Not Even Sermons Are Safe Anymore

imprisoned American pastor christian religion freedom religious migration west globalists sermonsThe Crossing Church from Columbia, Missouri has been in the news recently — and for all the right reasons. Just last month, the church garnered national attention when it helped members of their community pay off unpaid medical bills. Through partnership with RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit organization that helps people pay off outstanding medical debt, church members donated more than $430,000 which was used to pay off more than $43 million of medical debt by negotiating with debt collectors.

At the time, Pastor Keith Simon explained the motivation behind his congregation’s generosity: “We do this because we feel like God has been incredibly gracious to us. He’s paid our debts. We think those who follow Jesus should be radically generous with their time, their talent, their treasure.”

Today, the Missouri church is in the news for something else: their pastor preached a sermon on October 13 titled “Male and Female. Ancient Text. Modern Debate.” Using Genesis 1:27 as his text, Pastor Keith Simon preached on God’s design for sexuality and transgenderism. Displaying pastoral sensitivity, Simon walked through the Bible’s teaching on gender and reflected on how Christians can minister to those who identify as transgender. With love and compassion, the pastor explained how men and women are created in God’s image and how the transgender movement does not align with the Bible’s teaching on sex and gender complementarity.

But despite Pastor Simon’s efforts to discuss the topic from a loving, biblically informed perspective, local LGBT activists immediately cried foul, launching a petition and demanding local businesses cut ties with the church. Last Thursday, Sager Braudis Gallery, a local art gallery, was the first to cave to activist pressure. Although the church had financially sponsored the gallery for five years, the gallery said they were severing ties to show “solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community” and to register their protest “against institutions who perpetuate and use their powerful platforms for content of this nature.”

While skirmishes over marriage and human sexuality have become commonplace, this latest incident reveals an alarming level of intolerance among progressive activists. An honest observer would be hard pressed to find anything in the sermon that could be construed as vindictive or hateful. In fact, Pastor Simon went out of his way to avoid politics, at one point saying, “We’re not talking about partisan politics or the culture wars.” Instead, Simon wanted to show what Jesus taught on these contentious issues, regardless of the current cultural moment.

Throughout the 40-minute sermon, Pastor Simon modeled the way Christian ministers should discuss transgenderism from the pulpit. He straightforwardly explained that the issue is unavoidable; transgenderism is a regular topic in the media, entertainment, sports, and legal communities. According to Simon, the issue is so prevalent that it would be “weird to talk about this everywhere but the Church.” Moreover, the topic cannot be ignored because the Bible speaks to it. In fact, the first chapter of the Bible reveals that the two sexes were God’s idea, and that part of what it means to be made in God’s image is to be created “male and female.” In other words, the issue “shows up in the text.” Therefore, pastors who want to preach the whole counsel of God’s word have no choice but to teach on sex, gender, and God’s design and purpose for marriage and sexuality.

But not only did Simon base his sermon in the Bible (he discussed Genesis 1 and Matthew 19 at length), he was honest about the church’s past failings in regard to the LGBT community. He explained that too often the church has taught unbiblical stereotypes and offered a picture of masculinity and femininity that is out of step with the Bible. However, Simon insisted that “gender is not superficial to who we are,” and that faithfulness to God’s Word requires affirming the Bible’s sexual ethic, even when that ethic is out of step with the culture.

During the course of the sermon, Simon asked two poignant questions. First, speaking to LGBT activists, he asked, “Are we sure this is best?” Is buying into the transgender narrative good for women? Is it good to give puberty blockers to children even though 80 percent of children who identify as transgender eventually identify with their biological sex? The obvious answer is “no.”

Second, Simon asked, “Do we really want people’s subjective, internal feelings to define reality?” He explained that we don’t do this with other issues. If someone’s mind tells them a lie, we try to counteract that lie by pointing them to objective truth. We don’t go along with the lie. Thus, rather than encouraging someone to embrace a gender identity other than their biological sex, we should help people see the goodness of their God-given gender.

At the close of his sermon, Simon explained that the issue of transgenderism boils down to a question of authority. Who has authority when it comes to our bodies and how we use them? Is it contemporary culture or Jesus? Ultimately, Simon explained, “Jesus is Lord over us, culture, and our bodies.” He finished by exhorting his congregation to show love and compassion to those struggling with gender dysphoria. “Speak the truth in love,” he exhorted.

The church could not have been clearer that the Bible affirms that all people are made in God’s image. Speaking of people who identify with different sexual lifestyles, they stated: “[w]e affirm their full personhood, dignity, and worth. We believe that our government bears a responsibility to protect their lives, dignity, welfare, and all other rights afforded to every other person in this country.”

Indeed. Yet this may not be enough for those opposing what the Bible teaches on this matter. From the halls of Congress to state legislatures, town halls to school board meetings, many are unified in opposing biblical truth on the issue of human sexuality. May all Bible-believing Christians unite to defend the truth in the public square — before it is too late.

Reprinted with permission from - Family Research Council - by David Closson

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Let me see if I got this right. A local Art Gallery owner refused a monetary donation from the church because they want to punish the church for their beliefs by not accepting their donation benefiting the Art Gallery in anyway the owner wants to use it. Well, I guess they showed that pastor and church a thing or two. And this defiant act received nation wide media attention. Must have been a very slow news day.
As a Christian I support the sermon, teaching directly from the Bible is always appropriate. I do recommend this church needs to take a little closer look at who they’re giving money to. There are a lot of needs – clean water being one. Why are they giving money to an Art Gallery anyway?


We are living in times when “right is wrong and wrong is right”. May the Lord bless those who trust and follow the Bible as the inspired word of God and give them the strength to stand firm in the truth.


Should LGBT activists live by such an obvious double standard: do they want to voice their opinion yet silence someone who may have a different opinion ?
Why do they think this is ok ?
I thought they were the ones crying out for tolerance?
May the Lord bless them with truth, contentment and peace and us as well.

Peter Giger

At a certain I had to say Christ, The Bible, and traditional marriage are just common sense.. Transgender and LGBTQ are irrational.. The human body is born and created as a reproductive organism in adulthood.. Any “tampering” in the line of fantasy, imagination, rationalization are all illogical from the gitgo.


I am continually astounded at the intolerance of those within the activist movements, no matter what issues they tout. I am so saddened that they can make us feel like cowering so we can be safe……I pray that the church can remain strong.


I strongly recommend that all Christians and Jews read “Dark Agenda” by David Horowitz. He was raised a communist and was very active politicly and as a community organizer for the the far left. When a dear friend was murdered he started questioning. And now he is very conservative, and fights for and writes about conservative causes. His book “Dark Agenda” describes in detail the far left’s agenda to destroy Christianity and Judaism. Those two religions teach personal responsibility and God’s love. They are the basis of our Constitution and law. Socialism cannot tolerate that, it requires full allegiance to the State. This book explains a lot of what is happening right now.

Norman Zink

This Pastor and his message are totally in sync with God’s Word and is presented in Christ like loving kindness. God created us Male and Female and it was very good. When a culture no longer accepts the Authority and power of the Word of God then chaos and confusion is the result. Be sure your heart is receptive to the message of God who welcomes you to trust the Lord Jesus in purity and truth.

Vietnam Veteran

The Pastor’s sermon struck a nerve with the Devil and, of course, the powers of hell went berserk. The vicious, intolerant LGBTQ leftists are in league with the Devil. We know who wins in the end and it “ain’t” the Devil.

Richard Hennessy

There should be far more discussion of the topics of transgenders and homosexual activity from the pulpit. People are hearing about these topics only from the wrong PC sources.

Penny Joy

This sounds like a compassionate loving message of truth. Sadly the extreme left will NOT hear it and those who cave to their demands will lose not only integrity but are dishonoring to the very people who have supported them. This is a discussion that is not going to go away for our society and those of us seeking a way to deal with a trans family member in love but with truth supporting our conversations. We are becoming too fearful to even begin a conversation because of the backlash.

Our world is becoming extremely divided.


My comment on the transgender issue starts with two words : Karen Carpenter. This much loved musician died of anorexia. She believed she was overweight even as she starved to death. We readily accept anorexia as a disease with terrible consequences yet are expected to believe that trans people’s belief that they are the other sex in spite of all evidence to the contrary is valid.

Rusty Rat

The leftist hate the truth. They want it silenced. They believe, I think, they know how to deal with Sin. The history of Sin shows Sinful behavior always has a bad end.. God will punish the sinful acts. But the fools love repeating history only to find God tells the Truth in The Bible.

Don Richardson

Many schools teach nihilism, essentially ‘if it feels good do it, there is no tomorrow or yesterday, only today matters’. Most schools teach more political correctness (climate change crisis, many genders, etc.) than they do useful material like math, science, English language, logic, economics and such. Very few schools teach morals, good versus bad, right versus wrong. The radical left has taken over control of most of our education system. The people in the Federal Dept. of Education, the college administrators and professors all tend to be far left in their ideology, favoring socialism, atheism, globalism and generally anti-American views. If we want to get back to the Judeo-Christian beliefs that our country was founded on, and because of which became the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth, we have to put different people in charge of the system and get rid of tenure. Currently the leftist professors teach… Read more »

Michael L

I like the purpose of the pastor’s message. Often, not always, but often enough, pastors will shy away from cultural issues for fear of offending a parishioner or losing their job. The church especially must show love and concern for those who traditionally have been maligned by narrow-mindedness and the rejection. Christ to all, sinners to save. Good job, pastor.

Kevin Dunn

All those who live godly will suffer persecution, for Jesus Himself was persecuted. Matt 5:10-16

June Holloway

You Obviously have a wonderful church and minister I wish that there were more of the likes of you in this country. We still have free speech and a ministers sermon especially when he is quoting the Bible should be classed as free speech. These companies who caved to political pressure are not thinking long term you used to sponsor an art gallery the LGBT group do not care about that gallery but the owner will care when his business drops off. I have been in the business world all my working life. and I am now 77 their customers will not forget what the gallery did to you. Keep the faith continue to fight the good fight.


I have read all of the comments that have been made on the sermon. I have to disagree that God created LGBT individuals. These individual’s were made in HIS image, male and female…. However, when an individual thinks that he/she are the wrong sex or… it ends up being due to a thought or feeling started by the Devil. When the individual submits by thought or action it becomes a sin. Now it becomes an act of homosexual and/or sodomy. Now these are the sins that will need to be raised to GOD for forgiveness. An error by GOD creating an individual in the wrong sex is impossible since He is never wrong.


Unbelievable and extremely scary the power the LBGT has over the media, businesses and the community 😟


It is simple do these LGBT activist support everybody’s needs without asking for anything in return, like the church, or just their narrow point of view with demands placed on everyone to agree and comply with what they say or pay for it! They claim tolerance is what they believe or is it?

anne Courtney olson

I think where the difference lies is in God’s intent for creating the sexes and the purpose of their unions. We were made to go multiply. Now, the world is not currently hurting for more of a population, with the exception of China which has plenty of young men but no young women to marry. That was Mankind meddling where God had already established the guidelines. Sex is pleasurable. A loving God made it such so we could grow close and enjoy the company of our spouses. In the 60’s, it became all about pleasure–“If it feels good, do it!” Well I like chocolate covered peanuts. It feels nice and even sort of naughty when I eat 2 or 3 packages at one sitting. How long can I have that for a diet before something goes terribly wrong? Four things were not discussed in public 50 years ago–sex, money, religion,… Read more »