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Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence

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it will be nice when all you old white folks finally die off

Your time is coming. For the record you too will be old someday.
Sorry but I think the world is in trouble with people like you. Dumb and Dumber.
God help this world with people who think like you.

….so the country will be populated by ignoramuses like you. What a happy thought.

America can survive Obama, but can America survive the people who would vote for him?

I am a self employed long distance trucker and a viet nam era vet. My main line of freight is the transportation of medical machinery. Since the Supreme Court has backed Obama care most of the manufacturers of the equipment I haul have lost about 30% of their orders for new equipment. Some have had to lay off workers as well. One major manufacturer laid off over 800 employees the day after the election. As a trucker this will adversly effect my bottom line and lower my potential income. Combine this with crippling new regulation on my industry from the Obama administration, the EPA, Carb(Californias version of the EPA), extreme diesel prices, tolling of roads that the taxpayers already paid for and Obama care, I am going to have to go out of business. Thank you liberals for re-electing this “communist” to office! Because of you we will soon be… Read more »

Do you honestly believe that the same situation would not have happened if Romney were elected? He’s a business man (allegedly)….and he would make “extreme” cuts where he felt necessary…Maybe not you, but another entire sector of business! I work in pharmanceutical sales….and I’ve already been informed that my division is “done” March 2013! Sadly, these are the times that we live in!

by the way, she got fired because she spoke against obama care…………………………

She nailed it… Some American’s voted to suffer more. I’ll try not to say “Told you so”!

there goes freedom of speech…….

I used to say we have the power of the ballot box on our side, but, in these elections involving Obama, that power has been erased by fraud. America’s decline will likely continue. So, the next best thing we can do is strengthen our local churches (who were the first and best responders to the victims of Hurricane Sandy while the NY electricians unions held workers hostage for 4 days until they backed off their demand that they all pay union dues before helping the storm vicims) , prepare ourselves and our families to survive and protect themselves if the country crumbles. Get to know your neighbors and stock up on necessaries. If you have any extra income, buy gold and silver in smaller denominations. The dollar may not buy much….ie., google the collapse of the German economy and that it took a wheelbarrow of paper money to buy a… Read more »

Please explain to me how this past presidential election was based on “fraud!”

Please explain to me why this past Presidential election was a “fraud?”

My message,” Very very well put” was intended for AJ Aune.

Very, Very Well Put!!!!

Concerned Compassionate
Oh, and of course all of our local churches have trucks with lift buckets and licensed electricians and chain saws to restore electrical power since they are “first responers” and are our best defense for hurricane and storm damage. You are just like those who think that Churches should be the only source responsible for paying for the medical care of the uninsured and the poor. Don’t laugh. I have actually read posts by unthinking Christians who declared that ALL care for the sick and the poor should fall to the churches instead of the government or the insurance industry. I will admit to having done and in depth study on Biblial tithing and that the Old Testament does in fact declare that 1/3 of all tithes must be given to the sick and needy. Now, tell me this. How many churches that shove the issue of “Biblical tithing” down… Read more »

Concerned Compassionate, around the fourth of July, when straight line winds completely destroyed the power infastructure of West Virginia and several surrounding states, my 90 year old parents were helped by poeple from a local church with chain saws, food and water almost immediately after the storm. They are not members of that church nor any other that I am aware of. The power companies in the area welcomed power conpany volunteers from other states with open arms, union or not, and folks who had power offered them places to stay. Obama, and his folks never showed their faces, and did not carry West Virginia in the election, thank God!

The President of the US, cannot be in every “crisis” at every time. However, I do believe that our President is a “church” going man, and has the country in his best interes! Also, there has never been a more dynamic 1st and 2nd Lady residing in the White House like we currently have! Both Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are 2 of the most amazing women that I’ve ever witnessed that are working tirelessly for the families of those that are serving our country!!!!

Since you are so concerned and compassionate, how much do YOU give to charity?

Concerned Compassionate

We are talking about the tithe and what portion of that should go to charity and it is a personal issue. According to the Bible, the left hand should not know what the right hand is doing.

But, since you want to be nosy, some times more than 10% sometimes 10% and sometimes less than 10%. But if I include taxes which support the poor than WAY more than 10%.

I was addressing a specific comment about churches being first responders to a person who suggested we get “on our knees.” This is not the proper forum for a discussion on Biblical madates, but, I am not the one who brought it up. But it is related to healthcare.

I have never been more dismayed and ashamed at the 52 % of Americans who voted for Obama and what he stands for. What were they thinking? Are we as Americans moving that far to the left to elect this man who wants to turn this country into a Moslem socialized state and grow bigger and bigger government? In a speech he gave to a Muslem organization he said the USA is no longer a Christian country, Since When?? God help us for the next 4 years so we can repair the damage he has done to the USA here and our prestige around the world. Many clear thinking people feel he bought the election as do i with more promises and promising more financial support to those who do not want to work and pay their ‘fair share” of taxes. I spend much time in Communist China where you… Read more »

Amen brother, Amen

Bill…the great news about living in America…is that we are a democracy! People turned out and voted, and they voted for President Obams vs. Mitt Romney! Every American is entiteld to vote! Where is the “fraud” in that? If you don’t like the fact the fellow American’s voted for Obama….then that is how our country is run! Your post is very “angry” and I applaud your service to our country! However, President Obama is not a “Muslim” and you have to rely on what you do for a living and manage your money accordingly!

Little do you know about politics. Did you just show up and vote not knowing what you
were voting and for whom. Please get educated about politics. Don’t just vote for color or for status.
Stand up for something, or you will fall for anything.

Will the undeserving freebie-getters feel the pain of over-taxation (What is taking away deduction of interest for home mortgages but raising taxes?), of having to pay for insurance or be fined (Will they be given healthcare without having to pay for insurance like those of us who are considered to have a little money left?). The Damocrats have long learned how to buy their votes and they are already starting on the 2016 election. If they have not bought enough, there’s always more names in the cemetery. Why didn’t Republicans stand up and shout that there wouldn’t be an election unless the voter showed proof of identity? It probably is not just a rumor that over 100% voted in many precincts. Why isn’t that followed up if it is true. We roll over and play dead on too many important things. Doesn’t anyone care about our grandchildren and the mess… Read more »

I am a Korean war veteran. Since the beginning of our government millions of fine men and women have died in combat to perserve our freedoms that were set forth. These people did not die to have a socalist take over our government due to a group of illiterate liberals. This election was a disregard for all of those that had died to preserve our freedoms. These liberals should be ashamed of themselve. Obama bought this election and also the prior election with lies, and deciet and of course good old chicago politics. He bought the hispanic vote and the black voted for him only due to the fact that he claims to be black. Racism at it’s finest. Now all of the intelligent voters have to suffer another four years.

You must be kidding-democrats and ashamed? They don’t even know what shame means…neither do repewbicans evidently!
They are eager to become “public servants” for themselves ONLY and thus are playing all kind of games to keep our attention from what is really going on! Obama was democrat’s perfect candidate- no criticism allowed of the first Black president and race card had been and still is played every occasion on need to be basis! And that is the greatest danger of all as he -Butcher of Benghazi -gets away with murder figuratively speaking.

Let’s all pray and work together

I say boycott Ohio, Pennsylvania and the rest of the states that contributed to this deplorable person in office, refrain from buying, visiting, and supporting any of these states. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Hey now, Most of PA was red, just boycott Philly.

That is exactly what I was saying…check my earlier post.

For those of you who still work, a growing # of employers WILL NOT OFFER HEALTHCARE; it’s much cheaper to pay the penalty. Once the “DUMMY-in-CHIEF” began giving waivers to companies in his base, that deadly favoritism alone will doom ObamaCare over time.

As for us retired folks, the $$ cut from our “PAID FOR” medicare to fund Obamcare will begin cutting the lifespan of a few of our less heathy, not to mention the reduced quality of our present healthcare as hospitals & MD’s begin closing down their facilities & offices.

Hopefully he’ll resign like President Nixon did rather than face the impeachment that he so deserves!

dream on. He has an agenda that is working.

Fraud, theft & B.S. is NOT an agenda Ruth, where did you learn that?

it may not be an agenda but it is most certainly on the agenda!!

Ruth are you serious? what agenda and how is it working?

His agenda is destroy this country and all it stands for. In the future he will be hailed as a great leader by Muslims the world over.

Perfect reflection of Obamacare…..but she lost her job at the hospital over it! They didn’t renew her contract due to her position on the New health care. I thank her for standing up to the truth of the matter!

All I have to say is Obama is a joke. I am 68 years young. I grew up in Chicago. I know all about the super slick politicians. When you send a jackass to college, all you get is a educated jackass!

Okay, am I the only one seeing this.
We are going to be required to “prove” we have some sort of medical insureance but,


I mean “Really”.

Just what will be the accepted forms with proper identification that will be needed to prove this.

And, all the time protecting your HIPPA privacy?!?!?!?!


And, we can not ask people to prove who they are, if it will seem that it is being prejudical or racist of insulting to a person who is what ever?

Has anyone else seen the ridiculous humor in this.

All the while it will be done by someone who has just been hired into their position and the ink on their collective rules/guidelines/policies/standards/ is not even dry yet?!?!?!?!?

Heck if they even exist?!?!?

Enough for now!!

People it is time to go underground. Time to show those that are not willing to take responsibility for themselves that we will no longer take care of them willfully or not. Time to prepare yourself for the massive unemployment, inflation and higher taxes that the Obamites cast upon us. Obamunism is here and it is time for another revolution. We could not defeat him in the election because of his massive buying of votes (legal and otherwise) so it’s time to try other strategies to take our country back. Some suggestions I am trying are 1. Constantly barraging my state officials with letters to repeal Obamacare and to get the USA out of the UN. 2. Join the Tea Party Patriots and support them both financially and representatively. 3. I have closed all my accounts and written letters to the presidents of their companies stressing the fact that their… Read more »



A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Boy she summed it up beautifuly

I receive 30 percent disability for heart problems resulting from exposure to agent orange in Viet Nam.I am feeling guilty as my son says I am part of the give me more stuff society.Is this true. I would never vote for Obama under any condition.

Don’t feel guilty my friend. I too am receiving 30% disability from the VA for having diabetes, stroke & possibly the onset of Parkinson’s disease. I still work a full time job and bearly making it. I would never ask for any federal assistance, including food stamps, but because I did not ask for Agent Orange chemicals to be sprayed on me & my unit in Vietnam, it is the responsibility of the VA (federal government) to help in with my medical burden. You should be proud my fellow veteran. We fought a war that was undeclared and proud to serve our country. I did not vote for Obama and didn’t go far enough discouraging other from voting for this Socialist. This nation has become an “entitlement society”. The young only want to be taken care of by Daddy & Mommy Obama. They will never grow up and be responsible… Read more »

Yours is a completely different situation. YOU deserve that disability and DON’T YOU EVER FEEL GUILTY AGAIN. We tax-paying Americans are talking about the ‘give me’ people although they are healthy and CAN work but find excuses to NOT work. I know many people who have been on a type of welfare for 20+ years. Why isn’t the government investigating these cases and then giving the money to deserving people- like YOU, yes YOU, who are disabled or temporarily “down on their luck”?

Concerned Compassionate

Thank God for the liberals who will continue to fight for your needs.

To Larry Morgan: Not likely my friend. While serving in Viet Nam did you put in a special request to have “Agent Orange” in close proximity? Not likely. So your son has a few things to learn and we can only hope he will over time.

Yes, this law will stand, and when it fails, the administration will blame the previous administration and the opposing political party. As with Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, it will go bankrupt in a few years, so we will borow more money from other countries and leave the consequences for our children and grandchildren to suffer. But, don’t worry; you will get used to it, and continue to elect politicians on the basis of how much stuff they promise to give you. It will all be done in the name of compassion, and that will make it good policy. Oh, one other thing: our grandchildren will spit on our graves, and be justified in doing so. We now have the government we deserve, but the next generation of sheep will pay for it, so don’t worry, be happy, and wait for that check from our compassionate politicians. It will be… Read more »

Concerned compassionate; By your E-address you show you are aware of others that are not as fortionate; which is a wonderful thing UNLESS you are being taken for a ride which these people are famous for. FOLLOW THE $$$$$$$ the authors are only common thieves (uncommon due to the amount). This will not benefit anyone but the authors… Also PLEASE don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong -ignorance, especially when coupled with arrogance is a deadly combo…..

Welfare and low income will no longer get welfare when the inevenable happens and got’t runs out of other peoples’ money.