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OB/GYN and Senator from Kansas, Doc Marshall, Who Delivered Over 5,000 Babies Speaks on Abortion and a Wide Range of National Issues


Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. [R-KS], better known as Doc Marshall, says “every state has now become a border state” when it comes to the unprecedented surge of illegal immigrants. The Biden administration’s open border policy allows drug traffickers to infiltrate the migrants, allowing them to flood the country with deadly fentanyl. As a result, “almost every day, 200 Americans are dying from fentanyl poisoning” he told Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, during an interview on her Better for America podcast. 

Weber’s interview with Doc Marshall covered a wide range of topics from open borders to abortion, politics, safer schools, and the rising price of gasoline.

As regards the open border issue, he expressed his concern that in addition to making it easier for the Mexican drug cartels to peddle their deadly wares, it is also making it easier for terrorists to infiltrate our country. 

Senator Marshall is a physician — an OB/GYN who has delivered more than 5,000 babies in his lifetime. To say, he is pro-life is an understatement. During his interview with Weber, he told her that he “had the privilege of delivering a baby almost every day of my life for 30 years, and I could have never imagined I’d be fighting harder on the Senate floor to protect babies. And the Democrats don’t just want an abortion. They want abortion on demand. They want abortion up till the second before the baby is born as well.”

Doc Marshall went on to opine that the Supreme Court’s likely decision to upend the 50-year-old Roe vs Wade ruling that makes it okay to kill unborn babies will “push this issue back to the state level.” There, he said, is “where local elected officials can then make determinations that will help protect both the life of the mom as well as the baby.” 

Meanwhile, he added, progressive Democrats want to allow women to get prescriptions for abortion pills using virtually anonymous telemedicine visits. Over-the-phone medical visits are unsafe, he said, and could cause “hypotensive hemorrhaging” and because these pills are not so effective later in pregnancy, they can cause birth defects. 

Marshall believes that issues such as abortion may be having a negative impact on the Democratic Party. He noted that “Hispanics are now supporting the majority of Republican candidates because their values are not consistent with the White House and the radical Democrat Party’s values. And whether it’s the life issue, the sanctity of life, or protecting our God-given constitutional rights, I think that there is an awakening occurring.”

The issue of safer schools for our children is getting new attention as the result of the Uvalde, TX elementary school shooting that left 19 young students and two of their teachers dead. Doc Marshall offered advice to protect schools in the future. He noted that there is $150 billion of unused COVID relief money that can be used to make our schools safer. “I want to give the schools the flexibility to make their schools safer.  Many schools have taken the first step. They’ve closed all the entrances, except for one.  But we need to add layers of defense so that we could add audio-visual cameras for the front. We could add panic buttons. We could make each room safer and more secure. How about providing money for a safety officer? How about a mental health nurse?” 

On the issue of skyrocketing gas prices due to the Biden inflation spiral, he told Weber that he had the opportunity to ask Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm if the administration should take responsibility for the price of gasoline. Her response, Marshall said, was an emphatic no. That was no surprise but it’s a critical issue that, according to the Senator, will make people “get out and vote…we’re going to have to flip the House and Senate [in November] and try to hold the administration back until the cavalry comes to take the White House in 2024.”

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Michael J
4 months ago

Abortion is one of the biggest con jobs perpetrated on society. To convince a cross-section of people that an unborn child is not substantial or a life unless wanted, remains the one of the greatest slights of hand. Imagine to be able to sanitize all those gruesome little details without discussing any of the actual realities is genius itself. To sway women and men to align themselves using the word “choice” is like bestowing some magical power over morality while destroying the unborn masses future by the millions.

Anita LaVelle
5 months ago

Seriously, this article tackled many of the issues driving Americans to vote in these early elections. People care about the unborn child, the education of our children, the open borders and inflation. The Democrats have left Americans behind. They have moved to an extreme on everything and we are tired of it. We love our country and that is something that no one can take away from us.

5 months ago

Just use birth control and have some self respect…get off your back. 99% of abortions would then not be needed. The other 1% will be dealt with.

K. Martin
5 months ago
Reply to  Jeb

I recall Dear Abby’s advice on the subject: “Hold an aspirin between your knees.”

5 months ago

Hidden in the gun bill is a prohibition to using covid funds for school safety. There is a separate section to fund school safety measures. See the catch? The covid money has been allocated, i.e. can be spent now. The separate money has to go through the approval and allocation process and may never get approved and allocated, therefore nothing ever gets into the hands of school officials. Another way the Congress appears to be doing what the public is asking for, but nothing will actually get done.

5 months ago

Why is no one talking about birth control? Abstinence, condoms, spermicide, cervical caps, IUDs, etc. there are so many protections out there. for crying out loud!!!!

5 months ago
Reply to  MONANA

How about abstinence

5 months ago


Debra Reynolds
5 months ago

Most schools “don’t have funding” for a REGULAR nurse to hand out life-saving medical treatments (inhalers, anti-convulsants, etc.) let alone a mental health nurse. But the “administration” people get paid richly. Ridiculous.

5 months ago


Neal Valenta
5 months ago

“Doc” Marshall is our kind of a Man. Why are we so worried about protecting the Mothers and not the innocent babies in the womb. These Babies have a right to live and over the last 50 years how many have died.It’s time we stand up for the unborn babies rights. Our Media seems to never cover the Babies Rights.Yes a abortion may still be a right of a Mother who fills she cannot take care of a new life, but what about parents who would love to adopt one of these babies that will be killed.

5 months ago
Reply to  Neal Valenta

It’s dangerous for mothers too. Way more cancer later on for women who have abortions. There are also immediate dangers.

5 months ago
Reply to  Beth

And the pro-abortion crowd never want to talk about the side affects of abortion! I wonder how many women dying of beast cancer had an abortion? Or ovarian cancer? How many women need help mentally because they had an abortion and were told not to talk about it or felt guilty later for having one? Do PP places have counseling for these women? I’ll bet not! Abortion to the left is a sacrament of their religion of self! They also lied to everyone saying abortion was a right! We have to get back to a moral foundation if this issue is ever going to get resolved to the liking of both sides. As long as live is devalued abortion will always be an evil divisive part of society which isn’t good for anyone!

5 months ago
Reply to  Carol

Sin of any kind will cause consequences to the sinner, whether it be a direct effect for the sinner or an effect to loved ones or both.

Gary Black
5 months ago
Reply to  Neal Valenta

Over 63 million murdered unborn babies since Roe v Wade came to be. The values of a nation of people that doesn’t treasure the miracle of bringing life beyond oneself into this world has to be questioned, or so it would seem.

5 months ago
Reply to  Neal Valenta

It’s called self centered, my party life means more than an innocent real live person

David Millikan
5 months ago

SWAMP QUEEN pelosi wants to TAKE POWER AWAY FROM STATES after Reversal of Roe vs Wade. IT is planning on bringing legislation before Midterm Election.

5 months ago
Reply to  David Millikan

It’s what they do for a living. And, the American taxpayer funds them…as well as CCP, drug cartels and child traffickers. Our “House of Representatives” is in cahoots with just about every evil against America. They lie to illiterate, gullible voters to get their votes and they do as they wish in the House to get rich. Pelosi is no more than the sister of Satan – she is criminally insane.

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