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Obamacare Architect: Expect Steep Increase in Health Care Premiums

From the Daily Caller –

Medical insurance premiums in the United States are on the rise, the chief  architect of President Barack Obama’s health  care overhaul has told The Daily Caller.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist Jonathan Gruber, who also  devised former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s statewide health care  reforms, is backtracking on an analysis he provided the White House in support of the  2010 Affordable Care Act, informing officials in three states that the price of  insurance premiums will dramatically increase under the reforms.

In an email to The Daily Caller, Gruber framed this new reality in terms of  the same human self-interest that some conservatives had warned in 2010 would  ultimately rule the marketplace.

“The market was so discriminatory,” Gruber told TheDC, “that only the healthy  bought non-group insurance and the sick just stayed [uninsured].”

“It is true that even after tax credits some individuals are ‘losers,’” he  conceded, “in that they pay more than before [Obama’s] reform.”

Gruber, whom the Obama administration hired to provide an independent  analysis of reforms, was widely  criticized for failing to disclose the conflict of interest created by  $392,600 in no-bid contracts the Department of Health and Human Services awarded  him while he was advising the president’s policy advisers.

Gruber also received $566,310 during 2008 and 2009 from the National  Institutes of Health to conduct a study on the Medicare Part D plan.


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10 years ago

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10 years ago

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Alan Kovner
10 years ago

Oh, and who do you think runs this rag? Good source of objective information.. I want to see Amac paperwork.
Being “Conservative” has no connection to a well-run organization. This is a propoganda mill, you know, like
USSR in the 60s & 70s. The “Others” are “evil”. Jeez, grow-up guys. They’re embarassing. Avfram

Alan Kovner
10 years ago

First of all, these comments are either chosen or their biased or they’re just flat-out lies. C’mon, get info. Think.
These comments are a recording of every Repulican politician lies. Why do you believe what you’re told out there
despite seeing the exact opposite? Republicans have voted against ever important issue to middle and working
class people. Jeez, your foolishness is embarassing. Health Care costs went-up six months before “Obamacare”
It went-up 1/1/11 again. If there was a “single payer” it would not go upat all. I have Medicare. I pay $272per month.
Why do you think that is? Because private, for profit Health Ins. knows their days are numbered and will suck you dry as fast asthey can . There is no Amac. It’s crap, and you believe it!. Why are we talking birth control with 30mil
out of work. Because Republican Buffons are trying to distract from the fact that their plan has NO SOUND BASIS
in fact they have no plan at all–except tax cuts & dereg.) Recession requires infusion of resources, revenues (yes, it’s true. Tfry looking something up for yourselves rather than believe any lying Jackass who tells you disagreement and truth are the :”Work of the Devil”. There s no “Capatalism”. It no longer exists and has not since the “Great DEpression”. And your parents and grandparents were endlessly grateful for thd chance to work in a new Economy. Forget Amac. How many of you have any literature or paperwork from them? This is all a ploy (ie; lie) to distract
you from the truth. EVERYTHING the Republicans
advocate is a self-serving lie. “Pharmaceuticals:” are not up in pfrice because of Obama. C’mon, grow the hell up.
They’re prices are up because they’re greedy hyenas and Republicans in Congress voted against legally buying
RX in Canada ofr Mexico and against standardized pricing for Rx’s. In a one-payer system they would have to
bid over who’se going to get the contract by selling most inexpensively. It’s stupifying that Republicans keep
succeeding in lying, twisting and voting against Citizens (except the rich, VERY rich) and there continue to be
people who not only belive them , but don’t bother to seek out facts from fiction for themselves. Look at Republican
voting records for yourselves. Forget these people who shake your hand and stick a, “Kick Me Hard” sign on your
back. Someone let me know when they get ANYTHING from Amac. AARP is too proelder (despite their own problems),
and Republicans want to distract because you are, among other thuings, an adelpated elder. Jeez, isn’t it time you
started thinking for yourselves? Republicans (about 75% of them) don’t care about you. Who is trying to remove
Bargaining rights fro Teachers and other Civil Servants. Who broke the Law to do so? Who is being recalled as we speak. Who? Say it. NEVER a Democrate. Not once. Grow-up.

10 years ago

As the states/cities/towns/municipalities, etc., crumble one by one, there will be great shouting and glee in our Nation’sCapital, WE DID IT, WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE GOING TO BRING THIS COUNTRY TO ITS KNEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There will be much crying and nashing of teeth by those saying, What happened, what happened? He promised hope and change and we voted for him, now we have lost our jobs, homes, insurance, cars, etc. We can’t afford care for our children, ourselves. What is this? Now we have change and no hope.

Then there are those of us who will just say, tried to tell ya’, you would not listen. We had the GREATEST Nation in the WORLD and he wanted to change it, well, so now it is changed.

Let’s hope it does not come to this; I don’t know how to change the minds of these people (including some in my own family) except through prayer.

10 years ago
Reply to  LA

I agree that our liberty is at stake. We must get Obama, the Marxist/Progressive, out of the White House in the next election. In my opinion, I believe Rick Santorum would be a great replacement. He is a Christian and believes in GOD, family, country, small government, and strong national security. We should all pray for our country!!!

10 years ago
Reply to  LA

I hear what you say. It is hard to even know who one can talk too. It seems the lefties are all alike, they get right down bull headed and listen to the news that lies. We have a lot of work to do before Nov. I am really afraid of what’s going to happen to our families in the near future.

10 years ago
Reply to  LA

Under President Reagen we had Johny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs.
In President B Hussein Obama we have no Job No Cash and No Hope.

For my money I like only Ron Paul

Mary VM
10 years ago

My healthcare costs have quadupled in 3 years! My costs increased twice in 2011. Our legilsators in Washington DC have screwed us Royal this time! Two years ago the demorcrats forced through Obama Care with NO ceilings on what the insurance companies can charge us. Obama lied when he said “affordable health care.” I went from $20 to see a Dr. to now $70 per visit. I went from $75 ER visit to $750 if I have to go to the emergency room! $750!! That is obscene and UNacceptable!! Blue Cross is my health care insurance carrier and making billions off of people like me. They now want a huge deductible per year + 20% of any costs on top of that. I cannot pay it. I make $13/hr. You will be seeing medical bankruptcies skyrocket soon and good middle class people loose their everything. The crap that was passed by Congress two years ago is specifically designed to get us off of our healthcare plans with our employers (who are also complicit) and force us onto Obama Care where we don’t have choicesa nd there will be rationing. We need to take a stand before it is too late!

maria rose
10 years ago

When i first heard about the idea of health care for ALL i had gotten the impression that ALL would go into a pool of individuals (some with more needs than others) and the COST would be averaged out to be FAIR to ALL so that ALL would be able to AFFORD the cost of coverage. What has happened is the following: ALL BIG BUSINRSSES who have large numbers of employees have dropped offering coverage to their employees dispite the fact that given the large amount of employees to be covered would result in LARGE discount in cost of coverage by the health insurers and passed the entire cost of health care cost directly to each employee to find affordable health plans. So employees have gone from little cost to great cost. e.g. $100-200 a month to $600-1000 a month depending on plan. Nor do these plans allow person to see their own doctors unless they go thru a detailed review by those who determine payment of services even if they told you it was okay to go to the doctor. If you need anything that requires a specialist that does prevention health care to prevent sickness like heart condition you better be prepared to pay out of pocket just to see the doctor. They would rather you die from a heart attack than pay for you to live a healthy life. I just make enough to pay bare essentials (rent,food,and transportation) If i have to go to the doctor for anything, it would cost me a week and half of pay for just one visit because my so-called coverage is still debating on why i need to go to the doctor for pains in my knees caused by osteoarthritis

Mary P.
10 years ago

I am sad that you put Obama and Romney as having the same views. Romney’s health care for Massachusetts is a far cry from Obama care. Mitt Romney is a Conservative and AMAC simply can’t see that. If any man could save America, it would be him, however many people seem to be blind, and.they will get what they deserve. When they take one or two issues and persecute a man and omit him from their vote, that is not sensible thinking. I have studied this man thoroughly and can understand his not being perfect. Who is? As far as his religion, I don’t care as long as he is a good God fearing Christian man, is a Conservative, and believes in the Constitution.. He has proven his ability to handle finances, successful business ventures, Governor of Massachusetts, among many other good attributes. JFK was Catholic and that caused him some pain, however, he won in spite of his religious beliefs. We simply cannot allow our Nation to be divided during this most crucial time in American history, and to me, one of the most important elections of all time.

Nick P.
10 years ago
Reply to  Mary P.

Mary P., your defense of Governor Romney is clearly heartfelt. Please let me offer an equally heartfelt dissent. Despite your assertion that he is a Conservative, Governor Romney has failed to persuade the majority of the Republican base of his commitment to conservative principles–mainly because he has taken so many different, and often contradictory, positions that it is hard to believe that he has a set of core principles that conservatives can rely on to guide him on the right path in these perilous times. He is exactly the sort of “soft Republican” politician who will look for ways to strike deals with the Democrats, so he can pad his resume with so-called “accomplishments.” I couldn’t care less about his Mormonism, although it has been noted that some of his policy views have, in the past, been at variance with his church. (In 1994, for example, in his senatorial campaign against Ted Kennedy (ptui!), Romney was not exactly a pro-life stalwart, was he?) I don’t care about his wealth, either. I’m glad he has it, I’m persuaded he earned it, and I hope he gets to enjoy every dime of it! But when it comes time to appoint the next justice to the Supreme Court, I don’t want to have to worry about getting another David Souter on the bench!

At the end of the campaign, if the choice is President B.O. or Gov. Romney, I’ll certainly vote for the latter. Then I’ll cross my fingers and hope, and do all I can to hold him to the best course for America. Which is away from the Democrats!!

10 years ago

Just as Obama and Rommney Gruber is a self center useless communist trash. In self greed of power and money this scum of the earth has no idea that when all is done they will have nothing. Only one will have the power and the money and all others will be just put aside. And the one in power will have no life and will be alone for ever

melvin Earl
10 years ago

It is more than past time for the 26th ammendment. “congress will pass no laws that doesn’t equally apply to all elected federal employees, etc.”
Socialism has never worked anywhere in the world. Why do liberals continue to think it will work in our republic????

10 years ago
Reply to  melvin Earl


I think that this group of liberals think they are smarter than any previous group of liberals/socialists and therefore the plans they are making will result in successful socialism. I agree with you – it is not going to work…

Charlene Dickerson
10 years ago

Our candidates need to keep the ads and retoric on only Obama and his terrible regulations and not get pulled into other issues. The FACTS of what he has done have to be said again, and again, and again, until it sinks in to all voters. Obama keeps trying to split out other issues and keep everyone on defense about something new, i.e. contraception, when the topic is the First Amendment…. Stay focused…

steve durawa
10 years ago

I would not be surprised if Obama is found out to be some sort of Muslim “sleeper cell” with the agenda to destroy the United States from within.

10 years ago
Reply to  steve durawa

You know, this isn’t as farfetched as some think it is. His background is a secret. He came from literally nowhere, with no experience. Look at the big money/people that put him in power and want to keep him there. Look at who his advisers are, his czars. His agenda is clearly to divide the country. Not farfetched at all. I have felt for a couple years now that his job is to undermine this country so the socialists (dare I say communists) can rebuild it in their own vision. I also believe that our economy will be manipulated by these big money monsters to make it appear that he has turned the country around. Nothing will be farther than the truth. I am one of those unemployed no longer counted because I fell off unemployment and can’t find a job for the life of me! 35 years of experience, well respected in my IT profession, and two interviews in two and a half years. When that happenes, the economy is still very broken! Only the younger crowd are getting hired because they are cheaper. People like me, not quite close enough to retirement, can lose everything that they haven’t already lost due to the 401K crash while waiting to be able to collect Social Security. And then lock themselves into lower payments because we have to take it too early. This is so wrong, and I put the blame squarely on Obama. I pray that ANYONE beats Obama.

10 years ago
Reply to  steve durawa

Totally agree Steve! Obama’s heart is definitely not for the best interest of America & his words & actions prove it! Wake up America!

10 years ago
Reply to  steve durawa

B Hussein Obama is the Manchurian Candidate and the only true African American born in Kenya East Africa.
He is also a Muslim and a Marxist.

Vote for Ron Paul

Steve J
10 years ago

Although time seems to fly, Pres. BO has proven how much damage he can do to this country in a very short time! He did not get my vote in 2008 and will not get it this year. Any of the current GOP candidates wil be much better for the country. I hope many of the so called “Independent” voters who helped put him in office will have a change of heart this time around, especially if they can see the effect of his tenure on them personally or “close to home”.

Glenn Shannon
10 years ago

Obama will always take care of the so called poor so don’t worry about them, he will never leave out his voters.

10 years ago
Reply to  Glenn Shannon

Yeah trickle down poverty, tax the rich and once we are all poor no one left to TAX .

10 years ago

I am not the kind to say, “I told you so.”, but “I TOLD YOU SO!!!!” Vote in November to get this monster out of the presidency and that will lead us to real hope and change. Amen.

William E. Fiegen
10 years ago

I can’t understand why so many Americans are blind to what Obama is doing. His goal is to take down America and
he is doing one hell of a job. If China wanted us to pay back all we owe them we would have to sell America to them
they could take out land and our banks and not even step foot on our soil, not even fire a shot. in order for America to
fall you have to take the freedom away from the people who love it the most, so you place so many burdens on them
that they think only the government can bail them out. WE NEED TO GET ON OUR KNEES DAILY AND PRAY THAT
years of Obama we won’t even recognize AMERICA. GOD BLESS AMERICA–AGAIN.

Kevin R
10 years ago

I am almost 60. I have worked all my life in marketing (including 20 yrs. in insurance). I strongly believe in insurance, but several years ago, my employer dropped coverage for all employees. I carried individual insurance until the premiums went beyond my ability to pay. I am having some joint problems, but no doctor wants to treat me since I am uninsured. I still work full-time and just hope I survive until I qualify for medicare in 5 years. Under Obamacare, I am supposed to subsidize insurance coverage for the poor?

He doesn’t get it. It was never about availability of coverage…it’s about affordability. Please vote for whoever wins the Republican nomination. Save America while there is still time!

10 years ago
Reply to  Kevin R

As someone who is on Medicare currently, I worry every day about what Obama has done to it. He has taken $500 billion out of a program that will eventually go bankrupt. He has appointed a panel to approve procedures that are acceptable, and this has all been done with an eye toward cutting costs. If you need a knee replacement or perhaps heart surgery, and you are elderly, you may not get it. This happens in countries where they have socialized medicine like Great Britain and Canada, so your problems may not be over once you are on Medicare unless Obamacare is defeated in the Supreme Court.

10 years ago
Reply to  Kevin R

Not only subsidizing the poor but also all the illegals too.

10 years ago

The only way to get him OUT is if EVERY CONSERVATIVE is REGISTERED AND VOTES in NOVEMBER 2012.
And, and this is a big and we have a GOOD true conservative to run against him. SOLIDARITY is the word.

10 years ago

After Obama care was legally forced upon our country, our insurance premiums have gone through the roof. My husband is self employed, and I have been a stay at home mom while finishing my bachelors degree. We have one son who just turned 18. My husband is on Medi-care, so we only need health insurance for me and our son. Before Obama care our premium was $642. a month with a $10,000 deductable. We were eligible for $1000.00 credits that would roll over for not exceeding the decuctable. The lowest our deductable ever got was $6000.00. We paid negotiated rate for doctor visits and meds until we met our deductable. Our premium went up 27% each year after Obama care passed. Last year the premium was $842.00, and was going to be $1,099.00 this year. We are being responsible in purchasing our own health coverage and are being penalized for that. Something has got to change. We researched other options and found a better way to cover our health expences…………..Thank God.

10 years ago

In Dec. 2010 my medications were $75.00 every 3 months. Jan. 2011 my medications went to $300.00 every 3 months. Now in Jan. 2012 my medications are costing me over $500.00 every 3 months. I have prescription coverage through Express Scripts, and my son gave me a discount card for Walgreens where he works, to see if I could get it cheaper, and they came in at over $600.00 every 3 months. Both Express Scripts & Walgreens told me the meds have gone up because of the restriction the health care law has put on Pharmacutical Companies. I’m on disability retirement (fixed income) and now I understand how people have to choose between eating, or having medication.

10 years ago
Reply to  Deb

Have you checked into assistance programs from the pharacutical companies themselves? For example, if you qualify, and it sounds like you may, AstraZenica will help you get their meds at a reduced price or even free. I know other companies do the same thing. So take a look at your prescriptions and see if you can get some assistance from their makers.

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