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Obamacare Health Insurance Tax: Making Medicare Advantage More Expensive

The health care reform law imposes a massive new sales tax on health insurance which will increase the cost of coverage for individuals, small businesses, and public program beneficiaries with private insurance. The tax begins at $8 billion in 2014 and rises to $14.3 billion in 2018, increasing annually thereafter based on premium growth. The Joint Committee on Taxation projects that between 2013 and 2022 the new tax will total $101.7 billion.

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Jeff Evans

Yeah George Bush destroyed this country I KNOW


Exactly i agree with you.We The People should decide what, when and where we need Obama’s Healthcare!!

Gail Silkebakken

What exactly are the changes in the 2014 Advantage Plan insurance for those seniors who have it now? Please explain “Obamacare Health Insurance Tax: Making Medicare Advantage More Expensive” in more detail for us seniors.Thank you.


Never in our history has this nation’s hard working, tax paying people, had such a vile program slammed down our throats! Obama and the Democrats have vowed, evidently, to not only push this country into a National Debt, so large, as to ruin our Country, but to slam every tax paying citizen into debt, just to obtain medical coverage for so many free riders!! We have now reached a time in history that voting for our freedoms, makes little difference. The free riders now control all of our State and National elections, and have gained enough control to destroy this once Great Nation!!! It’s time for another revolution to gain our freedoms from this current bunch of so-called leaders! Impeachment may be the operative word!


We don’t need the government to tell us what to do. Obamacare is causing so many problems with our medical doctors and patients that we as seniors getting ready for medicare will end up spending more on health care than ever before.

We The People should decide what, when and where we need Obama’s Healthcare!


Obamacare just well may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. With the national debt reaching a point of no return and adding the cost of Obamacare on top of it, this house of cards will come tumbling down. America will be owned by some very harsh taskmasters.


I believe Obamacare should blow up, then we can get back to sanity again so Congress can pass something that the people can afford.


I don’t know who people around Bobby B are or where they are, but I haven’t heard anything about simply paying a fine, although eventually these horrendous things will blow up on us all. It rains on the just and the unjust. As recently “retired” (I say that loosley because I am now working again!) my Medicare Advantage has already increased so much my $622 mo. pension has become $555, and government Medicare has increased so that Social Security payments are decreased. Obama and the evil entitities feeding him, are working very diligently to turn our nation into socialism, thereby attempting to bully the system into government death camps. Shame on us for sleeping at the wheel in our self-centered, greedy society. People want to be ‘taken care of’ but not by God for sure. Well, maybe like those in the Old Testament that ‘wanted a king’ instead of trusting… Read more »

Bobby B

According to what people are saying around here. Since Obamacare covers all existing conditions, young people will pay the $100.00 fine and when they get sick or need to go to the hospital, they will apply for Obamacare and pay the rate. That is until they get out of the hospital and the medical bills are payed, then they will just stop paying for coverage and go back to paying the yearly fine of $100.00 a year. I hear the the fine might be moved to $500.00 per year but even that is cheaper than the monthly payments to Obamacare. This whole program might just blow up on the Dems.