Obama Wins the Marketing War

By Jedediah Bila

During the presidential debates, I would joke on Twitter about how many times we were likely to hear President Obama say the phrases “fair shot” and “fair share.” Needless to say, I lost count.

One thing became clear: Our President was determined to get public opinion on his side when it came to the tax argument, to convince voters that he was looking out for middle-income Americans by making “the rich” pay their “fair share.” He repeated it over and over, drilling into the minds of many that he was the guy who could be trusted to fight for the needs of regular people.

Of course it’s all political rhetoric. We know that our tax system is highly progressive. But that’s not the point. The point is that he set out to own that narrative and he has. The Hill notes:

A majority of Americans would blame congressional Republicans if Washington fails to reach a deal in deficit talks to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” according to a new poll.

Washington Post-Pew Research survey released Tuesday finds that 53 percent said they would blame Republicans, while 27 percent said President Obama would be at fault. Twelve percent said the blame should be divided equally between the two sides.

In other words, Obama managed to successfully use class warfare to 1) dismantle the GOP’s legitimate tax argument that no-one should have their taxes raised during a time of economic distress 2) falsely define “the rich” as millionaires and billionaires when we’re really talking about household incomes of $250,000 a year or more and 3) see to it that the public blames Republicans for any standstill emerging from the GOP not caving to Obama’s tax-hike wishes.

That’s what I call great campaigning. And it’s not over. The Examiner reports:

Aiming to bring public pressure on Republicans to back higher taxes for the rich in the “fiscal cliff” fight, the Obama-Biden campaign today began urging supporters to join a local, online phone bank to help the president blast the GOP.

In an email, supporters are directed to a “Call Tool” where they are provided with somebody to call. Included is a telemarketing-style script to read.

The GOP had the right policy on taxes–as did Mitt Romney–but if you don’t take your case to the people via consistently smart marketing, you lose.

President Obama will handle the issues of entitlement reform and spending the same way he handled taxes. He will aggressively and creatively market bad policy, attempting to convince middle-income Americans that Republicans are small-government ideologues who don’t care about the poor and needy.

What will GOP leadership do? Will they sit by quietly as they did through the tax debate? Will they cave on every important issue hoping that a more compromise-friendly Obama emerges? Will they abandon everything the party is supposed to stand for because it’s too much work to market your ideas?

I can’t answer those questions for you. What I can tell you is that the GOP has a big marketing problem and they have for a long time. Until they realize the importance of coupling good policy with good messaging, quality messengers, and solid outreach, they will continue to give Obama the upper hand.

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J.T. Ewing

With all due respect, please stop referring to obama as “the president”, “president”, or “our president. He is nothing but a liar and a fraud. I said this back in 2007, and am more fully convinced of it today. I suppose a certain measure of civility must remain in organizational communications, but I, personally, will never acknowledge this maggot as anything other than that mentioned above.


Spot on…

First we lost the Education System to the Left, then we lost Press and now the Marketing Battle for mindshare…

Come-on Republican Party Leadership, Wake-up…

Communicate with the American Public…Ronald Reagan was the Champ at gaining public support…

Jedediah keep pushing our brand…thank you…

A Patriot…

Allen In Idaho

Expecting the Republican leadership to confront the Demoncrats is useless. I agree with the post that suggested that all Republicans should simply vote “present” on all of these issues. Obama should be forced to OWN the failures of his administration the same way that he tries to make Bush own them now.


If you haven’t already viewed it, check out the “Agenda – Grinding America Down” DVD documentary available at AgendaDocumnetary.com. You can also view the full documentary online at Viemo.com.

Barry from N.Y.

When our original Constitution was set aside to avoid paying debts owed European Nations due to the costs associated with the Civil War, this caused a great deal of contraversy amoung the parties. The change to the existing Constitution was made by Congress without the consent of the people so as to negate repayment of the enormous amount of money involved. In 1871, the original Constitution was set aside and the new “CORPERATION OF THE UNITED STATES” was formed which relieved the government of the debt, eliminated our individual sovereignty, and made us all slaves to the newly formed corporation, legally registered in Delaware and unbeknownst to the vast majority of the people. As a member of the corporation, you own nothing, including yourselves and all of your worldly possesions have been collateralized by the corporation to cover the debt. This new constitution is not BY the people but FOR… Read more »


My thinking is simply that our conservative legislators must insure that all legislation passed by both houses of congress be tagged as “democratic legislation” for the record and have all republicans vote “present” as was previously suggested by UpLateAgain, so that when the current administration drives this nation into bankruptcy, a new Constitutional Government(waiting in the wings with full governmental staffing at all levels from President down through both houses of congress as well as the Surpreme Court and all supervisory department heads. etc. and which will bring with it the funding,backed by gold, to carry on the Constitutional business of government.) that can step in, take over and restore sanity until new elections can be resumed! This is the only way to return Our Country to the principals on which this nation was founded and all citizens will revert back to being sovereign’s once again and not merely slaves… Read more »

Bill C

I believe it’s time for the GOP to grab Obama’s wrist and jump off this fiscal cliff. It’s the only way we will ever get fiscal discipline in our government.Smaller, leaner more responsible government is what we need. What we have now is one party that believes entitlements are the norm and financial socialism is good for us but not them. The other party is too busy trying to get the public to like them to do the right thing and cut spending and pay off the deficit. JUMP off the Cliff. It’ll be good for us in the long run.

Pete from St Pete

It continually infuriates me when I hear Democratic spokespersons and the liberal press equate billionaires with people earning just over $200,000 per year if single or $250,000 if married. Comparing Warren Buffet or Bill Gates with some schnook with 4 kids who he wants to send to college and happens to earn $260,000 a year as both being “rich” is like comparing a duffer with Tiger Woods. Frankly, I don’t care if Buffet or Gates (or Tiger for that matter) have to kick in a few extra bucks but anyone who happens to have a good year and make more than $250 grand doesn’t deserve the same treatment. No, in case you are wondering, I have never come close to six digit income in any of my over 70 years of work.

Mark H Reed

Ms. Blue is spot-on with her lament about the Republican party’s woefully inept ability at marketing its core principles to the American people. Of course, the solidly leftist media, entertainment culture, and primary and secondary education establishment can always be counted on to thwart those efforts. Still, it amazes me that we have the spectacle of Republican congressmen arguing on national television over the proper course of action with regard to the ‘fiscal cliff.’ Is there a better way to hand the negotiating leverage to your opponent? It also amazes me that we have Speaker Boehner emerge as the sole spokesman for the party in this matter. A nice man he may be, but he has almost zero ability to connect with middle class Americans. Once the party settles on its more inclusive message, it better search hard for the folks who are going to articulate it. Boehner, McConnell, McCain,… Read more »


Have Republicans vote “present” (neither supporting nor opposing) so that all votes are Democratic and give the President just what he wants….. on one condition. That the bill be officially named the “Democratic plan to save the economy” bill.

That way, when it fails miserably (as it is guaranteed to do), they will never be able to claim it was Republicans’ fault. Anything else, and I guarantee the Republicans are going to ultimately get the blame for the failure of the economy over the next few years.

Democrats have no scruples, and are thus MUCH better at this sort than we are.


I say let the tax rate rise. I think it will affect more Democrats. High paid Hollywood types, rich Senators, those who donated to Obama, high priced lawyers etc.

Glenn Shannon

There are so many people on the government give away program that don’t care as long as they can sit on their duff and do nothing. We are at the point with such a high percentage on welfare or don’t pay any taxes that the republicans don’t have a chance no matter what they say. When people only care about whats in it for me rather than what is good for the nation, then we are finished as a nation. The Democrats have been building this voting power since Johnson’s great society and now have such a powerful base that it would be almost impossible to defeat.


Republicans need better slogans. Put the Feds on a diet, Help feed the poor. Capitalism is good, socialism is bad. Shear the sheep yearly, don’t eat them. Socialism is failure-ism.


Obama is the first president to retain his campaign organization throughout his first term in office and has continued to the present. His entire administration is in perpetual campaign mode. Why? Because he is a radical leftist who believes he can transform the nation through propaganda and lies and he’s winning. Hitler’s dictum, that if you repeat something long enough the people will believe it, has not been lost on Obama who has become a master propagandist who would make any Soviet-era leader proud. Nikita Kruschev was fond of staying to the U.S., “we will destroy you from within.” Obama, working in tandem with a emotion-driven media, seems to be fulfilling Kruschev’s eery prophesy.


Lately there has been a lot of chatter calling for congress to compromise on the budget. Compromise is fine if both sides are on the same page or even the same book. You want to rob the first national bank and I want to rob the second national bank, should we compromise and rob the third national bank? Since robbing banks are illegal, we should not rob any. There are two different ideologies in debate. When this country was first founded, capitalism was the economic system. Like any competition, the competitive free enterprise lets the people use their ingenuity and desires to out flank their opponent. With the ingenuity and desires of the people made the great nation that it is. The other ideology can be seen as a precursor to socialism. Socialism requires a huge government and a huge government leads to tyranny. In socialism the government owns everything… Read more »


is it me, or has anyone else noticed, that bama is still in campaign mode???


Simple solution. Why do they not put a bill together and run it through the house and let Reid trample it and Obama reject it and let them “own” the fall over the cliff?
I think they do not have the balls or good leadership, that’s why.

Nancy C

A huge part of this is media coverage. When you have all major networks assisting the agenda of one side only while the other side is never heard or skewed as the last two election coverages were it’s unfair and completely biased.

Republicans have a huge battle and maybe since it can’t be helped through liberal bias of the Networks they have to reach everyone through social media. You have to face it…Obama’s team knows how to use every form of media very well. Republicans haven’t raised to that level.

We lost a huge battle not only on this front but through fraud and deception and theft during our election process. We don’t get in the streets like unions or other groups. We must learn to be the squeaky wheel too!


It is truly sad that we have such great numbers of uninformed and uneducated people weighing in about who should pay [contribute to this great nation’s success NOT DOOM/FAILURE] and who should not, when, in fact, those who have NO skin in the game greatly out number those who are paying their way and the bills of the entire US economy. In this age of enlightenment, the fact that the GOP cannot construct or frame an argument against the class warfare from a President and Democratic party who show open hostility to successful businessmen and women is abysmal. Such feckless leadership and administrators are ONLY OUT FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT. Those who have are being stolen from merely for appeasement, giving to those who believe they are entitled without contributing. There are many who are truly in need, but we have forgotten and mismanaged the formula for those who are… Read more »

Diana Erbio

I agree the GOP must get out their message that less government spending and less taxation is better for our nation. They must stress that less obtrusive government regulations will lead to economic growth which will actually bring in more tax revenue than raising tax rates will. That message should be repeated in a straight forward manner over and over again.
As for fairness we as individuals should understand that we should not be demanding a “fair share” from the government, but instead be choosing to share our fare to help others as individuals. As JFK stated we must ask not what our country can do for us but what can we do for our country, I would add – by individual choice, not by government mandate.