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North Korea Still Threatens World Peace, says AMAC

The postage-stamp Communist nation says it won’t give up its nukes

WASHINGTON, DC – Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] has issued a statement praising “the resolve of the U.S. under the leadership of President Trump to neutralize the clear and present threat to world peace posed by North Korea [DPRK].  But, it may not be enough to make the country’s strongman Kim Jung Un concede defeat.”

In recent days Kim’s rhetoric has become more belligerent than ever before.  He has even threatened to attack the U.S. territory of Guam, home to 160,000 people—the great majority of whom are American citizens, including 7,000 U.S. troops.  Just yesterday, the DPRK regime presented a detailed plan to encircle Guam next week with a ring of fire using multiple nuclear-armed missiles.

The solidarity expressed by the international community in condemning bellicose diatribes initiated by Kim should go a long way toward potentially ensuring the war of words does not escalate into a full-fledged nuclear war.  China is a particularly important player as Washington Post opinion writer, David Ignatius, recently pointed out, Weber noted.

Ignatius put it this way: “President Trump’s bullying style, even in dealing with trivial matters of domestic politics, obscures the extent to which he has tried to marry U.S. policy on North Korea with that of China.  For the most part, he has been surprisingly successful.  Beijing and Washington have mostly been aligned, as in this past weekend’s unanimous U.N. Security Council vote in favor of additional sanctions against Pyongyang to punish its continued missile tests.”

Two things are noteworthy about the sanctions the United Nations has imposed on the obstinate Communist nation, Weber pointed out.  “The vote to enforce severe economic punishment on North Korea was unanimous.  Even China and Russia were on board, although it is hard to know just how far they are willing to go to enforce the sanctions.  And, the sanctions, which were proposed and drafted by the US, are designed to deal a devastating blow to the country’s already weak economy by slashing trade revenue by one third.  It won’t diminish the lifestyles of the inner circle in Pyongyang.  But, how much more can the underfed and undernourished ordinary citizens of North Korea stand.”

Soon after the sanctions were adopted, it became clear that that the DPRK’s leader Kim Jong Un remains determined to turn his postage-stamp nation into a threatening nuclear power, Weber said.

Within a few days of the sanctions being imposed, the North Koreans issued new threats against the U.S. and its allies in the region and backed them up with a mobilization of patrol boats armed with anti-ship cruise missiles.  They were spotted by American intelligence agencies and are presumably intended as a warning to U.S. warships in the region.

And, North Korea issued a bizarre statement, saying that “the more desperately the U.S. works to realize its ambition for nuclear dismantlement of the north through maximum pressure and engagement, the more dynamically the DPRK has stepped up diversifying and modernizing the nuclear force before the U.S. and its vassal forces come to their senses.”

Weber said that Kim is a very unstable individual.  “He’s like a very dangerous and petulant child.  His classmates at boarding school called him unpredictable and explained that he is prone to violence.  In fact, he is known to have murdered family members in paranoiac fits of rage.  Any reasonable person – friend or foe – would have come to his senses by now and realized that the only choice he has is to put a stop to his war dance.  Does he really think that he is dealing with the Obama administration with its timid approach to diplomacy?  President Trump has made known that he prefers a peaceful approach to resolving the matter.  But, he has shown that he is prepared to deal with the situation in a more forceful manner, if necessary.  And, as UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has pointed out, all options are on the table.”

Will the UN sanctions be enough to convince the North Korea to cease and desist?  Weber believes that diplomatic pressure is mounting rapidly as evidenced by the 15-0 vote in the UN to enforce strict sanctions on the DPRK.  And, he says, if international condemnation of the country’s lawlessness does not move Kim Jung Un to behave, perhaps it might encourage dissidents within the regime to act.


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With Obama, it was ALL TALK with appeasement actions. The Iran deal was ridiculous, we gave them billions on “their promises” to “no nuclear weapons” with timid inspections. On this pact alone, Obama should be prosecuted with charges of Treason. He was a lying Muslim, proving it with his statement: “the sweetest sound HE’S EVER HEARD was the evening CALL TO PRAYER”. I’ve NEVER HEARD ANY CHRISTIAN EVER MAKE SUCH A RIDICULOUS STATEMENT!!! … And then he proceeded to bring in these “refugees of the Religion of Peace” into OUR HOMELAND. Again, Treasonous!!! … Obama shouldn’t be jailed, HE SHOULD BE EXECUTED!!! … North Korea is like a cancerous mole on the backside of the world, you don’t appease cancer, you cut it out!

Rik, The North Korean problem started under Bill Clinton in the early 1990’s. Clinton did the usual appeasement approach that Democrats always favor and he even went on national TV to announce to the world that his deal of food and oil deal with North Korea ensured that the North would immediately stop nuclear weapons development in that country. Of course it did nothing of the kind and by the end of Clinton’s second term, North Korea had developed it’s first nuclear bomb. Our response? Offer another round of food and fuel to get another empty promise that North Korea would curtail any further progress in its nuclear weapons program. Along the way a several more meaningless U.N. sanctions were passed, but they of course have little to no teeth. So North Korea continued on its merry way all through the Bush and Obama terms building 6 to 8 nuclear… Read more »


Very good comments. The only thing I think that if it wasn’t for the Iraq war during the early 2000’s, Bush might have done something with North Korea,

Shelia, Bush was more than happy to do a couple of rounds of appeasement with North Korea himself during his two terms. More than happy to kick the can down the road as North Korea kept building more nuclear bombs and working on their missile technology. Even today, we could end the nuclear threat with North Korea in 20 minutes, all without putting any American troops on the ground. All it takes is the political will to deal with the threat using the best technology designed exactly for this threat. It would be incredibly stupid for us to use the outdated solution of “boots on the ground” in dealing with Kim. That would cost far too many American lives by resorting to a long, bloody and completely unnecessary ground offensive. Not to mention the total destruction of Seoul, South Korea in the process. I am NOT a fan of using… Read more »

And maybe without BushII, there would not been another in Iraq, at least involving the US.

Obama used the Muslims for his own purposes. He appears to be a Muslim because it supports his agenda. He has written about all this in his books. Are the things he wrote about the true motives and true intent of his mind & heart? If so, should these things not be credible evidence against a man who wants to undermine the United States of America? What does the U.S. Constitution say in Aticle III, Section 3? The Democrats will not bring charges against the things they have come to support and most all of the Republicans have become cowards —- Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Roger Wicker, John Boehner, .etc .. … May the Lord have mercy upon America and may He deliver us from our leaders!

More proof if any were necessary that appeasement and capitulation in the face of dictators does not work. Never has, never will. Clinton kicked the can down the road with his appeasement of NOKO and put us in the position we are at today. Obama did the same thing with Iran and we will pay a price for that in the future. Thank God Hillary lost! No telling how much more damage she would have done!

I stand behind President Trump 100%. It’s unfortunate he has to deal with the mess Obama, Bush, and Clinton allowed to development over the years. Where was our intelligence department, sleeping on the job? I pray our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gives him the wisdom and fortitude to see our Great Nation through. And may we always be the major super power until Christ’s return…

Amen. Keep praying that God’s Spirit will sweep across the face of the Earth, filling our leaders with wisdom and resolve to make the right choices that will strengthen our country in the face of the shadow of evil. All things are possible with God. Always bring Him into the solutions to our problems first. Let God work first. Then check you firearms, and be ready. Do not stop praying.

I agree with you Bill R. I am behind our president 100 percent as well!

I lived in South Korea in 1989. From the people I met I learned that 90% of North Korea’s money was spent on military. In addition, the opinions I heard were that the father of this dictator wasn’t very stable but the son is so much worse. Seems to me he’s like a small child doing what he can to get attention and not aware of the repercussions therefor.

This dictator’s personal appearance tells you all you need to know about this Man-Child in a country of starving people. Anyone who ever faced a bully while growing up knows that giving them what they demand accomplishes nothing but more demands.

It’s about time to finally nuke that runt…and finally close the door on the Korean War. It’s ironic, we had drop two nuclear bombs on Japan before they relented and surrender. And today just across the water from Japan is Korea…what is it with these crazy Asians and nuclear power and the small stature of men in power? I understand many millions of Koreans and others are in the path of destruction…60 years of diplomacy and talking has led to this moment of insanity, but, Trump will finally put an end this. Obama did absolutely nothing in his 8 years of doing nothing but divide. For those of us who had served in the region will agree, it’s time to finish this once and for all.

Maybe China will become the hero of the day and save the Koreans, I doubt it!!!

Truman’s bombing of two cities in Japan in 1945 that killed an estimated 226,000 people was, I’m sure, an agonizing decision for him; but it ended a war that might have gone on for several more years with that many or more casualties; many of which would have been U.S. casualties, not to mention the further drain on the United States’ financial resources.. So what’s my point? My point, is, tradeoffs are sometimes necessary. Perhaps another such bombing, this time, of North Korea, might be in order. Japan learned the hard way not to mess with the United States. That bombing, in fact, made them an ally. North Korea needs the same lesson. I doubt China will interfere. If truth be known, I think they’d welcome the extinction of the pipsqueak, Kim Jong Un.

Democrats and liberalism are a bigger threat to the world than Kim Jung Il. The Norks are the “Eddie Haskell” of the world and can be put down at any time China and/or the US decide the risk is too great to let it continue. China and the US aren’t gonna butt heads over this guy. Cost is too great.

I am disappointed that AMAC would even allow the writer would make that claim in their name. Seems way too much of an overstatement.

Go, Trump!

Under UN authority, Harry Truman put us in the Korean codflict, resulting in a draw. Wasted lives and wasted money. Because N Korea was not defeated, we have this plague still. The history PaulE so well covered in response to RIK’s comments covers where we have been. Where we are now is still relying on the UN, first for sanctions that only punish the “little people” while the tyrants continue their mischief. Who knows where it will go from there? Former Assistant Secretary of State and US Ambassador to NATO defined in 1976 what I’ll call the 1, 2, 3 Punch for a one world order. First there was the failed attempt with the League of Nations. The second was the lack of the UN being invested with enough power to enact and enforce world law. And third, through global issues like population control, the environment, and nuclear proliferation. The… Read more »

Ivan, I am of the same opinion. I’m 89 years old and will not live to see the strife the US population will endure, but if they do not come to their senses, there will be some terrible consequences. A lot of voters would like to think that a benevolent dictator would be helpful for America. There is no such thing as a benevolent dictator. It will be so difficult to now eliminate the Socialist, Communists in the unbridled bureaucracy of the USA. It may be impossible. Young people today have simply been led to Socialistic tendencies through our education systems that nothing less then a complete collapse of our financial structure and our Capitalist form of business will change their minds. It is so sad.

Sorry Ivan, but the “real” 1, 2, 3 Punch for a one world order was one; Woodrow Wilson’s Socialist League of Nations, 2; Truman’s support of the founding of the equally socialist United Nation and 3; The ratification of the U.S. participation in the UN by the U.S. Senate!!! Of course, the Korean problem, the Vietnamese problem and the 40+ years of the Soviet Bloc in Eastern Europe, would have never happened, if FDR would have stepped down and not gone to the Potsdam conference to define the world after WWII, as a sickly, dying, weakling that let Stalin and Churchill bulldoze him into irrelevance.

KJU’s generals need to act to save their own skins and free their population from the tyranny they are under, before the catastrophe of conflict causes enormous death and destruction. A re-unified Korea would be a power-house economy if the north population suddenly had the freedom to achieve!

The leader of North Korea is the problem not the country but unfortunately the people of North Korea will suffer by his actions. We have many rulers in the past who have been dangerous and like the article says the only way to remove them is an internal revolt.
He has terrorized those around him by killing people who don’t follow his will blindly. I am quite sure his generals could easily overcome him if they all worked together but problem is who would rule which is what keeps them separated.
What is scary right now is what will happen now because we, the world, have to wait in the whims of an egomaniac child-man. I can only hope we don’t have to engage in battle, come what may.

To quote from Wikipedia, “Psychopathy, sometimes considered synonymous with sociopathy, is traditionally defined as a personality disorder[1] characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, egotistical traits.” Emphasis on “persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, egotistical traits.” The world is not dealing with a child having a temper tantrum here. Kim Jong Un has one passionate objective, to attack the United States. His hatred combined with his country’s past nuclear impotency has so driven him that n-o-t-h-i-n-g will stop him from carrying out his attacks. He has already proven that he is remorseless and without empathy – he rules his people by fear; he couldn’t care less that they suffer and starve – his grandfather intentionally brought this about and his father and he have perpetuated it. His propaganda machine fills them with lies and his sole concern is absolute control. If… Read more »

Military on Guam will defend it. Guam has arsenal. The problem is that north Korean missiles will land on or very close to those islands around Guam. Those islands have no defense.
Hope and pray military on Guam will shoot them down.

N. Korea is just the fuse, the bomb is China. China says it will defend N. Korea if it is attacked. NOBODY in their right mind would take on China. the Bible makes reference to a nation with a 200 million man army ultimately taking over the world. China is the only nation that can actually make that happen. The U.S. is NOT the strongest nation on earth. China keeps most of it’s military secrets well hidden. Be very careful.

Mr. Wingleader. China is a challenge. They however are held together by fear. There is derision within the sections of China that banded together under Communism. Chinas is just as vulnerable to the fallacy of the value of Communism as any other country led by an elitist group. That group can be throttled like any other group. By revolution. China may be strong on the ground to any bordering nation, but not so much on the sea or in the air. It would tax us enormously to oppose them. Financially, we are not that strong and the IMF is making waves to name China a pivotal party to world finance. Still, it is a monstrous task to feed and clothe a Billion people.

The only reason I can think of that N Korea would send a warning shot to the US, is that it intends a move against S Korea, and wants the US to remain hands off. Lest we forget history, N Korea isn’t going to do anything without China’s OK.

We missed out on the opportunity to take out NOKO this past April. On 4/15 they had their annual celebration in the capitol square. The “supreme leader”, millions of his army, probably all of his generals and a large display of armaments. Had we dropped the MOAB on the square along with all the artillery and nuclear sites targeted with missiles at the same time the threats from NK would have ended. If they last that long our next chance will be 4/15/2018.

Is the U.S. Gov’t moving personnel and families off of GUAM and South Korea? The Americans are deploying hospital ships into the region for large casualty count. South Korea will be over whelmed with artillery rounds filled with chemical & biological agents. It will be a total mess unlike anything we did to the Japanese military & people even after the two nukes were dropped…It did end 5 years of war with a unrelented foe. Interesting enough, during WWII the Koreans was an allied force…ironic isn’t?

I forgot about China. China entertains some interest in that region.

Not to make fun of this since it is a very serious situation but their flag has a similar symbol to the TEXACO gas symbol. I sure hope they are not related.

The North Korean problem has been building for decades. They have a large percentage of their army forward deployed within a few hours march of the DMZ. Many artillery pieces, including large Multiple Rocket Launchers are protected in so-called Hardened Artillery Sites (HARTS) and can be rolled out to fire, then rolled back into a mountainside or cave to avoid air strikes. It will take several days of very focused air strikes to take out this artillery, and during that time, the North Koreans can destroy perhaps 30-40% of South Korea’s industrial capacity, much of which is concentrated around Seoul. That would send the world economy into chaos, perhaps into a global recession. If the Chinese intervene to assist the North Koreans we could see a regional or a global war.

If you are going to fight North Korea using conventional warfare means, then yes. But that would be the stupid way to engage an enemy who has vowed to use nuclear weapons against us or any nation that confronts it.

That’s right Hugh. South Korea is going to take a beating and we will loose US troups. The Koreas will be in economic chaos and they will suffer recession. Not too much the balance of the world. The USA will suffer monstrous debt for which we could suffer a collapse. China would then become “the” reining nation for a period. If China should intervene however, an atomic war will then begin. Nobody knows how that would turn out. It might depend on who uses those weapons first. Under those circumstances, I would hope we would, “like Truman”, be first. It will certainly reduce the world population, and insure a tough recovery.

maybe if we stopped talking about destroying N. Korea and stopped cutting them off from the rest of the world with sanctions we would see a different response from N. Korea.

Wow Steven, sounds like “appeasement” to me! … Ehhh, guess what? … We already know that doesn’t work, see Clinton, Bush and Obama Presidencies.


I can understand that Clinton and Obama didn’t do anything, but what about Bush. Of course, he had the Iraq war going on and I think if we wasn’t involved with this, he could had done something with North Korea. So I don;t think Bush is to blame for not doing anything.

The problem with the man-child in NK will be solved when the military leaders are faced with decimation OR removal of the cancer causing it (same man-child). I firmly believe and hope that when faced with the level of death and destruction that could be caused by the tantrums of KJU, they will inevitably do what is necessary to save their own skins. The ultimate solution is a re-unification of Korea, similar to what happened with the 2 Germany’s. Ideally that would solve a major problem for the world, while resulting in the best outcome for the poor ‘serfs’ in NK who are under the thumb of KJU.

Germany became a power-house economy after the brief assimilation of the east territory. The same would likely happen in Korea. Give an impoverished and enslaved population the freedom of self determination and see what wonders can be accomplished!

Well A.D. we surely helped their cause during their recovery years. The Marshall plan put West Germany in position to absorb East Germany. East Germany had nothing. The Russians stole everything that was moveable. I am positive South Korea is not prepared to accept the millions of starving North Koreans without financial help. We will not be in a position to assist financially. We are already next to as financial collapse ourselves. This minute.