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Has Obamacare Become a ‘Third-Rail’ Issue for Liberals, Asks AMAC

‘The president didn’t mention his singular law in his State of the Union message

WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 23 – Discussion of Obamacare was “remarkably” missing in the president’s State of the Union address this week, remarked Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, asking “was it because the Affordable Care Act has become a third-rail issue for liberals?”

Weber noted that the poll watchers in the mid-term elections largely credited the popular dislike of the healthcare law with the resounding gains made by Republicans in November.

“Before the mid-terms, the president, himself, bragged that it was his policies – including Obamacare – that were on the ballot with the result that liberal candidates across the board took a drubbing.  The GOP picked up nine Senate seats, giving the party control in that chamber.  The Republicans also substantially increased their majorities in the House and in state legislatures across the country.”

A month later Harvard’s Jonathan Gruber, who was a consultant at the inception of Obamacare, “blew the whistle and said that passage of the law was enabled by the ‘stupidity of the American voter.’   And now, the full, negative impact of the law is emerging as new revelations come to light,” Weber said.

He cited journalist Steven Brill, who said in a recent 60 Minutes interview, Obamacare got through the solidly Democratic Congress in 2010 as a result of an “orgy of lobbying” and backroom deals.  He told reporter Leslie Stahl that “just about everyone with a stake in the $3-trillion-a-year health industry came out ahead – except the taxpayers.”

Brill is a knowledgeable and successful businessman.  He founded the cable channel, Court TV, and he said in his new book, America’s Bitter Pill, that the country cannot afford the Affordable Care Act.  As he put it: “We have no way in the world that we’re gonna be able to pay for it.”

There will undoubtedly be many more disclosures in the coming weeks and months, particularly as the Republican Congress seeks ways of excising the most onerous and unpopular provisions of Obamacare, Weber said.

“But the most important bit of news may come in June when the Supreme Court is scheduled to rule on a lawsuit that has the potential of dismantling the law.  The suit contends that, under Obamacare, Federal healthcare exchanges cannot pay insurance subsidies.  The subsidies are critical to the implementation of the law and without them alternative, user-friendly healthcare insurance substitutes may have a chance of replacing Obamacare.”

The White House maintains that it was not the intent of the law to restrict subsidies.  But, Weber pointed out that Gruber, a so-called architect of Obamacare, is on record as stating flatly that the subsidy restriction was intentionally included in the law.  He said that it was a “political calculation” designed to encourage the establishment of state-run healthcare exchanges.

“Thus, it may be that Gruber’s words may hold the key to the law’s undoing.”

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or [email protected] to set up a call.


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5 years ago

Having read all the comments, I have to disagree with some who think AT THIS TIME a third party is the answer. All it will do at this point in time is give votes to the Dems by taking votes from the Republicans. No one wins that way. In time, there will be a 3rd party, no doubt – but not now. There are some good guys in the running – but it doesn’t mean any of them will get the nomination – so we’ll have to wait and see. I agree that it’s not a good time for Bush… Read more »

5 years ago

The law was enabled because of the “stupidity of the American voter”??? You’re joking, right? If I had a vote it would have been “hell no”, but we the people never got a chance to vote on this at all. How can they blame us? It’s like the politician’s debt (aka national debt). We are not given a vote in the matter. It’s the politicians that are voting our country away, deciding to spend way more than they bring in. It’s irresponsible and unpatriotic, from the top down.

5 years ago

I see some people are still saying that republicans are for big business. That saying went out with vaudeville. All the “Democrat, No Matter What” voters love to say that. If a republican running for president TORE UP A DRAFT CARD could he become president? Of course not. If a republican’s only political experience was a “Community Organizer” could he become president? Of course not. Coming up for president there will be Hillary, HILLARY? Need I say more

5 years ago

Does anybody from the Republican Party National Leadership EVER view the comments made here on this site? If so, they better get the message … most of us conservatives are not going to back or vote for an Obama-Lite candidate like a Jeb Bush or a Romney again!!! I’ll vote, but it’ll be for a independent conservative or a libertarian, or a strict Constitutionalist. Today’s Repuplican Party Leadership only seems to pay attention to the big $$ donors from Big Business, Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce! It’s said, that history repeats itself, I guess it’s true … It’s… Read more »

Dan R
5 years ago

Are the editors at AMAC really out of touch? Or do they just want to rattle their readers to see what replies they get? Obamacare is no topic for the State of the Union because it is passed legislation. The President need not spend much effort defending it. It’s pretty hard to unring a bell. The fact that he only needs veto any legislation that even tries is an indication of how little effort he need to exert. So why mention it? Obamacare does have two fatal flaws. As another responder pointed out, Justice Roberts called Obamacare a tax. That… Read more »

Robbie Huffman
5 years ago

The Capitol in a Fog Why don’t our ‘Leaders’ seem to see the way things look to you and me? They don’t live like us common folk; To them, what we feel is a joke. They just ‘mingle’ near election time. Otherwise, life for them is sublime. They live like ‘Visiting Royalty’ so our problems are a mystery. Near election, I hear how they care but my calls they don’t seem to hear. They heed who paid for their campaign or the official Party Refrain. Multitudes say ‘No Obamacare’. Apparently, this call they couldn’t hear. They ‘vote’ like they were… Read more »

Beverley Blount
5 years ago

It’s very sad, but I don’t see us as a Democratic country any more. Roughly speaking, around 97% of the Blacks voted for Obama, around 67% of the Hispanics and around 37% of the white population. That means that race, (the color of his face), was the issue, not the experience of the candidate, his knowledge, his background and effectiveness in government, etc. If the latter had been the deciding point with educated voters, the election would have been won by the candidate with the most experience in management and government. Now anyone who can get the votes of the… Read more »

Ivan Berry
5 years ago

This week’s newsletter left some better articles on the cutting room floor. To see what you may have missed, go to the AMAC Home Page, and review those that were not included here. Even some resent entrys are on the 2nd page of the web site.
Seems that a few of us do read these, while many might not be aware that during the week AMAC add articles throughout , and only a few make it to the newsletter. Enjoy.

5 years ago

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am fed up with professional politicians and the attention getting political reporters which most of the media have, with their biased reports. My choice, and the choice of most good and honest folks that I know, want to see a person who is concerned about our country and wants it back to being a place where we can again be proud and other countries will again see us as a world leader. The person who can get America back on course is Dr. Ben Carson. A man for the people… Read more »

Ivan Berry
5 years ago

This week’s newsletter left some better articles on the cutting room floor. To see what you may have missed, go to the AMAC Home Page, and review those that were not included here. Even some recent entrys are on the 2nd page of the website.
Seems that a few of us do read these, while many might not be aware that during the week AMAC adds articles throughout, and only a few make it to the newsletter. Enjoy.

5 years ago

It is imperative that we elect a Republican president in 2016. In all likelihood, one of our conservative Supreme Court justices will succumb to age or health related retirement during the 8 years from 2017 – 2025. If that happens and we have a Democrat in the WH, then that president will appoint a liberal to that position and the balance of the court will swing liberal. Just imagine what a liberal SCOTUS could do in so-called “interpreting” the Constitution: 1) All voter ID laws could be ruled unConstitutional. 2) Liberal voter advocacy groups could be empowered to sign up… Read more »

Van Hamlin
5 years ago

Democrats and Rino’s both act as though we are stuck with Obamacare. This is simply not true. All congress has to do is modify the law to eliminate mandatory participation. The law will then fall apart from its own weight. This entire law does only two things. First, it forces everyone to pay for insurance. As a result, Insurance companies do not have to provide competitive policies that actually provide affordable coverage. By “affordable coverage,” I mean the sum total of personal payment, which includes co-payments, deductibles, and caps as well as premiums. Second, Obamacare provides a safety net for… Read more »

Robert A Hirschmann
5 years ago

The Supreme Court should have ruled Obamacare as unconstitutional from the start. Now that Roberts declared that it was a tax that made it legal. This sounds idiotic to me. If you do not enroll you will be “taxed” (fined) a large number of dollars. How can anyone force you to buy something you don’t want or need? Isn’t that a form of extortion? If the RINOs that are in charge of the Republican party don’t vote to abolish this illegal law there may be another American revolution for the same reason, taxation without representation. Where is George Washington when… Read more »

5 years ago

It’s good to see Amac still uses the internet to inform members of updated news. I was beginning to think the only purpose of my membership was to try to sell me something I did not want.

5 years ago

The reason Obama didn’t spend any time talking about Obamacare in his State of the Union speech (actually it was nothing more than a liberal wish list speech to kick-off the Democrat 2016 race) is because it’s old news to him. It was rammed through on a pure Democrat party-line vote and the government successfully seized control of 1/6th of the nation’s economy. Everyone’s health insurance was “transformed” to the new Obamacare standard, which means it costs more out of pocket for most people to get less health care / access to the doctors you had or want. It’s quite… Read more »

5 years ago

Why would any Liberal Loon (Democrat) want to talk about the biggest disaster ever perpetrated upon the American citizenry? … This law should be struck down in its entirety, it was foisted onto the people as a result of the most gigantic lie ever enacted on the citizenry by these Democratic Marxists and President! … Obamacare has/will destroy the best healthcare system in the world, it was a massive tax increase on the middle class and businesses, as well as killing off our senior population … and ALL based on lies (thank you Jon Gruber) though most common sense minded… Read more »

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