October Surprise

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Joined AMAC – aarp too liberal. I told aarp to stop sending applications and cards. My very ‘right’ sister stated, let aarp send you the information: Its their money they are spending! So the aarp applications go in the shredder. (And, yes there is a reason aarp was not capitalized.) Thank you, AMAC for sending your information.

Something is going on with AARP. My fiance’ and I received our new AARP membership cards valid thru Sept. 2013. Thing is we never renewed our membership and haven’t since 2004. Makes me wonder if they need to show more members then what they have for some reason.

My husband got a bill to renew his membership. He is/ was never a member I think they are hoping that some of the senile seniors will just pay the bill.

Pretty low tactic!

I send them back unpaid with a note written across the face of the bill in bold red letters: “YOU’RE FIRED.”

They need new recruits. People are leaving them in droves!

UI wish that more people would move over to AMAC. My husband stays with AARP because the supplemental medical coverage he gets with them is less expensive and covers more. Me? I still have a few years to work, but when I do retire, I am willing to stick with AMAC for additional medical coverage … my conservatism has no price.

They just want more members. They are trolling. If it’s a paid postage envelope, I would stuff it full, write “No, you are too liberal for me”, and send it back. And join AMAC

Isn’t the standard process is to tape the business reply card to a brick – so that they have to pay postage on the brick?

Joined AMAC a couple months ago. Ran out of excuses to send them a check. It’s time for the adults to take over now. The kids need to take their medicine & we have to clean up this mess.

America is starting to realize that there is a emergency in changing this current Government to a government that is responsible to the people and not to be just following their own personal agenda.

Mr Romney … what a breath of fresh air! Everyone needs to take another Romney fan (or 2 or 3) to the polls when they vote. We cannot afford to lose this election. I feel optomistic for the first time since the results came in for the last election when Obama lied and cheated his way to the White House. Winning an election with an opponent who will stop at nothing to get his way can only be achiecved through a lot of prayer! We have less than a month. All patriots need to do everything we can to restore freedom to our great America!

It isn’t that dems like “that guy” it’s just that they’re tired of TRYING to like the other guy who doesn’t have much to like.