OH-14 Town Hall Synopsis: Representative Dave Joyce

Joyce TH 1On March 11, a small group of AMAC members gathered in a picturesque log cabin in Stow, Ohio to meet with their Congressman, Dave Joyce for well over an hour. The intimate setting gave the 15 AMAC members in attendance a chance to converse plainly with the Congressman and articulate their concerns about where the country is headed. AMAC members expressed frustration over how President Obama has often governed by executive fiat; and equal frustration was communicated over Congress’ inability to combat the Administration’s progressive policies. Representative Joyce agreed that Congress must do more to push back against the White House and force the President to make tough decisions on bills the majority of Americans support.

In the coming months, Representative Joyce explained that Congress plans to pass a budget in both the House and Senate in addition to passing all 12 appropriations bills. With one child in college and a family to support, the Congressman emphasized the importance of living in accordance with a budget – and Congress has a responsibility to the American taxpayers to do the same. Additionally, Representative Joyce indicated that Congress should begin putting together a free-market health care plan that can be implemented should the Supreme Court strike down ObamaCare’s federal subsidies in King v. Burwell – a decision expected to be announced in late June and could leave millions of people uninsured. The Congressman shared that ObamaCare is even hurting businesses in OH-14, including a local manufacturing company that has been forced to pay $240 million to the government as a result of the medical device tax.

The growing threat of ISIS and terrorism around the globe continues to incite anger among AMAC members who doJoyce TH 2 not feel that the Administration is taking the proper steps to keep the country safe. AMAC members in the meeting expressed concern over the Administration’s latest negotiations with Iran and the reluctance to secure the southern border. President Obama’s recent executive order that grants legal status to millions of illegal immigrants further reinforces members’ concerns over national security and the financial costs that taxpayers and government programs like Social Security will incur as a result.

Following the meeting, AMAC members conveyed their appreciation for having an opportunity to speak directly with Representative Joyce and to interact with one another. Members were also very pleased to hear about the membership growth AMAC is experiencing in OH-14 – now with 4,800 members – and across the country. AMAC Delegate Victoria Todd-Smith will be working with the Congressman’s office to schedule another small-group meeting for AMAC members in a different part of the district in the coming months, and AMAC returns to Washington, D.C. with yet another ally on Capitol Hill!

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