ObamaCare – The Whole Truth

“Make no mistake about it. By 2014, every American will experience government intrusion into their health care decisions, health insurance coverage and relationship with their doctor. The Supreme Court and the 2012 election will determine whether we squander the finest health care in the world, or if we decide as a nation to fix what is broken. The stakes are high. We’re not politicians, we’re doctors, and as such we don’t treat Republicans or Democrats, we treat patients. Together we can do it right this time.”

The American Doctors for Truth have released this statement and ad about the cost-cutting measures of ObamaCare and the frightening impact it will have on health care for the elderly.


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Debra T / There are several ways that you can cnodiser.Call your local agent or do the online quote yourself.Take which way,it depends on your time and knowledge.

My membership expired in march good bye aarp. I do not believe in communism and/or socialism.

All you seniors better wake up and look closely at AARP, and its support of Obamacare, as well as the a?? himself.
My membership expires in September, at which time I will not renew.
One thing bad about many organizations similar to AARP, they come out in favor of, something which is actually telling everybody that the membership supports it. This is what AARP has done and is still doing. I am perfectly able to speak for myself.

President Obama is devil!!!

Oh yes, Obama is the devil incarnate.! Please do not let him get re-elected. If he does, America as we know it is dead.

Let me see If I understand – ObamaCare will be Great! and if it ISN’T it will be George_W_BushCare?

Expecting to find 50% fraud in Medicare to pay for Obama Care is absurd and a mathematical improbability. Looks like he’s still inhaling! Greece, here we come!

AARP is a strong Obama supporter.

This president wants all of us seniors to be “shovel ready”………………Lets all kick his azz in 2012.
VOTE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!……………Dont fall because of this muslim!

I am a senior citizen who paid FICA (aka Social Security) all my working life, and paid the premiums for Medicare Insurance since it was enacted in 1965. I am sick and tired of people who say I’m on “government handouts”. No, my friends, I paid dearly over 40 years for these benefits that I’m now beginning to receive. Had my employer and I paid an equal amount into any private investment, there would be plenty of money to fund my benefits for my lifetime and some left for my children to inherit. Instead, the Congress keeps raiding the Social Security Trust Fund, and now have robbed more than half a trillion dollars from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare. That’s why they also have created this unaccountable “Independent Payment Advisory Board” to ration our medical care. So yes, this dramatization of pushing us off the cliff may help get people’s… Read more »

My family and I need our doctors who know how health history to stay and continue treating us. I don’t want Obama telling me what doctor I have to go to who knows nothing about me or my health history.

Paul, I agree with your statement (3/24/12). However, that’s why it’s OUR duty to educate people (especially independents). Blinded liberals, such as my elitist “college educated” friends continue to say, “These doctors are just plain greedy, and that’s why they want it repealed.” They are political dwarfs! REPEAL! And beware of Romney when he flipflops with “executive order to waiver” and then flips to “repeal”.

I completely trust my doctor over the Obama administration in Washington. During the past year my doctor saved my life when he insisted on some additional tests that brought to light the sepsis blood infection threatening my life. Because of my doctors determination I am alive today. Likewise he was able because of early detection of breast casncer and his determination my wife has been able to rid her system of the cancer cells. I don’t want politicians deciding my health care, and I will do everything in my power to defeat Obama in the 2012 election and the Democratic controlled senate and to retain the Republic control of the House of Representatives. I was agreeable to giving Obama the opportunity of proving ther changes he proposed, but when they were nothing but lies it is time to get him out of office.

Thank you. We do not want anyone deciding who and who does not get healthcare.

First it will dismantle so much of what we have achieved for our beloved Elderly and Disabled population and the tax dollars they have put in over the years of hard work. Then it’s our Veterans and Military cutting of their benefits as well as Health Care for their contribution to keeping this Country safe. I ask What’s Next huh? I see all kinds of opt outs approved by the Dept of Health and Services to of all people The Unions huh? I’m sure with the proper planning American Legislators in place we could get a better plan than “Obama Care” for sure!

Anything the Government runs is a disaster. This ObamaCare MUST BE REPEALED and our freedom to choose remain. It is our life and our own medical decisions and that of our families that is critical.

We have come a long way in the destruction of our Country. I cannot even imagine what this Congress will do if he is re-elected. The ObamaCare is truly a Socialist/Marxist bill. I pray with all of my heart that we can either repeal this terrible bill, or get both the Congress, House and Senate, if he is re-elected. I still worry about all of the Progressive’s that are in both parties, Republican and Deomcrates.

I sure miss my beloved America. Where oh where did it go? If anyone votes for Obama this next election, it will be a
vote for socialism and Obama-Care, Neither of which is acceptable if you want to call yourself an American.!
Don Steinbach. May God Bless This Country!!

A word to all! The commercial by American doctors For Truth is spot on correct. I am seeing it now with my elderly father. Obama-care must be repealed and a sane and responsible, true reform system put in place. As an American, we must preserve our right to choose the healthcare that suits us best. Let me highlight the extreme hypocracy of the left and the Obama administration. They wish to preserve the right of women to arbitrarily terminate pregnancies on a whim as a form of personal (choice) birth control however they insist that all Americans must embrace this garbage known as Obama-care. This, if for no other reason is why this totally “stupid” legislation must be repealed. Contact you legislators and let them know that you have had enough! For What Its Worth!

There is so many people on the public dole, including public employess , that will vote for Mr Obama in Nov , that it might be impossible to defeat him. Plus the minorities, Latinos, blacks, will still vote for him, no matter what. Most people in this country are so ignorant of the facts on obama care, they will not vote or vote for the incumbent.

The obamanation must be stoped by all means at our disposal.An continualation of him in office will lead to the destruction of our great nation as we know itThe USA will no longer be the home of the free.

Thanks for taking the time to create this and expose the Truth !! This Bill contains so Much that has yet to be told.