No Credit Where Credit Is Due

TRump Credit DueThe quote is attributed to President Harry Truman, and Ronald Reagan kept it on his desk: “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

It is even more amazing what has been accomplished with the American economy, but Democratic presidential candidates, the media, and economists such as Paul Krugman of The New York Times refuse to give President Donald Trump any credit.

Recall that it was Krugman, a Nobel Prize winner, who predicted that Trump’s election would trigger “a global recession.” One continues to wait in vain for an “I was wrong” statement from him.

The Economist, a center-left British magazine that includes coverage of events in the U.S. and is no fan of the Trump administration, recently published a remarkable editorial that contains gems Republicans should quote between now and the next election.

They include a strong rebuke to the contention of many Democrats that “working people” are still struggling and that the improved economy continues to benefit only the wealthiest 1%.

The bleak picture painted by Democrats, the editorial says, “is at odds with reality.” The Economist refers to a worldwide “jobs boom” and (note to Bernie Sanders and others promoting socialism) asserts that, “Capitalism is improving workers’ lot faster than it has in years … the zeitgeist has lost touch with the data.”

Noting that U.S. unemployment at 3.6% is the lowest in 50 years, the magazine says, “Less appreciated is the abundance of jobs across most of the rich world.”

A more educated population, the matching by websites of jobs to qualified applicants, and, yes, economic stimulus efforts that helped fuel the emergence of economies from the last recession have all contributed to the American economy and many European economies.

Then there is this, which has been the gospel of conservatives for decades when it comes to welfare and its disincentive for many to find work: ” … reforms to welfare programs, both to make them less generous and to toughen eligibility tests, seem to have encouraged people to seek work.”

This has forced liberal politicians to shift their focus from the unemployed to the “quality” of jobs. British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is quoted as saying, “Our jobs market is being turned into a sea of insecurity.”

“Reality begs to differ,” says The Economist. “Official projections” predict that by 2026, “America will have more at-home careers than secretaries.” Jobs and the skills necessary to fill them are changing, but not so rapidly that workers—and especially younger people—cannot adjust their education and training to match the new requirements.

Wages are rising almost everywhere, and, as the editorial says, tight labor markets “lead firms to fish for employees in neglected pools, including among ex-convicts. … American wonks fretted for years about how to shrink the disability-benefit rolls. Now the hot labor market is doing it for them.”

This is the argument that conservatives, many Republicans, and the Trump administration have been making for some time. Economic growth, not government, raises most boats.

While acknowledging “The jobs boom will not last forever” and that a recession will eventually “kill it off,” the editorial concludes that the economic boom “deserves a little appreciation.”

It deserves more than that and would be more than appreciated if it all happened under a Democratic president. Republicans and the Trump administration should seize on this reality and promote it every day, asking voters if they want to continue with these successful policies or return to low economic growth and fewer jobs.

It is a question Democrats and their policies of higher taxes and reimposed regulations will find difficult, if not impossible, to answer.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Cal Thomas

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Jack Thomas

It’s improbable that President Trump will ever get the credit he deserves from the mainstream media or anyone in the Democratic Party. But he will be rewarded by those who voted for him in 2016 and will again in 2020. Harry Truman was right on target with his comment, “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.” He was also correct when he astutely observed, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” Hopefully, historians will be kinder to Donald J. Trump than some have been to Harry Truman.

God bless America and God protect President Trump.

michael failla

I have been on this earth for 7 decades. I have waited to get gasoline for the car for hours and have the gas station run out of gas 2 cars ahead of me. I have been out of work, there were no jobs and i have worked 2 sometime 3 jobs to keep our family going. trump gets it and the left simply does not get it. look at venezuela. They were the wealthiest country in south america, went socialist (what were they thinking?) and now they live on scraps of leftover food they have to fight over. Yeah that socialist paradise works doesnt it?


demos are determined to destroy the economy to get to president Trump

Johnny B

I turn 69 in another month and to say I have seen and experienced a lot is an understatement…. NEVER has the economy experienced this type of growth and expansion…. Where has Trump been all our lives????
I sure picked a fine time to become disabled and retire….. If these dumbass Democraps would just shut up for once, there is no telling what amazing apexes this President could achieve….
Just look at Mexico; even with every Democrap and MSM pundits blasting their garbage refuting the President, then throw in several RINO’s to boot and the negotiations with Mexico seemed to favor Mexico….
BUT President Trump prevailed in the end against all odds….
So to all you naysayers; just shut the hell up……. and let the President do his job……
He has done a stellar job dispite a minefield of obsticles so far, can you imanage what he could do with a clear field????

Dana Gilkison

The President does tout the economy and the advances that he and his cabinet have made in deregulation, the economy and the restoration of respect for the country around the world. But he is only one man who has the Republican establishment working against him along with the rest of the political world. That’s the problem. One never hears from the Republican establishment leaders unless they come to the mic with their little cabal to complain about something the President is doing to that they don’t agree with. Only the Conservatives come out in support of the President but they are not in leadership. These jackrabbits are the ones responsible for losing the House because they were not our campaigning in support of Republican/Conservative candidates like the President was. These professional globalist do nothings need to be sent home at the ballot box.


Go TRUMP!!!!!!