Taking on Obama’s ‘Cool’ Factor

bioPresident Obama is back to doing what he does best: focusing on the “cool” factor to try to sell policy that stinks. The focus right now is how to get the still-unpopular Obamacare to resonate with America’s youth.

The Hill reports:

Celebrity endorsements, slick ad campaigns and cutting-edge online enrollment would all serve one overriding purpose for the White House: connecting young, healthy people with their new healthcare benefits.

Without participation from that demographic, the new insurance exchanges will stumble out of the gate as older, sicker patients enroll. Younger, healthier people are needed to keep premium prices from skyrocketing.

But uninsured young people tend to be least concerned with purchasing health insurance and the least knowledgeable about the Affordable Care Act, according to polling.

That’s what the administration hopes will change as a product of its celebrity and sports partnerships.

If the GOP marketing folks were smart, they would handle this like pros.

1) Out-of-touch, super-rich celebrities who can afford the best private care in the world trying to tell you what to do with your health care? I don’t think so. (And I’m pretty sure most young people realize that there’s a big difference between their bank accounts and those of Eva Longoria, Beyonce, and other celebrity Obamamaniacs.)

2) Big-government advocates trying to convince young people that they must have health insurance even if they don’t need it? Last I checked, most young people don’t like being told what to do. My life, my decisions, my consequences is more like it.

The bad news? The GOP marketing team typically doesn’t combat this stuff so well. They either ignore it completely and do nothing or try to play the Left’s game. Bad idea. Play your own game instead and let the folks on the left stumble to figure out your rules.

You know what resonates with youth more than celebrities telling them what to do? Young people–spokespeople for freedom–talking with other young people about why Obamacare is a disaster. Young people expressing why they don’t want to be told they have to buy health insurance because it’s their right not to do so. Young people talking with students about why a big, bloated, stuffy mess of bureaucracy should mind its own business and not have a say in your health-care decisions.

That’s right–regular, honest young people who care about their freedom and want big-daddy government to know its place could easily be stronger messengers than out-of-touch celebrities who we all know typically don’t practice what they preach.

So yes, these celebrity Obamacare endorsements could be effective–but only if the other side is off its game.

GOP, I’ll say it again and again–get with it.

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I always wonder if these good idea articles ever get forwarded to the GOP in the form of a suggestion — if this hasn’t been done, then you’re just preaching to the choir and accomplishing nothing.


A good place to start cleaning up this mess would be to make it against the law for government at any level to support the retirement of any government employee or politician, up to and including including the president of the USA, at a level above the normal private employer’s contribution to social security. Also, limit the income from that pension to the same level as SS. If Government employees and politicians want any more than that let them fund it out of their own pockets. If they are too stupid to take care of themselves, like the rest of us have to, they do not need to be employed by the government that is supposed to represent us.

Richard Slate

Obama has proved time and time again how corrupt and immoral he is and what a lier he has been. This obama care system is more proof of that, he keep telling people that there health insurance rates will not go up but several people that help design this nightmare have said otherwise. All of these foolish people that voted for him are going to see what a disaster obama has created.


We all know what should be done in government. The problem is, there isn’t anyone on the Right side to accomplish the task. They all (maybe a few still care) care more about themselves and there own problems than doing the right thing. With all the coruption we’ve been talking about; everyone knows what the right thing is to be done. We just need different people that will do the right thing. I think we need to have term limits on our legislators. We don’t need career politicians running our government. A career politician gets to where he owes too many favors to too many people (with money) that his thinking gets clouded. Start out with fresh minds every ohhhh, I don’t know, maybe every two years they get voted on but the limit should be at the least 4 years.

E Haddock

I am wondering when GOD will get tired of the crap that is going on and put a stop to it.

Wendell Keith

It started with kids having to go to government schools and learn what the government taught them. It wasn’t bad early on, but the proof is in the puddin’. Young people now “know” that government will take care of them and they shouldn’t have to do anything that they don’t like to do to earn money. They learn that any money they earn has to be taxed to allow the government to run, but they aren’t told that the government doesn’t know how to limit spending and the kids can no longer think for themselves. Most of them will do what the government says is best, in this case a democrat government and a president that is slicker than Clinton.

Charles C Carle

The majority of these comments are right on track! We need to flush out the majority of our career politicians, starting with Obama & his entire team) And start over with some honest Usa minded citizens!

edmond r duncan


bobby h

We no longer have REAL two party system. We have two groups whose elected legislators are interested primarily in getting re-elected. It boils down to the fact that democrats have more appeal to those who want everything they can get ‘free’. The republicans don’t have any more respect for the constitution and law than democrats do and the constitution doesn’t mean enough to them to motivate them oppose runaway government. I fear we’re doomed.

D. A. Davis

I think it is about time we replaced the Politicians with Statesmen. Career Politicians are destroying this wonderful country. I am a Republican, but if the Republicans in Washington can’t get the job done then we need to clear house. If they are too weak to impeach Obama, then they should get out and let someone else do the job. Obama has committed more crimes than 10 Presidents put together. I still don’t believe he is a born citizen of this country. Throw the bums out!!

David Whitton

I’m a lifelong Republican, but when the GOP figured out how to lose the election with Mitt Romney, my thoughts were, “it’s always darkest before it goes completely black”, (re: Chairman Mao). John Boehner could be 100% right, but every time he opens his mouth it seems he does no more than offer Hussein Obama another excuse of why nothing gets done in Congress. It used to be that the media held people accountable, but Obama just continues to dance his way through crisis after crisis without taking responsibility for anything. How the American people continue to tolerate this idiot is beyond comprehension.


The Republican Party has given up the fight. They have allowed the left, and the flaming holier-than-thou fools on the right, to hijack our nation. The left cries “gimme, gimme, gimmie” all the time and the bible-thumpers cry”Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” all the time. Sorry, neither approach works in a 300+ million people nation that is so diversified in every way – including religions, economic status, and geographical placement. If we don’t focus more on jobs than birth control, the economy more than abortions, and the lying and thievery in Washinton more than gay rights, we are doomed and will never win anything again. We are pushing away the younger voters, the hispanic minority (largest in the country), and many of us conservatives who feel that right-centrist policies are the best approach to governing this country. Just because extremism is something you personally believe in, it does not mean it is… Read more »


Saw on news this morning that Obama is starting a program in California that will “brainwash” our school aged kids into believing Obamacare is the greatest thing since air and wanting them to convince their parents of this. Sound a little like Germany in the 1930 doesn’t it!

Vic DeMartin

“We the People” typically turn out to vote at about 30%. Because of our lax attitude we allow the tail to wag the dog, and we enable a government that can talk the talk, without walking the walk. It’s easy to be cool when no one holds your feet to the fire. Lead, follow or move over. It’s time to break out the matches America.


The genius of Obamacare is the lengthy phase-in. The rabidly left-leaning unions are just now starting to see that they are actually LOSING the level of coverage they enjoyed because employers are playing the money game to get the cheapest care they can get away with and avoid the non-compliance penalties. Over time more and more of the inherent problems will become painfully visible, but by then the regulations will be so entrenched that they’ll be nearly impossible to dynamite out. Repeal is becoming more and more expensive as so much money is being spent to get our system into alignment with the requirements. And most of our wonderful federal legislators didn’t read or understand the legislation they voted for because it was the popular thing to do. We’ve been sold a bill of goods.


The GOP is the new Whig Party. When the system finally comes crashing in upon itself like the Twin Towers on 9/11 Obama will have succeeded in “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

J. Ellis

I don’t understand why the Republicans haven’t repealed this yet. It seems they are all talk and no go. They have enough to impeach this guy and STILL set and do nothing. I don’t want to hear tales and rumors,…. I want to see action. Get him gone while there is still a country to save.


All calls need to go directly to John Boehners office in Washington, 202-225-0600 OR FAX AT 202-225-5117. Demand that he NOT BRING ANY BILL TO THE HOUSE FLOOR. And if he does, his legacy will be the destruction of America.

Calls are best, but you can also send him an email, by going to http://www.speaker.gov/contact. Do It Every day.

Calls must start today and NOT STOP until the August recess. Call, call, call…everyday, not just once. We can stop this monster. What would have happened if Todd Beemer had done nothing…we must do our part, make that call now.


Just wait – obummer care is going to cost America her economy. The government will start taxing businesses more to help make the exchanges work as the States and the people are unable to afford it. Businesses will shutter their doors and disappear. As people lose their jobs they will continue to cry to the government for help, when government it the one causing all the misery. The first step to stop the flood water from sinking us iis to get rid of obummer care!


We have ObamaCare because the puppet masters were at first more interested in making it a campaign issue than getting rid of it. Then, the corporations that control a lot of “our” representatives see ways to profit from it. If the HOR wanted to get rid of Obamacare, they wouldn’t do their silly votes to get rid of it. Instead, they wouldn’t fund it. Boehner is our biggest enemy with all of the times he’s given Obama his way. Remind those younger adults that they shouldn’t have to sign up because when Obama was campaigning against Hillary, he said ;many times that his plan was different from hers because it would be voluntary. Tell it like it is….they’re being asked to subsidize the big lie that got Obama the nomination. This author is correct. Only I’ll go further. It’s time for a new political party, one that has a more… Read more »