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Obamacare May Be the President’s Undoing in November, Says AMAC

Seniors are overwhelmingly in favor of repealing ObamaCare, 59% to 35%.  That’s a 24 point spread.”  –  

BOHEMIA, NY, Sep 21 – “The president’s opponents point at what they call his record of failure as justification for firing him in November, but his record of achievement – namely the passage of ObamaCare – may be his undoing come the election,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

The more people learn about the 2400-page Affordable Care Act [ACA], the stronger the opposition grows, Weber noted.  “A clear majority of Americans want to see the health care law overturned, 53% to 42%, according to Rasmussen Reports.  But seniors are overwhelmingly in favor of repealing ObamaCare, 59% to 35%.  That’s a 24 point spread.”

There are a variety of reasons for the law’s lack of support, not the least of which is concern about the damage it will do to Medicare, particularly when you consider that some $716 billion will be siphoned from Medicare to pay for new ObamaCare entitlements, the AMAC chief pointed out.

“Then there’s the fact that the independent experts who’ve analyzed it say that seniors are likely to lose their coveted Medicare Advantage programs as a result of ObamaCare,” Weber continued.  “And, there is great concern that law’s Independent Patient Advisory Board has so much unchecked power that it could wind up acting as a means of rationing health care to the elderly.”

He called the law “perhaps the most insidious piece of legislation ever enacted by the U.S. Congress.  It’s a not-so-veiled attempt to minimize our Constitutional rights,” he said.  “ObamaCare’s contraception/abortion mandate clearly goes against the spirit and the letter of the First Amendment, which guarantees religious freedom.”

Numerous lawsuits have been filed by religious colleges and universities across the country challenging the Constitutionality of the mandate.  The latest suit was filed by Missouri’s College of the Ozarks on September 17, Constitution Day.  A statement issued in conjunction with the school’s challenge said in part:

“The College’s compliance with its sincerely-held religious beliefs is the exercise of religion within the meaning of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.  The Mandate, narrowly-crafted religious employer exemption, and “safe harbor” make it impossible for the College to comply with its religious beliefs.  The enforcement of these provisions violates the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Please contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a chat.


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those traditional organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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Nothing will matter unless Romney starts fighting back with force and determination. If he doesn’t start to show that he has the guts to confront the people who wish to destroy America, then we shall all lose. We will lose our country. I hope Mr. Romney gets that in his heart and soul. It is a reality.

Obamacare is a tax. Taxes raise the cost of living and destroy business.
Romney has to knowledge to put us on the right course.

We don’t need to raise minimum wage….we need to remove regulations that increase the cost of goods.

I was wondering when someone was going to mention “2016”. It is a sobering movie, well documented and a strong indictment of the Obama goals. See it if you can, it will clarify alot of what has been brought in the previous communications. The goal is to bring The US down to a socialist government at which time it will no longer have the ability to survive as we no it. The primary reason is that when you remove incentive to improve either as a country or an individual you lose the motivation to work . This country was built on motivation and incentive and to expect to continue as a leader of the Free World and provide for the freedoms our country was founded upon we cannot over come a second Obama term. Romney – Ryan is an excellent ticket. wise in the workings of what has made this… Read more »

We saw that movie and it is pretty sobering for sure. Mr. D’Souza does state that the basis for the movie is his theory regarding the basis for the POTU’S’s motivation/goals. It certainly is something to think about. As we left the theater, everyone was fairly quiet and talking in whispers. 2016 is a powerful movie. I urge everyone to see it before the election. It’s non-partisan.

I think most of us want Owebamacare to go away. We must get like minded people out to vote.

Mr. Gunderson Because he is a muslim!!!!

What is the reason President Obama has decided that Muslims are mandated to come under his health care program and yet all protestants must even if it is against their beliefs. Makes you wonder if our President
has a reason to favor his brothers and sister Muslims. He is against America and he will do what ever it
takes to bring it down.

I cannot believe we have so many millions of people in this Nation who are lacking common sense.
President Obama is the closest thing to an Anti-Christ known to man. He wants about everyone
to be in the poverty level so they can depend on government benefits which there is no monies to
cover even the 47% now receiving benefits. This country will now never come close to reducing the
debt before the “Rapture” or the 2nd Coming. If President Obama wins the election, I would recommend
everyone pray that the bearings of the money making machines keep well lubricated.

Mike Harper – your “money-making machines” comment is predicated on the dollar being the medium of global exchange; something aleady being “corrected” by countries around the globe.
Should the globe go to the yen or some other form of currency and the dollar lose this advantage; we can make all the money we want; it will be no good even and especially with the Federal government.

According to Politifact, the majority of the 45% DO work and DO pay taxes in the form of payroll taxes for Medicare, Social Security, Sales Taxes, etc…They just get a tax break like your hero Mr. Romney. And, when was the last time you tried to support a family of four on $7.67 an hour?

I might be wrong but the 47% who do work and pay taxes get a refund when they file on those taxes, so they actually don’t pay taxes except possibly for the sales taxes because they are for local or state needs.

All the experts say they pay Medcare and Social Security taxes. There are no refunds on those.

I am 99% in tax free muni bonds and pay no income tax on that, so am in the 47%. Thank God I have an income source though.

Given that a few proposals have already been floated by Democrats in Congress to end the tax free status on muni bonds, you shouldn’t free so safe if Obama gets re-elected. We all know that raising taxes on those making over $250,000 won’t supply anywhere near the tax revenue Obama will need to cover all his “investment” (spending) initatives going forward and to keep the ratings agencies from further downgrading the U.S. in the future.

By the way, I own quite a bit of tax free muni bonds myself, but I actually bother to keep up what is being proposed in Congress rather than simply focus on Democrat talking points.

Thanks for the heads up. Business Week says that it will hurt local governments more than taxpayers because the interest paid will just go up.

BTW, my best muni investments ARE taxable and came from Obama. I have Build America Bonds that are 50% backed by treasury bonds and some pay in the mid 8% range. But these are VERY hard to find and they are snatched up quickly in today’s low interest market.

Yes, local governments will be hurt, because they will have to pay more in interest to attract investors. That will cause local governments to have to raise taxes on those that live there to pay the investors the higher interest rates. So the local taxpayers get hit yet again. This will ripple through the economy as more and more municipalities are caught in this interest rate hike trap, which will in turn hit more and taxpayers as their local taxes increase to cover the interest rate cost. Did your Business Week artycle point out that as interest rates rise, the value of your tax free bonds goes down? That is how it works as risk / return is reset in a rising interest rate environment. The same will hold true of all your existing Build America bonds. As newer bonds come to market offering a higher interest rate, the value… Read more »

And, lets not be too quick to remember our seniors. A large number of them have only social security as a retirement income. If they are below the poverty level they pay no income taxes and they ARE included in the 47%. Is it them that you are referring to?

Social security was never designed to be a persons primary source of funds in retirement. It was in fact called “supplemental retirement income.” Are you aware that 85% of social security is subject to income tax. This law came in with Clinton was in office and AARP never said a word against it.

Yes I am aware but some seniors do not have an employer retirement plan and were not well off enough to afford an IRA or 401K. These are the working poor. Because of their lot in life or because they did not work hard or whatever they are low income. My point is that there are many low income people that do not pay income tax and many of these are hard working people. Do you know that SKILLED factory jobs here in Jacksonville, FL for people who build our jet engines have gone from $23 an hour to $15 an hour to $9 an hour to the current $7.67 an hour? Managers and corporate raiders that are like Mr. Romney are the norm now and they just come in and say “If you don’t want these jobs we will send them to Mexico for $4 an hour. Take it… Read more »

Oh yeah Obama really cares about seniors. That’s why he cut reimbursements to health care providers by $716B to fund Obama Care. Doesn’t one realize that some of those providers will go away or give seniors less care? Wake up!

Sorry for the typo. Make that 47% not 45%. I need to slow down.

Yes you need to slow down and listen to reason. Obama wants to move us to be a second rate country, and break our economic power status. I hope you make enough money to survive all the heavy taxes that are coming if he is reelected. How do you think we are going to reduce our long term debt? There is just so much you can squeeze the tax payer.

Shame if we elect Obama to a second term. He will destroy our free society. He will not be satisfied untill he controls everything.I think they call this being a Maxist. He has bloated the government. He has created a national debt unparrelled in history. He will cut $716 Billion from Medicare and dictate to doctors how to practice Medicine through Obamacare. Scary Vote Nov 6.

Well saidto the previous writer I will second that

Nancy, I have a question. I have tried looking for the full version on the un, affordable no care act, with no information of importance, bit’s here and there.

What web site did you go to. I want to read the entire bill.

Thank you for your help. keep those facts coming loud and clear.


The only thing that will ensure ObamaCare is fully repealed is electing Romney to the White House and having both houses of Congress in Republican hands by a wide majority. Anything else will result in ObamaCare becoming permanent, along with all the other terrible legislation enacted over the last 4 years.

If Obama wins a second term, this country, as we once knew it, will be finished. By 2016 the country would be so transformed as to make any and all future elections moot.

It is so depressing to think that he might make it for another four years, He has just about destroyed our country and another four will do it and we will never recover, I can’t imagine what anyone in there right mind see’s in this person

Although I do agree with you in both principal and fact, Romney simply is not a very convincing Orator. His speaches are absolutely not motivating. In fact, he is so unmotivating when he speaks, people will pick out “segments” of what he is saying, and completely distort the intention of the speech (or press release, or simply replys to important current events of the day. ((eg: mid eastern crises, financial and/or monetary issues, uemployment/underemployment, or no employment) Although Obama is clearly one of the best orators of the present day, he simply says nothing, and you may listen to the speach, and realize that he presents whatever he presents extremely well, however, he really said absolutely nothing that makes any sense. However, he does present whatever he is presenting quite well. We really all know that already. WHowever, when asked a question, there is no direct response. There always is… Read more »

I’m wondering if all of the negative comments about the lack of Mr. Romney’s oratorical skills are morphing into a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you look at the American public, it doesn’t take a phd to see that charisma is the most important qualification to hold public office. Those that don’t have it are cast aside. Have you noticed the importance given to entertainment and athtetic stars? They are treated as being very knowledgeable about world and national affairs and play prominent roles at the political eonventions. It’s very sad to see that charisma and popularity have replaced skill, judgment, and common sense as the qualities that the electorate values the most.

Personally Shastastan, I would prefer the person with the proven ability to solve problems over the individual that “talks a good game”, but can’t get the job done. So the choice of Romney over Obama should be a no brainer as they say. Unfortunately, the American public seems to prefer style over substance and as such, seems to always gravitate towards the physically attractive candidate capable of reading a speech well. Not a recipe for selecting the best competent leadership to handle the most complex economy and foreign policy engine in the world.

Sounds like we’re in agreement and preaching to the choir.

I agree Romney is not an exciting orator and Obama can read a prepared speech from a TelePrompter much better. Romney would best be categorized as a “do-er”, not a talker and that’s what we need to get this country back on track. Ideally people need to take a little initiative and look into the plans of both candidates to determine who would offer a better long-term vision for the country. I would hope that at least 20 or 25 percent of those that blindly voted for Obama in 2008 would have learned that lesson this time around. Personally, I would have hoped that Romney unleashed Ryan more to explain Romney’s plan to the American people. He is clearly more articulate and able to convey the guts of the Romney plan better than Romney himself. Unfortunately, it seems the campaign managers have opted instead to have Ryan simply read from… Read more »

When we vote Obama out and we have control of both chambers, Can we still have Obama vetted and found as an illegal in the WH, then everything he has done can be undone.???? We had no real president for 4 years.

Rolling back virtually 4 years of legislation by that means will never happen. There isn’t the nerve in Washington, either in Congress or the Supreme Court, to ever go down that road. There’s no automatic reset switch.

It has no basis in reality either. You might as well plan for a vacation getaway on a UFO. He gave up his birth certificate and it was determined to be valid. Get a grip on reality or get your meds adjusted. What other Internet myths do you support?

Why don’t you use your negativity FOR our side instead of against it?!

If you are asking me, aren’t there enough people using their “negativity” to support your side? It seems to me there are ample people on this board bashing our President – some with irrational and very hostile comments.

How do you say that BC was valid? IO have extensive experience with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and I could have created a much better forgery than the fake document presented by this administration as a valid birth Certificate.. The second I saw it the edited areas were immediately obvious.Only someone with no knowledge of digital editing would see it as a valid document. Numerous experts in the field of digital imaging have proven it to be a forgery.

And UFO’s are sited every day.

I have a BS and MS in computer science and am also familair with what you say.

But since you are an expert and know for sure, why don’t you unseat the highest court in the land or start a new revoloution?

If Oboma wins, so goes the neighborhood! I’m OUTTA HERE!!!

Our vote has never been more important

PLEASE REQUEST AN ABSENTEE BALLOT if you have problems getting to the polls.
And mail it back ASAP. I drop mine off

I already have mine and filled it out for Mitt and all the rest only republicans get my vote this year

A friend has already suffered the results of a government panel (part of Obamacare) that has downsized the number of transplant clinics …she was set up with one, then they got the word that they were being ‘downsized’ — she had to find another location IN A HURRY !! — AND she had to move because she has to live in the state where the clinic/hospital is located !! How many states (especially in the west) don’t have the population for their own transplant facility ?? We in WYOMING would have to pack up, sell out and move to another state !!!!!

One More …. All the Florida “SENIORS” better get out and vote for Romney … or they will regret it for the rest of their lives and actually be doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soooooooo ……. SENIORS all over and especially in FLORIDA (a Swing State) … VOTE FOR ROMNEY on 11/6/2012!!!!!!

I’ll be voting from Leesburg, FL on 11/6/2012 ……. for MITT ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m going to state only one thing …. “if we all don’t vote Romney in and Obama out on 11/6/2012, this Country is LOST, A GONER, NEVER TO RETURN TO WHAT IT WAS and LASTLY …. America will become a Socialist or Communist NATION!!!!!!!!!”

You can get a forged birth certificate anywhere. Get real. I want to see a Bureau of Vital Statistic proof before I am convinced.

Regarding Voter I.D … Seniors, you don’t need Big Government using you. Show them what the “Greatest Generation” is cabable of doing on their own. When they say “We’re from the government and we’re here to help you, run as fast as you can, get your ID and vote. Remember, when the present liberal government is through “helping” you, they will be throwing you under the bus with ObamaCare.

Regarding voter ID… Seniors, don’t ask what your government can do for you. Show them what a great generation is capable of doing on their own. When they say “We’re from the government and we’re here to help you”, run as fast as you can, get your I.D., and vote. You don’t need “Big Government” guiding you through life. After telling you that they are helping you, they are really throwing you under the bus with ObamaCare.

I am happy we older folks are paying attention to the details. In addition to all the required “taxes” in Obamacare, the one I regret most will be the dissolving of Medicare Advantage programs for seniors. Silver Sneakers, the pro- active emphasis on staying healthy, the quicker payment for doctor visits when needed, the ability to find physicians who will take Medicare patients, the more efficient handling of claims by the private insurers, the reduced amount of fraud in the system… these are the major advantages to the program which Obamacare will deny us.

I’m glad I dumped aarp (lower case deliberate!) and glad I joined AMAC. We must dump obama! He’s a communist; we were informed that he was a community organizer. What more proof! Rev. wright, the explosive man of God??? Obama never heard his evil sermons? Are you kidding! We must clean out our government…we want no communists. In the late ’40s, in my old neighborhood, Astoria, NY, they pelted the communists with rotten tomatoes!! Let’s pelt obama and his cronies…

Careful, President Bust didn’t gun down the guy who threw his shoes at him, but I wouldn’t pit it past our president. Besides, why do you suppose he’s distributing hollow-point ammunition to non-military government employees. Some say to enforce martial law.

AARP sold seniors down the river with ObamaCare. I cut my card up a long time ago, and sent it back to them.