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No, Jen Psaki. It is Democrats – Not Republicans – Who Are Defunding The Police. Here’s the Proof.

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The Biden White House is working overtime to falsely shift the blame for skyrocketing crime in Democrat run cities onto Republicans. Biden’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, recently insinuated that Republicans were actually the ones who support defunding the police because Republicans voted against Biden’s wasteful $1.9 trillion COVID-19 bill that Democrats rammed through Congress in March. The Democrat strategy now appears to be to defund the police, gawk in horror as violent crime explodes across the country, lie about it, and then re-fund the police using federal dollars to bail out Democrat run cities, while brashly blaming Republicans.

Psaki should actually read the COVID-19 bill Biden signed into law and tell the American public in her next press conference which specific line-item provides funding to the police. There isn’t one. The Biden bill had nothing to do with providing funding for law enforcement. In fact, no provision of that behemoth piece of partisan legislation explicitly allocated funding to a local law enforcement entity. Not one cent was earmarked to a particular police department. None.

The Biden administration has since reinterpreted the law months after it was passed and attempted to divert the leftover COVID-19 funding from the bill to bail out Democrat-run cities who defunded their police departments last summer.

As crime in America’s largest cities climbs higher this summer with a 24% increase in the murder rate over last year’s historic high, the Biden administration is attempting to salvage Democrats’ dismal electoral prospects heading into the 2022 midterm elections by pushing what is easily the top contender for lie of the year: that Republicans – not Democrats – support defunding the police.

You won’t see PolitiFact, CNN, or MSNBC fact-checking the Biden White House for this absurd claim. But the historical record does need to be set straight. AMAC Newsline will not let these anti-police Democrats run from their record.

It was Democrat-run New York City that slashed its police budget by nearly $1 billion.

It was Democrat-run Los Angeles that cut its police budget by $150 million.

It was Democrat-run Portland that voted to reduce its police budget by nearly $16 million and disbanded its Gun Violence Reduction Team.

It was Democrat-run Philadelphia that approved decreasing its police budget by $33 million.

It was Democrat-run San Francisco that planned $120 million in cuts to its police budget.

It was Democrat-run Seattle that culled its police budget by $46 million.

It was Democrat-run Washington, D.C. that passed a police budget slashing funding by $15 million.

It was Democrat-run Oakland that just days ago cut its police budget by nearly $20 million.

And it was Democrat-run Minneapolis that voted to disband its entire police department.

Republicans are on the record pushing back against every one of these Democrat measures to defund the police.

In addition, it was Democrats – not Republicans – at the national level who incessantly called for defunding the police and constantly engaged in anti-police rhetoric for more than a year.  

Democrat President Joe Biden supported redirecting funding away from the police. Asked by an interviewer if he agreed that “we can redirect some of the funding” away from police departments, Biden replied, “Yes! Absolutely.”

Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris applauded Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for defunding the police and called for reimagining policing, a Democrat code word for defunding the police.

An interviewer asked Harris if she supports “proposals like what we’ve seen in Los Angeles like Mayor Eric Garcetti saying, ‘Take some of the money from policing – about $150 million dollars – invest it in health initiatives, training initiatives for youth’?”

Harris replied: “I support investing in communities so that they become more healthy and therefore more safe. Right now, what we’re seeing in America is many cities spend over one third of their city budget on policing. But meanwhile, we’ve been defunding public schools for years in America. We’ve got to re-examine what we’re doing with American taxpayer dollars and ask the question: are we getting the right return on our investment? Are we actually creating healthy and safe communities? That’s a legitimate conversation and it requires a really critical evaluation. I applaud Eric Garcetti for doing what he’s done.”

In other words, yes, Harris supported de-funding the police. She also repeatedly stated that “we need to reimagine how we are achieving public safety in America” and critiqued cities where “one third of their entire budget is going to policing.”

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, meanwhile, actively fought against and blocked a Senate resolution opposing efforts to defund the police. The resolution stated:

“Whereas defunding the police would leave police departments understaffed and undertrained, while also increasing the risk of violent crime to the communities of the United States, especially vulnerable communities: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Senate—

(1) calls for justice for George Floyd; and

(2) opposes efforts to defund the police.”

In other words, Schumer too supported defunding the police.

Former Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid supported it as well. “Governments are going to have to look at how they can reallocate money,” he declared. “Of course it’s a good idea if we have more social services rather than police.”

Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi supported “shuffling” some police money around (away from the police) and meanwhile supported the anti-police rhetoric by calling federal officers “stormtroopers.”

Democrat Representative Val Demings asserted that the Minneapolis City Council was “being very thoughtful” after they voted to disband the police—a decision that resulted in catastrophic consequences for the city.

Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supported defunding the police, mincing no words like many of her colleagues. “Defunding police means defunding police,” she said. “It does not mean budget tricks or funny math. It does not mean moving school police officers from the NYPD budget to the Department of Education’s budget so the exact same police remain in schools.”

Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib supported outright abolishing the police. “Policing in our country is inherently & intentionally racist,” she tweeted. “…I am done with those who condone government funded murder. No more policing, incarceration, and militarization. It can’t be reformed.”

Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar supported defunding the police and dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department, saying, “The Minneapolis Police Department is rotten to the root, and so when we dismantle it, we get rid of that cancer, and we allow for something beautiful to rise, and that reimagining allows us to figure out what public safety looks like for us.”

Democrat Representative Jamaal Bowman supported defunding the police, leaving no ifs, ands or buts about it. “Yes, I support the defunding of the police,” he said.

Democrat Representative Mondaire Jones supported defunding the police, saying, “We must dismantle white supremacy in all aspects of our society, and that means moving funding away from police departments and toward programs that improve public safety by helping to address the roots of systemic inequality.”

Democrat Representative Cori Bush supported defunding the police: “So yes, defund your butts,” she said. “Defund you.”

Democrat Representative Ayanna Pressley supported abolishing the police, slandering them at the same time: “From slave patrols to traffic stops,” she said. “We can’t reform this.”

Numerous Biden appointees also endorsed this dangerous idea.

Joe Biden’s Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh proposed diverting $12 million in funding away from the Boston Police Department’s budget when he was Mayor of the city, proposing “reallocating 20%” of the Department’s overtime budget to “make a significant investment in equity and inclusion.”

Biden’s Justice Department Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta supported defunding the police. “While front-end systems changes are important, it is also critical for state and local leaders to heed calls from Black Lives Matter and Movement for Black Lives activists to decrease police budgets and the scope, role, and responsibility of police in our lives,” she said.

One of Biden’s Assistant Attorneys General at the Justice Department, Kristen Clarke, supported defunding the police. “We must invest less in police and more in social workers,” she said.

The list goes on. They are on the record, clear, permanent, and unmistakable. 

Why does all of this matter? Because the Democrat “defund the police” movement ushered in one of the worst crime chapters in this nation’s history filled with unspeakable violence.

Democrat defunding of the police paved the way for the most economically destructive riots of all time and a cataclysm of crime the likes of which America has not seen at any time during the 21st century.

Over 550 violent riots in more than 220 American cities devastated hundreds of Black owned businesses and injured over 2,000 police officers.

Murder rates soared with their highest one year increase ever, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Americans. Homicides rose significantly in the very Democrat cities that voted to defund the police with murders up by 74% in Seattle, 72% in Minneapolis, 51% in Portland, nearly 40% in New York, 37% in Oakland, 35% in Philadelphia, 32% in San Francisco, 30% in Los Angeles, and 19% in Washington, DC.

After Democrats called for defunding the police, effective policing in America was destroyed, officers were hamstrung and demoralized, and cops retired or resigned en masse.

In New York, police retirements were up 72% in 2020 compared to the year before with more than 2,600 of New York’s finest retiring. In Portland, resignations increased by 155% and retirements soared by 435% over the last year. In Seattle, resignations rose by 261% and retirements surged by 123%.

Even now, just over 50% of 911 calls are being responded to within the target time in Seattle. Response times to the most critical situations including murder or officer needing assistance were 10% slower in New York City over the past year. By August of last year, when the Democrat Minneapolis City Council voted to abolish the police, the average time it took for police to respond to a 911 call in the city had slowed by 40% compared to before the riots began. In Portland, 911 callers were put on hold for hours and police failed to respond to 38 calls over a period of just two days.

New recruitment of officers is also down with new hires decreasing in Portland by 56% and in Seattle by 63%. The Minneapolis Police Department has 200 fewer officers compared to its usual number due to resignations and officers on extended leave. Nationwide, police retirements have jumped 45% and resignations have increased by 18% over the past year.

It is Democrats – not Republicans – who are responsible for destroying policing in America and unleashing a massive crime wave. Now, with the 2022 midterms looming, Democrat party leadership is increasingly worried that voters may be starting to figure that out.

As Democrat Representative Jim Clyburn recently put it, the slogan “defund the police” is “cutting the throats of the party.”

It is a travesty of justice that Congressional Democrats and the Biden administration care more about their own electoral prospects going into 2022 than the lives of the countless Americans who have been subjected to entirely preventable violence and human suffering because Democrats called for defunding the police. Hopefully, however, their crass political concerns will lead to a restoration of police budgets across America, even if it does not lead to apologies from the Democrats who inflicted such horrible damage on the country.

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8 months ago

Remember cnn stands for Chinese network news. Jen psaki is communist. This is why the media does not?.

8 months ago

Defund the secret service for all Demorats protection detail. Use her for a human shield. And For those who purpose to defunding the police ????‍♀️

Donna Hazelip
10 months ago

All of this will come back and haunt her for the rest of her life.

James Kelly
10 months ago

No, Jen Psaki; you are a liar.
Stupid cow.

Miranda DeGroot
10 months ago

The word “truth” is not in her vocabulary.

Old Silk
10 months ago

Seems orange girl is bad.

10 months ago

Jen Psaki does not need to read bills or legislation to get facts. She just reads what is put on HER index cards provided her by whoever is running the government now.

10 months ago

Joseph Goebbels was the minister of propoganda under Hitler and had the job convincing the public that some bad things were OK. His film showing a plague of rats and likening it to the Jews got some traction and , well you know the rest. Even he noticed with some surprise that if you tell a lie over and over and over , people will believe it. It is scary that that worked so well for the Nazis , even scarier that it’s working for the Democrats.

Steven H
10 months ago

These people are complicit in the deaths of many of the police officers this year with their demonizing of police officers. The Democrats are intent on driving this country into the ground. Their hands are covered with the blood of innocent people thanks to their hate and thirst for power.

Steve P
10 months ago

Thank you for shining a searing bright light on a list of incontrovertible radical de-fund measures. This not only exposes decent people of these demon-crat cities to increased crime, but it is also a theft and diversion of tax revenues to completely useless radical programs. Just where did they spend that money if not on law-enforcement?

Lee S McQuillen
9 months ago
Reply to  Steve P

The tax payers in those areas are not getting what they pay for. Maybe they should just stop paying taxes….

Ruth A Lance
8 months ago

Right on

10 months ago

Where did they find Jen Psaki? She fits right in with Pelosi and the squad. The socialist democrats are a joke, and a bad nightmare. Unfortunately, I can’t laugh because they are destroying this country right in front of our faces. If many of the supporters of this sham do not turn from this party, America will not recover. History DOES repeat itself.

10 months ago

Who does this idiot think believes that garbage she spews? She is a communist
propagandist. Anyone with any sense knows the dims are the culprits.

10 months ago
Reply to  Jeanne

She and her like are Satan’s mouthpieces. A Godless admin. based on their words and actions.

10 months ago

She is nothing but a whore who does the bidding of the communists and I just love how they do all horrendous crap and then have the nerve to try and push the narrative that its actually Republicans doing all the dirty work. No one believes you you scumbag…and the people that do aren’t worth a pint of brainwashed p*ss.

10 months ago
Reply to  Lisa

Amazing isn’t it? She is a dimwhit.

Steve P
10 months ago
Reply to  Lisa

Worst…she is never challenged or called out by the media, the same journalists who must be on Soma at those press sessions.

10 months ago

Poor Jen must be full of ‘Saki (or hockey). Maybe she needs to “circle back around” on her facts. Oops…my bad. Dems think facts are whatever lie they are telling at the moment. I say “at the moment” because an opposing lie may be needed later when the political winds shift. I can’t figure out if they are that stupid (believing their own lies) or they think we are.

10 months ago
Reply to  Glee

Jen Psuki.

10 months ago
Reply to  Glee

Unfortunately they KNOW most of their supporters are that stupid.

10 months ago

so why provide proof.

overwhelmingly the majority of the American people know the are lying with that claim and the other minority numbers will believe it and spread the lie no matter how much proof they are shown.

a tactic straight from the liberal playbook. lie about something. continue repeating it and it becomes a fact.

the biggest problem is biden, his press sec and admin are terrible at the lying to the public game. their lies are so blatant yet they believe them as fact.

Gloria P. Sterling
10 months ago

How about Oregon, that Dem state now wanting the tax payers to bail them out because of all the riots, etc. after their defunding of the police?

10 months ago


Eddie Mack
10 months ago

Jen Psaki is the perfect image of the Democrat party: The vacant look of a wax dummy, the fixed glass eyes, the pre-recorded party slogans.

Ruth A Lance
8 months ago
Reply to  Eddie Mack

I noticed the eyes also and the wax dummy. Nothing she says comes out as true.

10 months ago


10 months ago

Please ask any 7 year old child to show you how to turn off ALL CAPS.

Lee S McQuillen
9 months ago
Reply to  Wayne

Let’s have some civility and tolerance here please Wayne.

10 months ago

Democrats turn their areas into hellholes and then the creeps move into conservative areas and start destroying these areas!!! Democrats will do everything to keep their cush jobs from lying, stealing, killing, etc.. All they have is this life. Forget about the afterlife or anyone else for that matter!!!

10 months ago
Reply to  exposed

Ronald Reagan was correct in stating “what the problem is, American government “

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