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Obamacare Is Full Of Surprises, AMAC

AMAC Dan Weber The Association of Mature American Citizens AMACAmong the newest revelations is that subsidies for low and middle income families have ‘strings attached’ – 

BOHEMIA, NY, Apr 5 – “Nancy Pelosi warned that there would be plenty of surprises in the Affordable Care Act and she was right.  It’s almost as if we hear about new and unpleasant revelations each week,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Among the newest disclosures is that the government subsidies Obamacare will provide starting in 2014 for those who need help buying private health coverage have strings attached, Weber warned.

He explained that the size of your subsidy, if you are eligible, is directly related to your income.  So, if you get a subsidy based on your previous year’s earnings and you get a raise or your spouse gets a new job and you wind up making more than anticipated, you’ll wind up having to pay back part of the subsidy you received.

“To add insult to injury, you will not receive the subsidy directly; the payment goes directly to your insurance provider.  But, the bill for any repayments required on your part will come directly out of your pocket at tax time.”

The Associated Press reported that a preliminary draft of the insurance subsidy application “runs 15 pages for a three-person family, but nowhere does it warn people that they may have to repay part of the subsidy if their income increases.”

The AP report quoted Rep. Charles Boustany, R-La., chairman of the House Ways and Means oversight subcommittee, who commented that: “It’s potentially going to come as a shock to individuals who meet that criteria where their income hits a point where they owe money back.  The fact is, with variations in income, people could end up owing money back and that will create consternation and problems for them.”

Obamacare called for the establishment of state insurance exchanges where users can choose a health care plan that suits them and the subsidies will be paid directly to the provider resulting in a discounted premium.

“Twenty-six states have decided not to establish these exchanges, so it is unclear how the subsidies will be administered and provided to individuals in those venues,” Weber said.


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a call. 
The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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For those of you on here commenting on articles from AMAC. President Weber made comments that the Sequestration will Create Havoc for seniors. The members comments section was nearly 100 % condemnation of his words…and most members were either canceling AMAC or not going to renew their membership. AMAC has already taken that article down before more members read it. I have informed them I intend to pound on AMAC for his comments until he is gone as the AMAC leader or until the membership drops so much that AMAC is no longer a viable alternative to AARP. The very fact they pulled this article this quickly shows how scared AMAC leadership is of the nearly 100 % condemnation that article was getting from the members. Now you know folks…until Weber is gone…AMAC can never be the conservative alternative to AARP. Demand Weber be replaced immediately. Demand the article be… Read more »

Cher S. consistently denies that there are “death panels” in “ObamaCare.” Would you like to set them straight? AMAC sent a petition to me today, and I need to have some assurance that others are getting the message when they search that well-known website, Please let me know how it goes.
Thank you.


I am 70 years old and very active. I am not ready for the Death Panel inquisition. This terrible trashy legisislation needs to be destroyed and the Promoters tried for treason and imprisoned.


What everyone is forgetting, is the huge role the Media, Hollywood, Television, and the Music industry plays. I think many of you are coming down too hard on our Republican leaders. The Media used to be the watchdog for the American people. They used to shed light on both political parties when they committed crimes, fraud, graft, and abuse of power. Sadly these organizations today are not watchdogs but, instead lap dogs for the Democraps. I can see how our Republican leaders are fearful of them. Just look and see who’s careers and lives these scum have destroyed! The minute a conservative rises up and starts to galvanizes the people the media sets out to destroy or discredits them. They put a target on Rush Linbaugh and discredited him as a pill popper, Dr. Laura spoke out for decency and they dredged up nude photos of her and picketed her… Read more »


The first RED flag was when Obamacare was passed without ANYONE in congress knowing what was in it! What does that tell you. Every Congressman should have been run out of Washington. The President talks a good game but watch what he does. He tells you what you want to hear but he delivers something different. It’s called LYING! He came from a culture that despises Christian principles and was a member of a church that the main message for 20 years was for God to Damn America. And we are suprised that he is dismantling a premier medical system, wanting to collect our money, and our guns. His early life filled with activist, Communisum and Marxist view that we are hearing today. The fact that he even asked the DOJ for a review regarding fighting so-called terriorist on American soil with armed drones, tells me that he probably hasn’t… Read more »

Lise from Maine


Obama has handlers, and if he doesn’t do what they want, then something
awful will happen to him.

Look what happened to Kennedy.

Thank you!

Desert Rat

If you doubt where this country is heading, click on the link below…….


I think we need to trash Obammer and his Obammercare NOW! This guy is leading the USA around by the nose or ba*&s and no one seems to care and NO ONE can stop him!! He, Joe, Nancy and a few others needs removed from office and the sooner the better!

Thomas-Avery Blair

Obamacare is basic Euthenasia, Part II (Part I was Roe-vs-Wade leading to over 50,000,000 abortions). Those who voted for him and his agenda should be utterly ashamed for doing so because they chose a “buy now and let my kids pay later” disfunctional socialist welfare-based-economy and policies that will lead to the downfall of the USA. I hold the Republican Party also 50% responsible and have dropped my membership altogether for the mess our nation is in. I now support the Tea Party and watch how each and every Representative and Senator votes. The Republican party has gutless and failed leadership, failed policies, failed ethics and almost total corruption of our Constitution during their 30-year-plus watch. I see no real or significant differences anymore between the Demo-rats or the Rinos (Republican by Name Only), and I have learned about and now understand fully why The Federal Reserve was designed to… Read more »

Bob Sonnelitter

The evils of Obamacare must be spread throughout the country. Too many people vote based on their emotions without knowledge of the facts. Although there are many who really don’t want to be informed, the more of us who are informed can only be good. I would gladly participate in any effort to sift through the many pages of the Obamacare law and related regulations to identify the ways the law is counter productive and the ways it reduces our personal liberties.

The Derb

I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.


I agree with the comments about AARP. Lets continue to talk them down and convert people to AMAC. It’s a place to start for the average person.

mike v

ObamaCare is here to stay. I work medical see pts. every day – who are angry, unsure & seeking care. ObamaCare needs to be changed & dismantled piece by piece. Also need tort reform & buying insurance across state lines.

kris Littlefield

There are so many Socialists, Communists and Marxists in the White House today I don’t know if we’ll ever get it back. I could kick myself for not paying more attention to what was going on. I don’t even trust most of my fellow Republicans. Where are all the leaders? Where is the media? There are probably 50 books out about Obama and you can go online and check out all these people that he has appointed, and their politics but yet he got elected at least once, I’m not so sure the second time was legitimate. We’re going to have to do something or else we are going to wind up with a one party system. That’s what they’re pushing for. I was shocked when I found out that Socialists, Communists, Marxists and criminals are teaching our kids at Universities all over this country. It’s scary. It’s no wonder… Read more »

Richard J.

I so miss the America that I grew up in! The last election pretty well did me in. I knew Obama would win because so many modern day prophets saw it coming. When we throw God out, he will allow us to reap what we have sown. God IS in control; however, I do not think that HE expects us to roll over and just accept the worlds standards. I have been reading about the Nazis and Hitler in Germany and their rise to power. There are many similarities in what I see taking place in our country. The democrats are socialists pure and simple. I work at a large retirement facility and talked to several “older” (older than me) folks and heard repeatedly that most of them would vote for Obama because they were scared to death that the republicans would take away all of their benefits. I cannot… Read more »

Michael Portner

Frankly there is an answer and that comes to us in, 2014. Between now and then we must stop the complaining, the wineing, and statements designed to incite violence. We must get off our fannies and help elect representatives who may not be perfect but who are far better than those currently screwing up our lives. We can complain till the cows come home or become very active with republican seekers or the Tea party and be prepared to use some shoe leather to get the message out and the voter to the polls. I suspect this is far better than trying to start some violent activities which will only bring about Marshall law!


If there were a way to take away the senators and house members health insurance and make them use obamacare, we would have it fixed in a jiffy. All those rats aren’t even on obamacare……if it’s good enough for ‘we the people’, it should be good enough for them.

Bill Michaels

Analsys of Scripture leads me to the idea that all evil, all sin, comes fromour selfishness. We now have a world where unselfishness id distrusted and asumed to be evil. Conclusion whst else do you sxpect.

Jim Long

Don’t give up! Those of us who left AARP must talk to others who have not. Obamacare will soon limit what Medicare will allow. Obama and his folks will not deny care directly but economic value of persons being treated will become a factor. Thus, it will become harder and harder for a senior to get a knee replacement or heart by-pass surgery. Why? Because a senior’s economic value is not enough to justify the cost. This is a basic philosophy of the architects of Obamacare.

If you don’t want federal bureaucrats and democratic elites running our lives and ruining the future for our kids and grand kids, speak up and don’t get bought by “free stuff” because it is not free. I do not know even one democrat elitist who really is for individual freedom and hard working, patriotic folks. Do you?


For all that Pres. Obama complains about how nasty health insurance companies are, he sure has given them a big gift. This is NOT single payor healthcare as they have in Canada & the UK. To be single payor, they’d have had to expand Medicare to cover everyone. I know this is a long post, but this is the real reason it costs so much to get healthcare now. When I got too sick to work as a hospital bedside nurse, I took a 33% paycut just to keep working (which is why, now, when I’ve had to go on disability when I wish I could work, I get really ticked off at the assumption made by so many of my fellow conservatives that those of us on disability are lazy…of course some game the system, but no lazy person would take a pay cut to keep working & endure… Read more »