Is Obama White House Willing to Jeopardize National Security for Political Gain?

by Ed Farnan – Recent revelations that leaks of the most highly sensitive military intelligence operations emanated from the White House, have triggered FBI investigations. Additionally, last Friday Attorney General Eric Holder announced he appointed two Deputy Attorney Generals to investigate the source of these leaks.

Security experts have been quoted saying they have never seen the magnitude of such leaks in their experience. These leaks could be responsible for the deaths of many who work in the clandestine world of intelligence and result in the crippling of America’s ability to defend itself in the war on terror. But the leaks all have one thing in common: They portray President Obama in a good light.

Did leaks result in deaths to SEAL Team 6? 

Last year, as news was released from the White House regarding the successful operation in the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, you could hear a collective gasp from the intelligence community as major details of the operation were released to the public, including identifying SEAL Team 6 as the military team performing the successful operation.

Military intelligence experts were horrified to hear even the mention of this highly trained team being involved in this operation and feared for reprisals against team members and their families. Just 3 months later, a helicopter loaded with SEAL Team 6 personnel, many of the same ones involved in the Osama Bin Laden operation, was shot down in Afghanistan. 31 members of the team perished when that helicopter was hit with a Taliban missile. Coincidence?

Major setback in effort to stop Iran’s nuclear ambition?

Iran has been feverishly working to perfect a working nuclear weapon. Many fear if Iran gets nuclear capabilities it would work with terrorist organizations to spread them around the world and not hesitate to use them.

But Iran has been plagued with technical problems in their quest to build nuclear weapons. Their computers were infected with a virus and their top nuclear scientists were dying from another virus spread by lead poisoning (bullets). But thanks to White House leaks, the Iranians know their computer problems have been the result of clandestine US and Israeli operations, introducing a worm called Stuxnet . The Iranians know the name of the virus and will now be able to examine security cameras and find the double agent who introduced that virus into their system. Iranian reprisals to anyone that betrayed them will be brutal and deadly. 

Drone use should be top secret 

Leaks that President Obama was personally picking out terror suspects in the Middle East for killing by our ultra secret drones, has also damaged our security. Military experts have said even the mention of our drones is a breach of our military security, much less announcing that President Obama was personally making those life/death decisions

Some secrets need to stay secret forever

Even more damaging to our war on terror was the blurting out by White house sources that allies had infiltrated an agent into Al Qaeda. This security breach came when a terror suspect was arrested attempting to board an aircraft wearing the most sophisticated bomb yet seen. The blood sweat and tears spent on the infiltration into Al Qaeda’s operations was wasted by one statement crowing that we had infiltrated them.

Will investigation be all sound and no fury?

Attorney General Holder works for the White House. The two Assistant Attorney Generals Holder appointed to investigate these security leaks, work for Holder. Many people don’t expect much to happen with Holder in charge of the investigation, especially before November elections. In the meantime, how many brave people working silently in the undercover war on terror, will be sacrificed for political gain?

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Just listened to the song. Gotta say man, take as much time as you need if you gonna devielr songs like this. Nice new website btw.


In the early history of the United States Political office was sought by men who were seeking to gain power, prestige and wealth for themselves. This seems not to have changed. The sad part now is that the United States has also become a target for those who would weaken the power of this country by interefering with other countries right to govern themselves. Those in power still seek to glorify themselves even if it means damaging our independence and moving toward a socialistic welfare state. What price glory? So much of our population already depends on the “government” to take care of them they would approve any further move in that direction and vehemently oppose any thing which required them to take care of themselves. If there are any non-materialistic, non-self-centered, truly patriotic persons left in the United States we should encourage them to come forward and get a… Read more »


During Pres. Ronald Reagan ‘s term as our PRESIDENT when he would hold discussions with his security advisers about possible covert operations against a known enemy of the USA there was a U. S. Senator in the room who threaten the President to leak the plans to the press if the president authorized the operation . It got so bad when certain invasions was necessary he would tell no one because he knew the senator would blab to the media. The senator that caused President Regan so much trouble was none other than Joe Biden.


Obama hates this country so much that I believe he keeps our troops in Afgahnistan to get more of them killed. And for what? Why are we still there? Obama has funded Islamic extremists in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and now Syria to overthrow those governments. Ghadafi was a has been and was quiet for years. Yet we funded his overthrow. Why? Now the country is run by extremists and more dangerous than ever. Obama had Islamic brotherhood reps at the White House last month. The people are so vile it is incomprehencible. Why is this person in the White House meeting with and funding our enemies. These are the same people shouting death to Israel and death to america. Eric Holder is an Obama puppet. He will not seriously investigate anything. Just like the New Black panther party case, all we be dismissed. For the sake of america Holder and… Read more »

john p. waldron

I do be leave Obama wood do any thing to get re- elected . he is such a liar i don’t
trust any thing this man says or dose . why hasn’t any one in Congress or the
Senate IMPEACH him . are they afraid of race riots and they won’t be re-elected .
I see we must a lot of coward’s in Washington they all took the oath to protect the
United States . Oh i forgot they all be long to the Dictator club do as i say not as i do .


Parsing his words. The gist of what “he that dared not be named” said is that no TOP SECRET leaks were made from his White House. Who determines what is or isn’t top secret? I believe this is the President’s determination. It would not surprise me if the disorganizer-in-chief decided to declare all that information to be NOT top secret and thus when he himself gave the details to his compliant media he wasn’t legally doing anything wrong.

Pennys ca

I don’t trust Holder to investigate these treasonist leaks. He is to close to Obama . I believe Obama and Holder know who leaked this information all along and have done nothing. Did everyone notice Obama didn’t scream from the roof-tops to know who did this to our country. People have died and been sent to jail NO he just said he was insulted more or less about his Whitehouse (THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE NOT HIS). Holder is the fox in the hen house.


This a President who cares nothing about our heritage and the struggles we went through for freedom. Obama will do anything and everything to get himself re-elected. This is necessary if he is to continue his quest to reduce the United States from the world’s leader to just a voice in the choir of many nations. He will sacrifice our soilders and anyone who might get in his way. A weak America where the people will be like cattle being led to slaughter is what Obama wants. This is an individual who has no right to be in that office. Obama is going to be in a big surprise when the people wake up and say no more. If Obama happens to get re-elected either by deceit or cheating prepare for civil war. One thing Obama should remember had he known anything about our history is that you should never… Read more »


“Is Obama White House Willing to Jeopardize National Security for Political Gain?” Duh. For Obama ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is on the block for political gain.


The leaker in chief must be ‘Plugs’ Biden, the big mouth drunk with ready access to the material leaked. It was obviously approved by the usurper in chief.