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Nick Sandmann Recounts Facing ‘Full War Machine of the Mainstream Media,’ Calls for Return to ‘Responsible’ Journalism

SandmannNicholas Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student who sued major news outlets in the aftermath of their coverage of a controversial interaction he and several of his classmates had with a Native American activist, said Tuesday that the “full war machine of the mainstream media” was unleashed against him and called for a return to “responsible” reporting.

Sandmann sued the Washington Post, CNN, the New York Times, and other major outlets for defamation after their coverage portrayed him and his classmates as racist aggressors who cornered Nathan Phillips, an elderly Native American man, during a confrontation near the Lincoln Memorial on January 18 of last year.

“My life changed forever in that one moment” Sandmann said during his address to the Republican National Convention. “The full war machine of the mainstream media revved up into attack mode” without researching the full video footage of the incident, investigating Phillips’s motives, or ever asking him for his side of the story.

“And do you know why? Because the truth was not important,” he added.

Viral video of the incident showed Sandmann, who was 16 at the time, and Phillips standing face to face as Phillips loudly beat on a drum inches away from the Kentucky high schooler’s face while Sandmann smirked.

NBC asserted that Sandmann “blocked” Phillips and “did not allow him to retreat” during their interaction. But longer versions of the video, released after the media outlets had already reported that Sandmann initiated the confrontation, showed that Phillips approached Sandmann, who stood mostly still during the incident. Before the encounter between Sandmann and Phillips, members of the Black Hebrew Israelites, a militant black nationalist group, began a confrontation with the teenagers, taunting and shouting slurs at them.

Sandmann and his classmates, who were attending the annual anti-abortion March for Life, wore “Make America Great Again” caps, another fact initial media reports emphasized.

Phillips and other “professional protesters” were looking to turn him into the “latest poster child showing why Trump is bad,” Sandmann said Tuesday.

“Looking back now, how could I have possibly imagined that the simple act of putting on that red hat would unleash hate from the left and make myself the target of network and cable news networks nationwide,” Sandmann said.

Sandmann recently reached legal settlements with CNN and the Washington Post for an undisclosed sum.

Reprinted with Permission from - National Review by - Mairead Mcardle

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Phil Hammersley
1 month ago

Nick did a FANTASTIC job lat\st night. If the idiots in the media could feel shame (which they obviously cannot), they should be ashamed for slandering Nick and his friends who were the ones being harassed–not the harassers!

Patriot Will
1 month ago

The way that the mainstream media brutalized Nick Sandmann is a perfect example of how unethical and horrible the lefties are. It’s extremely obvious that the melodramatic Communist Democrats are too unhinged to be taken seriously. No one is safe when they decide to practice their evil wrath on those who would dare to challenge their perspectives and view points. Any media that would do their best to destroy a decent young person are so damaged and deranged that all patriots should take heed. Thank goodness, Nick Sandmann appears to be resilient and no worse for wear. God Bless Nick.… Read more »

Wayne Peterkin
1 month ago

And a CNN disgrace denounced Sandmann again after his speech! They (CNN and the leftist media) have no shame, just an anti-American agenda.

1 month ago

Yes,yes,yes…..the lying ,corrupt media mouthpiece of useless democrat party is EXPOSED again!
Shamefully this country’s so call press is just propaganda for haters of America.
Think their slogan should be hidin( the truth) with bidin( the liar)

1 month ago

And we do have millions more just like him and they are not most 16 years old because most have been brain washed into believing Communism. They are EVERYONE over the age of 30 and especially us Seniors! Get out and vote and fight back, We the People can STOP this from happening! Educate and Re-educate your grandchildren and any young people. They have been indoctrinated by their teachers and We can stop it!

Dorothy Foster
1 month ago

I thought Nick was wonderful!… I wish we had millions more like him..

Shirley Everett
1 month ago

God bless Nick Sandmann forever & always. A brave, decent, well-bred young man who stood up to a …
His speech last night was excellent, on target. Hope he runs for office one day.

David Spade
1 month ago

Unfortunately, we have come to expect not only bad reporting by the lame-stream Marxist media, but their lies typify the horrible job that they do everyday. They got what they deserved, and they will keep being discredited by the American people until they go out of business.

1 month ago

I thought Nick was great also. The moment for me last night was the Lady from Planned Parenthood. It was heart wrenching listening to her tell about the doctor who was suctioning the almost full term baby and the baby was trying desperately to get away from the suctioning. Then the doctor said “beam me up Scottie” as he murdered an innocent baby. These people are truly EVIL, they must be defeated.

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Hes still suing others 2 more $$$ for Sandmann awesome

1 month ago

smirked should have been in quotes, because that is the left’s version of what happened – it was actually and obviously a very uncomfortable smile. I hope he got millions for what he has been through. I hope all of the media outlets that twist the truth feel the monetary pain of their wickedness.

1 month ago

I hope that kid is now a millionaire.

Bridget Lou Livingston
1 month ago

Saw Nick’s speech last night. It was wonderful and I would love to shake his hand. He is a very admirable young man.

Ruth Pierce
1 month ago

This excellent article just underlines reasons why I refuse to watch the media news broadcast. I just cannot stomach their lies.

Carla Anderson
1 month ago

I am so impressed by this young man!!! He did a fantastic job and I am so happy he won his lawsuit. I even heard a rumor that someone at CNN made a hasty comment about him, but that just continues to show the ignorance of the media!! His parents should be so proud of their son!!

Burton Pauly
1 month ago

Good for the teen, and a good lesson for others to stand your ground. Don’t be intimidated by the leftist.

R.J. from Arizona
1 month ago

I watched the broadcast and I have a lot of respect for this boy. There was no hate in his voice considering what he and his family went through.
I would like to know why the settlements were ‘undisclosed’. They should have been somewhat public to show the public how rotten the media treated this kid.

1 month ago

The sad thing is, those that read and listen to the FAKE NEWS outlets, just gobble it up like candy, because it furthers their narrative. They’re not looking for truth or they would have to shut down. Thank God in heaven we have a President without a side agenda. He tells it like he sees it and you never have to guess what he’s thinking or doing. I hope the kid gets millions!!!
TRUMP 2020

1 month ago

He should give the proceeds he received to President Trump’s re-election campaign fund and give them a public Touché. That would grind their grits.

1 month ago

What can you expect from the pond scum aka the lame brain media. These “journalists” are illiterate, immoral, and uneducated in the virtues of freedom, justice, reason, individualism, and capitalism. They are so low that when they die, you would have to dig up to bury them

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