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Obamacare: AMAC Says The ‘Silence is Deafening’ As We Await Its Fate

Money and Obama CareWill Congress be able to implement a rational and effective means of putting an end to the inequities and inefficiencies?

WASHINGTON, DC, Apr 24 – The “silence is deafening” as the Supreme Court gets ready to hand down a ruling that will almost certainly decide the ultimate fate of Obamacare, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“You don’t hear many people talking about the Affordable Care Act these days.  It appears interest in Obamacare has dwindled to perhaps its lowest level in the five years since Obamacare was born in 2010.  Is it because opponents and proponents of the law are holding their collective breath in anticipation?  There’s a lot at stake.  If the justices rule that federal subsidies are legit, it’ll be business as usual but if they deny subsidies it will be a devastating blow to the law as it stands,” Weber said.

But the fact is that, behind the scenes, the new Congress has been working on a “course correction” that has its origins well before the enactment of Obamacare.

National Journal correspondent Fawn Johnson writes that it started eight years ago, well before the law was passed and even before Mr. Obama won his first term: “Two veteran conservatives—Sens. Richard Burr of North Carolina and Tom Coburn of Oklahoma—believed it should be just as easy for an individual to buy health insurance as it is for a worker to sign up with an employer. The two lawmakers worked steadily on a proposal to use tax credits, cost-cutting tools like high-risk pool sharing, and health savings accounts to bring down premiums.”

Coburn, who is a doctor, himself, resigned his Senate seat last year for personal reasons, and Burr quickly teamed up with Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah to develop an ACA alternative.

As it turned out, Hatch became Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, which is responsible for, among other things, any new health care laws.  Together, they have managed to line up support in the House for what writer Johnson calls their “replace ACA” scheme.  They convinced Rep. Fred Upton, the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman to join their endeavor.

The proposal “puts on display the GOP’s fundamental philosophy on health care,” Johnson explains.  “Not surprisingly, it is diametrically opposed to Democrats’ views. Republicans believe that if you make coverage affordable, more people will buy it. They do not believe in mandating that people have insurance or dictating how health plans should look, as the ACA does. And they want states to take the lead in making individual plans easier for people to get. In keeping with their small-government credo, they want the federal government’s role in health care to be much smaller than it is now.”

Here are some of the things the GOP plan would do:

  • If you make less than 200% of the federal poverty level, you’d be eligible for a fixed tax credit. Earn more money and the credit is reduced.
  • The plan gets rid of the individual mandate; it guarantees coverage if you have a pre-existing condition; it doesn’t allow higher premiums if you do have a pre-existing condition; and, if you are 26 years old or younger, you’d be able to remain on your parents’ insurance plan.
  • It has a Medicaid fix that replaces the Obamacare matching rate formula with a health grant determined by an individual’s health status, age and “life circumstances.” And it offers a fixed grant for long-term care for low-income Medicaid patients who are elderly or disabled.
  • The plan encourages states to implement reforms, including the establishment of panels or courts to quickly and fairly deal with malpractice cases.
  • It would lift the current constraints on health care savings accounts.

Weber cautioned that the high court has a history of handing down upset judgments.  “That means the decision on subsidies can go either way.  No one knows what the nine justices are thinking until they put it in writing with a ruling and that won’t come for several months.  But, the Burr/Hatch/Upton venture shows that Congress may be ready to put into motion a path to the creation of a rational and effective means of putting an end to the inequities and inefficiencies of the not-so-Affordable Care Act before it ultimately destroys the fabric of America’s health care system.”

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or [email protected] to set up a call.


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Steven Jones
5 years ago

Just a note for anyone who cares to do the research, obamacare does not apply to 90%, or more, of Americans. If you notice it is tied in with the income tax, as per the tax forms. Look up the Law, Title 5 USC 2105 for a key definition of “Employee” Then look up the various definitions in the tax code (not Law as stated by Congress) employee, trade or business, privilege, public office, officer of a corporation, also see to tie it all together. What conclusion do you come to?

5 years ago

We all know Obamacare is patterned after other Socialist healthcare programs in other countries so wanted to pass along info I recently read about England’s National Healthcare System (NHS). Under new NHS guidelines, General practioner’s are being told to ask patients over 75 to sign a “do not resusitate” order and also if they want to die at home. GP’s are being urged to draw up end-if-life plans for patients 75 and over as well as YOUNGER patients suffering from cancer, dementia, heart disease or serious lung conditions. They might as well go ahead and say “how do you want… Read more »

5 years ago

I want to know what is being done about not only the crazy insurance business Obamacare has brought on, but also all of the ‘jillions’ of things that are limiting doctors in THEIR care of their patients, and what Obamacare is causing in limiting what Medicare will pay for, thus causing many doctors to limit their Medicare patient numbers, plus all of the things we constantly hear, like: “we can’t do this or that, because Obamacare has mandated thus and so……etc” . I personally have known several people who have to go to their doctor, – they need a shot… Read more »

Wendell Keith
5 years ago

I don’t see why insurance co.s won’t cover the cheaper, less invasive and less dangerous alternative treatments. I know that the pharmaceuticals have the FDA and doctors under their thumbs, but I didn’t think the insurance co.s were controlled by them also. The insurance premiums would be so much less and the death toll would also be a lot less.

Dennis M. Diggett
5 years ago

This “Republican” plan is asinine. Under this plan, only a fool would buy health insurance when he could just wait until he experiences a serious illness or injury and then, with pre-existing conditions being non-disqualifying and not being a reason to allow higher premiums, purchase health insurance for the serious condition he just developed. Minor illnesses would just be covered out of pocket for a much lower annual cost than paying health insurance premiums and the insurance companies would go out of business for lack of premium income and by having to cover the large expense of the smart people’s… Read more »

Dick Wallin
5 years ago

I would encourage the relevant congressional members to release the ACA alternative plan asap for a lively public debate. Having a viable alternative ready & widely disclosed takes pressure off the Supreme Court to maybe make the “wrong” decision based on hardship to those already highly dependent on subsidies.

5 years ago

Under the Burr/Hatch/Upton GOP healthcare plan, individuals would no longer be required to buy healthcare coverage and employers would no longer be required to offer it. No individual mandate remember.

So what happens when these folks without health insurance get sick and deluge the emergency room for treatment?

Who do you think pays for that.

5 years ago

The comments here are entertaining. Since when has the Government EVER dropped a program or plan? Bandaids have been applied to anything that has ever been enacted.

Fran T
5 years ago

Justice Roberts has skeletons in his closet. Someone has leverage on him. Would love to know what.

5 years ago

I bought in to this CRAP the first year, because my employer asked me to. This year I followed my MORALITY! I will NEVER be FORCED to BUY something because I just happen to be breathing, and WORKING! Doubly so, since MY premiums are going to people who will NOT work for a living because the government is giving them a better life than the one I am busting my ass for!

Joe McHugh
5 years ago

The G.O.P. answer to Obama Care? What a joke! The first three bulleted items are outright forms of socialism. The last item uses tax incentives for health care, another form of social engineering. Only the point about restricting outrageous law suits makes any sense at all. By the way, what is “….less than 200% of the poverty level”? OK, this is the thing. The medical care givers don’t give care for free. These people spent a lot of money and time getting their credentials to practice medicine. They deserve to be fairly compensated for their skills. Evey time the Democrats… Read more »

E. Miller
5 years ago

These are the most readable and sensible comments I have heard in a long time. Thanx, gentlemen, for your comments. What can our congress do? is my questions now. I have pushed and pushed for Obamacare to be put out of business, but nobody seems ready to do anything about it. If it were gone –really GONE — something else would be put out there to be worked on and maybe passed!! E. Miller

Dr. Joseph
5 years ago

Obama Care = A study in tyranny!

5 years ago

I was very disappointed to see that Senator Orrin Hatch is connected to this so-called Republican plan. Be very wary of Senator hatch. He is not the conservative he would have us believe. He spent too many years hob-knobbing with Senator Ted Kennedy, and much of Kennedy’s liberalism rubbed off on him,, I’m afeard. I don’t trust the man as far as I can throw him. He recent vote on the Attorney General confirmation served only to substantiate that mistrust. He is, in my opinion, just another big government advocate..

I Koell
5 years ago

Too many true Americans are asleep and not concerned/realizing what is going on in Washington District of Corruption!

The only way to give rebirth to our beautiful USA, I am afraid to say, we must hit the bottom. Then the people will finally wake up…..

5 years ago

Paule, I agree with you. Don’t forget about that ridiculous clause about the 26-year-olds remaining on their parents insurance plans.

5 years ago

We can only blame the Chief Justice, John Roberts for all the problems with Obamacare. When he changed the law on his own from the term “Fees” and indicated that it was an actual “Tax” — he rewrote history. And it was bad history. I expect the Supreme Court to disagree with the case and let the subsidies flow from either a State or Federal Exchange. Nothing new and John Roberts will once again be the deciding judge. Obamacare was and is a terrible law passed by the Democrats and supported by Mr. Roberts.

Bob L.
5 years ago

Don’t expect the court to rule against Obamacare.
If you haven’t noticed over the last several years, everything unconstitutional and/or big, centralist government gets passed and sticks like superglue regardless of how much voters express their being against those things. We get it one way or another, quickly or over a period of time, by law or through bureaucratic rule or regulation. Simply put, America isn’t free any longer.

5 years ago

I reject the concept of Obamacare completely. … I believe in health savings accounts that are tax free and and able to be “willed” to any beneficiary, also tax free. Nobody should have to pay for any unnecessary coverages nor should it be provided free to anybody. Families could help other family members or even friends from THEIR own health savings accounts. If people can buy houses, cars or expensive vacations on credit, they can afford to payoff any emergency medical treatment. Even churches and other charitable organizations could set up health savings accounts to benefit the poor, and again,… Read more »

5 years ago

My chief concern with what I’ve seen of the proposed GOP plan is that it substitutes Republican tax credits for the existing Democrat tax credits. All so the true cost of Obamacare remains hidden from the millions who think Obamacare is a “free” handout from the government. All while those who are above the income cutoff threshold for such federal tax credits continue to subsidize, through higher monthly premiums and deductibles, this so-called “free” government health care insurance benefit for others. In short, the GOP proposal continues the socialist re-distribution model. Hardly what I would call a free market solution… Read more »

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