President Obama Can Reform Immigration and Stimulate the Economy — Build a Border Fence

The Senate’s so called “gang of eight” had reached a bipartisan agreement on reforming our immigration system. But the key to this bi partisan support was to seal our borders first, before we implement any steps to legality for the millions of illegals among us. But President Obama says our borders are already secure and there is no need to address border security first.

But the senators thought the border security proviso was logical, since what country has no control of it’s borders? What good will it do to reform our immigration system if thousands can cross our borders daily with impunity…We don’t even know who these people are.

President Obama says that our borders are more secure now than ever. Is that true?

US citizens that live along our southern border vehemently reject that notion. They point out the garbage strewn illegal crossing points, the damage done to private property, the violence and the worn trails that point to high traffic.

These are regular high traffic corridors used by drug and human traffickers routinely crossing our southern border. They funnel in huge quantities of drugs and the human mules used to carry these drugs across the borders. Some of these points are run with military precision.

These desolate border crossing areas encompass thousands of square miles and federal border personnel are stretched thin, unable to staunch the flow of humans and drugs flowing into our country.

President Obama, is technically correct in one respect, the inflow of illegals is down right now because the US economy is in the tank, not because of increased border enforcement.

Even the Presidents own border patrol agents have brought suit against him for what they claim are policies that prevent them from protecting our borders. They claim his executive orders are a violation of the constitution.

But if an immigration amnesty deal is inked before the borders are secured, look for a massive influx of illegals taking advantage of any pathway to US citizenship.

If President Obama is serious about reforming our immigration laws and making our country more secure as a result, he should do what is best for our country and approve the building of a fence along our southern border……and make sure there are enough personnel to make it secure.

Instead of rebuilding foreign countries with billions of our tax dollars, we should take those dollars and use them to protect our borders. A border fence would be a stimulus for our economy, create thousands of jobs in the construction industry, and help staunch the flow of drugs.

Lets don’t put the cart before the horse; secure our borers first before there is any talk of reforming immigration, or pathways to legality. Without securing our borders first, the rest of immigration reform is a farce.

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ed farnan

As usual, excellent and thoughtful comments from AMAC readers. If you talk shovel ready, a border fence is shovel ready & could be built by many different smaller companies, simultaneously along the entire border.

Sue Dumas

Secure our borders; whatever that will take. Eliminate the “birth right” U.S. Citizenship IF you are born in this country, whether to legal or illegal parent(s). If illegal immigrants want to become U.S. Citizens, let them do so by registering, and going through the process. Just like anyone else coming into this country does. We HAVE TO ask ourselves these questions: > Every other country has a process why should we be any different? > Why should someone who has entered our country illegally be given (for a 2nd or 3rd time now) amnesty by our government, and automatic citizenship, because they succeeded in breaking the law!?! That is NOT right. > Why should a birth in this country be AUTOMATIC CITIZENSHIP for the infant? (Anchor babies) MOST OF OUR CURRENT ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES…. ARE NOT REPRESENTING OUR INTERESTS AS A NATION, OR A COUNTRY! Instead they are representing themselves, to… Read more »


There should be no immigration deal, except for the promise that anyone in the country illegally should self-deport or they’ll never be allowed in the US again. With Everify for jobs and no government benefits for non-citizens a border fence wouldn’t be necessary.

The Democrats want their votes; those that control the Republican Party and ignore conservatives want the cheap labor. So, all we get is rhetoric and fake negotiations, as with every issue.

Dan DellaRova

Agree-100%. What can we do?

Martin Pearson

If the border is not secure anything they do will be worthless. It will like a tire with a nail in it and just putting air in a tire and not pulling the nail and patching it first.They promised Reagan that they would secure the border and it never happened.
If they would pass a national tough law on employers who employee the illegal so they could get work most would have leave.

Jonahton Kerkhoff

In this “immigration reform argument” both sides are starting with a big lie. The so-called ‘reform’ is actually amnesty. But far beyond that is the 11.5 million figure they state as the number of illegals in this country. This was the UNDERSTATED number they used in 2001. If you add on average 1 million new illegals per year you have a more accurate though still understated number of 23.5 million. On top of this no mention is made of increased crime, the attitude of so many ‘guest workers’ that they are above the law, the flooded hospitals where illegals go for free health care, the billions sent out of the country monthly, the millions of American workers that have been replaced with this cheap foreign labor, the depressed wages, nor the real costs to state and federal governments for giving all these illegals and their babies free goodies.


I have read that a very high percentage (80% ? )of presently illegal immigrants entered
the country legally on visas. But, we now have no idea where they are. We ought
to start with all of those first.

Stephen Mosier

“President Obama says that our borders are more secure now than ever. Is that true?”

Makes no difference if it is true. If the house has four widows that have been open for years allowing heat energy to be lost and I close one window then I can truthfully say that I have done more to stop the energy lost than had ever been done. But I have not done enough. Neither has enough been done top stop the illegal crossing of our borders.

In addition to securing the border, we need an amendment to the Constitution prohibiting future acts of amnesty to those who enter illegally and denying the eligibility for citizenship to those who have entered illegally.