Proof: Obamacare Raised Family’s Insurance by $600 per month!

andrew-mangioneby Andrew Mangione –

Many of you are familiar with my updates on AMAC’s activity on Capitol Hill and other topics that I’m privileged to bring to you here and in our other forums.  I recently received a disturbing piece of information from my health insurance carrier regarding my family’s policy that I purchased individually.  This information hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks, and I thought it would be prudent to share it with my fellow AMAC members.

My policy’s premium, which covers my wife and two children, will go up from $333 a month to $965 a month, to comply with the new Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). You read that correctly; as a result of the Affordable Care Act, my family’s health insurance premium will Triple! This is not a so-called “Cadillac plan”. This is a high deductible plan where I assume a lot of the risk for my family’s health care.

See Proof of Increase Here

I was notified that I have a choice between two options; first, I may enroll during the initial Obamacare enrollment period starting October 1st, in which case I will experience the aforementioned premium increase effective January, 2014. Or, I can elect to keep my present plan which will run until December, 2014, and then be switched to a plan that is Obamacare-compliant.  Needless to say, I chose to defer this monumental, budget-breaking premium increase until the end of 2014. However, this option is pending my state’s Department of Insurance’s approval – if they don’t approve the premium by November 15, 2013, my family is automatically thrust onto the Obamacare plan – whether we want it or not.  What ever happened to the “If you like your insurance plan you can keep it” promise made by the President during the Affordable Care Act’s debate?

But all I’m doing is potentially prolonging the agony that is the reality of Obamacare. My wife and I now have critical decisions to make.  How do we alter our lifestyle to accommodate this impending financial nightmare? Does my wife increase her hours at work? This decision will most certainly impact the quality of life my children enjoy as the time they spend with their mother will be compromised.  Or do we forego insurance altogether, pay the fine and seek out concierge-style care offered by some physicians and pay-as-we-go for our health care? Hopefully, we will have just over a year to formulate some kind of plan to avoid absorbing as much of this outrageous nonsense as we possibly can.

Keep in mind that President Obama single handedly delayed this financial time bomb for employers and employees.  He did not, however, spare anyone who purchases health insurance individually for themselves or for their families from the painful reality that I recently experienced.

The Affordable Care Act was packaged and sold to Americans as bending the cost curve down.  The time for speculation and conjecture is over.  The reality is that the Affordable Care Act is not even remotely affordable. The truth of this horrendous law is painful, and this anguish will spread throughout America, destroying household budgets and doing irreparable harm to family life.

This is just the beginning of the veracity of Obamacare. I’m not the only person who has received this kind of notification.  If you had an experience similar to mine, won’t you please share it with us? If you can, send us the documentation like what I’ve provided above.  Please make sure to edit any private and personal information.  Please forward your experiences and any documentation that you would like to provide to  If you have any questions about sharing your experiences or how to provide the documentation, please call 888 262 2006, ext. 1035.  We will compile all of the documentation and present it to Congress as further evidence to defund this monstrosity. Now!

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” What ever happened to the “If you like your insurance plan you can keep it” promise made by the President during the Affordable Care Act’s debate?”

When BHO said that I answered, and still do – ‘He forgot to add this little caveat, “IF you can still afford it.”

That’s why we have to get it defunded – and right now! Go to or and sign the petition.

Charles S

We live in Florida where paid is low and cost of living is high. My wife’s Heath insurance went up almost 400% from 2014 to 2015. Now I noticed that the insurance putted out of my checking account the equivalent of 290% more for her health insurance. Our income has not changed at all for the past two years. How can the insurance companies justify such large increases for someone with no medical problems and might have seen the doctor a total of four times last year?
We decided to just cancel the insurance and just pay the fine next year, I am sure it is gong to be a lot less than what we would pay in just two months. I am covered by VA and I feel badly that my wife has no coverage, but we just cannot afford it.

Dakotah M

In November last year we had twins, and I was “grandfathered in” to keep my old blue cross plan, but adding the twins counted as a change to my policy so come December I started getting letters saying my plan was fixing to end. My premium in December for me, my 8 year old daughter and two newborn twins was $395.00. With a deductible of $2500. January first 2015 my new premium was $1167.00 with a $9,000.00 deductible and last week I just got a letter stating that I’m going to have a premium increase of up to 30%. Thank god my wife’s work covers her…. F U Obama. Mean while my Mexican secretary’s premium is $45.00/mo with a $500.00 deductible. Unbelievable what your doing to the middle class. My new premium according to with $100,000 income for me and 4 other dependants(two of which are 11 month twins)… Read more »


Nothing but another misrepresented Obamacare “horror story”. The fact that you received this letter means nothing. Many individuals received similar letters. The problem with your claims is that insurance companies have MORE than only two options. The fact is that they simply did not OFFER you any of their other lower-premium options. That does not mean that you cannot opt to purchase other lower cost plans. You merely have to check them out yourself. It’s just one more way the insurance companies can gouge their customers! If you think this is your ONLY option, you may take it; so it is the only other one they OFFER you.


A straight up comparison of the costs of these two offerings is misleading. It’s like someone giving you an old beater car for free that gets terrible gas mileage and requires $300 of maintenance a month to keep running compared to buying a new car with better gas mileage that requires minimal maintenance for a $300 car payment. The true analysis would be to take all of your healthcare costs over the last 5 years and see what would be paid for by insurance and what wouldn’t (and how much) under both prospective plans. The ACA compliant plan will pay for your kids dental visits and pediatric visits. It has a lower deductible. It covers essential health benefits that you are no doubt using and currently paying for out of pocket. The ACA plan has a higher actuarial value than your existing plan, so it will cost a little more.… Read more »

BJ Lynn

For years – ever since I discovered what the FED really is (and what it ISN’T) – I’ve railed (to no avail – and to the dread of anyone forced to listen to me!) about the non-government Federal Reserve’s strangle-hold on the money supply and the economy as a whole. Anyone wanting to read a good book can get the dope on the real monster behind the ACA monstrosity … and much of the ills we’re suffering. This mess didn’t start with Obama, or with any of the current – or even recent – puppets/politicians. It’s a very old, very evil, very corrupt system. The Creature from Jekyll Island is a long book, but anyone interested in the roots of the current disaster in our once-free nation will learn a lot from reading it. The freedom-killing that a group of super-rich socialists have orchestrated hasn’t happened overnight. Every government give-away… Read more »

Harry Bailey

The ACA is one of the greatest lies ever produced by the federal govt. But you should also be concerned about inflation.If you think that healthcare costs are going to skyrocket hang onto to your wallet, because food and fuel will go outt of sight. when the federal reserve system continues to dump 85 billion dollars a month into the economy , inflation will jump to 100%. when bread goes to 8 dollars a loaf and gas goes to 10 dollars a gallon, you wont have to worry about your healthcare, youll just starve to death. I reccommend you do four things. 1. hoard cash, gold, silver or something of value that can be used as an item for barter. 2. hoard foodstocks. 3. burglar proof your home. 4. buy ammunition. I am 75 years old, retired military, been all over the world and observed food riots, yen riots, script… Read more »

Wendell Keith

So many medical problems could be taken care of a whole lot cheaper by Alternative Medicine modalities. If insurance companies would pay for them there wouldn’t be these high premium prices in the first place. $20 to $30,000 dollars for cancer cures as opposed to $100,000 to $300,000 for instance.

Jacqueline Doty

We are doomed to mediocrity at best.
At worst we are simply doomed.


Yesterday I received a cheerful announcement from Senator Bill Nelson, D-FL, that there absolutely will be NO increase under “obamacare” in FL according to a RAND Corp. “study” just conducted and paid for by the Dept. of Health and Human Services. I am comforted to learn this from Senator Nelson, aren’t you? And thanks everyone who helped pay for this important study through their tax dollars.


I currently have $10,000 deductible disaster health insurance for $320 a month. I am fairly healthy and I get very little health care, only what I absolutely need and can pay for on limited early retirement income. Under the ACA, with a tax deduction, I will potentially pay $150-$200 a month for much better benefits, the EHBs, and will actually be able to get more preventative health care and hopefully avoid a costly health disaster. In your arguments against ObamaCare, you all shouldn’t forget about those citizens who will benefit from the ACA. Albeit perhaps short-term until the government goes broke paying health insurance subsidies, by then we will all have more to worry about than ObamaCare.

Eric Eaton

I’m a bit tired of seeing the “didn’t he say…?”, and “(gasp!) Obama lied” comments. When Obama began to personally propagandize in support of this monstrosity, there were plenty of truthful, knowledgeable, intelligent people disputing it and warning us that exactly what is happening would happen. Stop wasting time and energy whining about consequences that we all knew would happen and contact your representatives! Tell them to defund and then repeal this junk, and meanwhile start boycotting health insurance, pay for routine services and meds you need out of pocket, like I already have to do, and when something catastrophic eventually occurs, call it the end. It’s not like you’re going to live forever anyway! Moreover, this nation and this world is rapidly changing into a place that I wouldn’t want to continue to live in. We must get it turned around; if the darkness can overcome the light, then… Read more »

Bev Nolan

My personal opinion of this horrible Obama Tax is that it’s inane attempt to “cover all” is just a COVER UP of the real problem, which is the horrendous COST of health care. Since we have the highest cost in the world, should we not have the best percentages for health and longevity? We are no where close to the top.


Your premium will be increase TO nearly 300%, not BY nearly 300%. Big difference. Still bad though.


The only surprise to me is that this cost increase is a surprise to so many. I’m a retired career Human Resources and benefits manager, who used to arrange for (and negotiate the lowest possible rates for) health coverage for employee groups. When you include coverage for pre-existing conditions and some of the popular “choice” treatments and surgeries mandated by the ACA, the costs are going to go up… WAY up. The insurance companies have to price their products (health care contracts) at a level to ensure them a level of profit, or at least prevent a loss that could put them out of business. That’s just the way it works. As the ad on TV says, “Somebody has to PAY for this!” Well, guess who? Often it’s not “them,” it’s “US.”


I really can’t comment. I think y’all have said it all.
But is there anything we can do to stop this train wreck?
Or is to late.

Jack langhals

My wife worked for the Ohio pension plan 15 years and 22 fo SS.No one told us she would lose 66% of her SS until she lost her job.The Ohio Pension Plan was giving $95 back for her Medicare as part of the Medical Retirement Plan.Now they are going to stop in 2014 to survive .I am too sick to even comment any more !

Colleen Franzese

We must all fight for our country. Call representatives, go to meetings, write letters and the most imperative: PRAY WITHOUT CEASING! Our God is in control, He will hear us and heal our land. This country has been taken over by godless people and what we face is the ugly truth. May God have mercy on us!


For some of us the premium increase did not wait until the 2014 cycle. In 2012 my retiree, former employer subsidized insurance cost was $113 a month for my wife and me. In 2013 the same insurance jumped to $280 a month, a 148% increase. My assumption, and probably a fair one, is that the insurance company is stair-stepping their increase in anticipation of implementation of ObamaCare in 2014. Will know more in a month, but I expect to see our premium increase once more by a similar amount, meaning it would approach Mr. Mangione’s 300% increase. Based on some of the other comments already posted, it seems to me that this is not just a governmental OR an insurance company scam – it is BOTH. Not too many years ago a refrigerator manufacturer hired lobbyists to make sure that governmental regulations on refrigerants were set at levels that they… Read more »

David B

Remember you voted Obama in office and then reelected him. You got what you asked for.