Before Obama Was Elected

from Sally Robinson – Before Obama was elected, my monthly individual insurance premium was about $550, in 2008. It has gone up phenomenally over the past 5 years. I just got a letter from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in Colorado that my monthly premium has gone up to about $1525 per month, an increase of $1000 per month since Obamacare came into the news. I’ve been afraid of making any deductible changes for fear of losing it completely, something Anthem BCBS warned me about a while back. Now, I feel like my health insurance could eventually bankrupt me, as I’m not currently making $1525 per month. I definitely don’t want to go on for fear of losing my Identity and bank account. I feel like I’m up a creek without a paddle.

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Kathleen Shattuck
6 years ago

I have lost dental and vision insurance, plus out of pocket went up to $3400.00 from $500.00. That is for each of us.
How do they think Obamacare has helped anyone other taking more money out of our pockets. Lets put them in the program. Take away all their luxury benefits.

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