built our country on a foundation of lies, we need not add more..The mere fact that there are those of us that present as being educated and making decisions for the forward movement of our country could stand in the house of representatives and spout such nonsense is evidence that equality for all, as our constitution says is so far from being actualized in our country that it almost seems as though we live on two different planets. How could one be so blind to the experiences of a good portion of his constituents as to make such a statement? People no one wants to take anything from you. We just want what was being promised as we were still in servitude by the great Constitution of our nation.
All I want is to know that when my son, daughter and grandchildren leave their homes in the morning to go to school and work that they will make it back home safe and alive and not worry about who may have looked at the color of their skin and determined them frightening and therefore worthy of being shot down in the street with less regard than there would be for a dog. I would like to live my life without having to teach my grandchildren what to do with their hands when accosted by the police in order for them to make it back home safely. I would like to know that when I apply for a job or a business loan that my application is being judged on the merrit of what I have presented on it and not what my name sounds like or where I live. I would like for people who have every advantage not to blame me and mine for them choosing not to put in the work to achieve their goals because someone told them that if not for people like me they would have gotten it done.I would like for people to understand that people who live in the same proximity, if inclined to do so will kill people who look like them, White peope kill more white people, Asian people kill more Asian people and black people kill more black people. I would like for the police who have been hired to protect and serve to relize that the affore mention facts do not give them the inherent right to kill black people. I would like for people who are overly affraid of everything that is not like them not to join the police force and that the psychological examination to be a police officer be a great deal more extensive so that we will truly know to whom we are issuing guns.
All I have said here is to get you to understand that our lives matter. It is not some plot to take over the country. It is not some plot to over through the government and take away anyones guns. it is not a plot to make anyone believe that we deserve more than any other American citizen. We just want and deserve what every other American has been promised by our Constitution, no more no less. I beseech you to think for yourself and not to become disposable fodder in anyones selfish plan.
When people come to you and ask for your support it doesn’t matter who they are or how important they think they are. Ask yourself and truly give thought to this, “How is this going to further the success of me and mine? Don’t let people use your fears of things you’re truly not knowledgable about be used to push their own agenda. Ask yourself how has what they’ve done made my life and the lives of my off-spring better? Has the use of your fears in order to get you to support their plans made this nation better? All must watch their predjudices (We all have them. We’re human)and not let them cloud our otherwise good judgement. I love this country. I am just waiting for it to love me and mine back in the same way. God gave you a working brain, use it! You don’t need anyone else to think for you. It is important to remember that people who suck on the teat of divide and conquer only care about themselves no matter what their race. I pray with my everything that we can do better moving forward.

8 months ago
Reply to  Evelyn Horne

So the government giving black farmers money and not white farmer is the not racism? Giving blacks money because maybe their ancestors were slaves. Is that not racist? You see systemic racism stars in our government. Remember equal opportunity was mandated by our government was it really No it was racist. Why because people started hiring based on ethicisty not qualification because our government mandated it.

Thomas J Murphy
8 months ago
Reply to  Evelyn Horne

You have made some good points, but are generally wrong. Your last paragraph could be an indictment of BLM. Do not get caught in the “victim” mentality. If everything is “racist”, the nothing is racist!

Gunny Joe
8 months ago
Reply to  Evelyn Horne

It is some to see a person of this stature be lead by miss quotes, have truths, and personal racism. Please read Thomas Soul do not be lead down the path of Communism for that form of government will put us in chains far worse than slavery, of which none of us to day truly know!

Laura Williams
8 months ago

First of all i am so so sorry that racisim happened in our country!I was never taught to be like parents taught me that everone was equal.I grew up in a neighborhood where everyone was treated the sameI loved my black neighbors;they were my frriends and i will always cherish the memories that were made there! I was lonesome when we moved away!I am a white lady and i never cosidered myself better than my friends if color!My first kiss was with a little black boy! I cherish the memory!!!

8 months ago
Reply to  Laura Williams

First of all, that was many years ago. You had nothing to do with it and are not guilty by association. Also, our society has spent many years bending over backwards to cure the perceived disadvantages minorities may have inherited, even to the point of enforcing reverse discrimination. What other nation would do that? EVERY culture enslaved or otherwise mistreated other tribes across time. We have to move on from that knowing all times in history are different and that America overall is a good nation without which the world would have been (or perhaps soon will be) much worse off.

8 months ago

All I have to say is that I am white and damn proud of it, and just as proud as any other race just that simple!

8 months ago

Paula Lewis, Chair of the OK Board of Education!? This woman needs to be fired!! She is an obvious whack job that is promoting division and anti-white, racist crap! And she calls people “brothers and sisters'”. She must be referring to aunt-tifa and blm!!

8 months ago

I am a white female human being, created Such by Almighty God as are all other Human Beings. Who are either male or female regardless of the color of their skin or the language they might speak. We all bleed RED Blood. Thank you Governor of my neighboring State of Oklahoma, I a Texan.

8 months ago

Unfortunately, this type legislation is becoming necessary. Maybe states should reassume control of education. Are they addressing 1619 Project?

Nancy Arnett
8 months ago

I am white and not racist. However I am hurt and disgusted with all of the racist rhetoric that indicates because I am white I am automatically a racist and that I should be ashamed of being white. No way – my opinions are my own. I am certainly not privileged and I am proud of being white.

Richard Mead
8 months ago
Reply to  Nancy Arnett

Yes I am proud of being White and being American. I fought for this country in VietNam and almost lost my life in service for my country.

8 months ago

The DemonRats want to keep the semblance of racial disharmony on the front burner … it gives them a false claim to paint non-DemonRats as “racist”… in spite of the fact that throughout US history dating back to before the Civil War, the DemonRat Party was the purveyor of racism, particularly in the Southern states. I have throughout my adulthood always thought that the DemonRat Party was a manipulator of racial bigortry … and still to some degree think that is true now.

Soldier For Christ
8 months ago
Reply to  Hal

Yes said all there. Racism in this country happened long before I was born, because I’m white doesn’t make me racist . Currently the piss poor government we have leading this country into this division of the races started with Obama’s bull shit. Why must our country go through this hatred and turmoil. Regardless of color the blood spilled from all races that fought for our freedom was red.

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