Niagara Falls

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D. Evans
8 years ago

Awesome! Enjoyed watching video of Niagara Falls. I have never seen the falls in person. Would love to go there
someday! Thanks so much for sharing! D&D

mighty manfried
8 years ago

For those of us who either do not like to travel to other vistas or can not afford the cost, this was a great way for someone to give unto others thru their experiences. At 73 and impaired by government taxation, I felt like I was given a chance to experience this marvel and gratefully thank you for it. Now on to the Grand Canyon :)

Bill Coleman
8 years ago

Ive never been to the falls but my wife has and now I know what she has been so enthesiatic about, thanks B.C.

8 years ago

WOW thank you very much have been to the falls many many many times lived in the WNY and NF area for several years but never able to see it like this even beats when the falls were “turned off” and we walked around the dry falls area thanks again

Sandy Byrd
8 years ago

Totally beautiful & awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. Another sample of God’s Wonders.

D Gail Ziegler
8 years ago

I just can’t believe what you have accomplished here. I was at the Falls when I was 10, ummmm 50 years ago. I live to far away to go again. Thank you for once again showing us this Grand and Beautiful feature in a way that I didn’t get to see it then. Marvelous job. Gail

Anna Kauffman
8 years ago

Beautiful! I’ve been to the falls twice. I had the opportunity to take a helicopter tour of the falls. So spectacular! I would love to go again. Thanks for sharing!

Diana Garmon
8 years ago

Maybe the film attracted me because we have been there. Anyway, it is just plain beautiful.

Kathleen OBrien
8 years ago

Born and raised outside of Buffalo, have visited Niagara many, many times until we moved to FL in 2005. I saw this video when it first came out, and it still brings tears to my eyes to watch and see just how magnificent the falls are. Of course, you have to go to the Canadian side to see the full view, but standing right next to the roaring thunder is beyond belief. In the winter, the spray from the falls coats the trees on the American side parks. An awesome sight! To answer Paul’s question, the water comes by way of the three western-most lakes to Lake Erie, into the Niagara River, into Lake Ontario, into the St. Lawrence River and eventually into the Atlantic Ocean. Lake Superior is fed by the Canadian rivers that flow into it. Keep going north until you find the source. As an aside, the Genesee Rive in NYS flows NORTH to Lake Ontario in Rochester, on of many that do. Those exact same drops of water will never fall over the falls again!

Paul Wade
8 years ago

Awesome. But it raises a question: It’s obviously millions of gallons of water going over that fall, so where is it coming from? And where is it going? Does it ever “work its way around and [fall] over that fall again?

8 years ago

Awesome! These drones equipped with a gopro video camera open up a whole new world.
I couldn’t help but also wonder what mischief could be done with this in the hands of the wrong person. Some government agency snooping around on your property, a burglar scouting out a neighborhood, a peeping Tom getting his kicks and so on.

Patricia Hartshorn
8 years ago

I will use this in my Earth Science class! thanks for this amazing perspective

Doug Nicholson
8 years ago

Beautiful! Thank you. Also, it looks like that’s a great way to meet women.

L Sasur
8 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

8 years ago

Magnificent! What a Grand Design, only from God.
Thanks for sharing, never been there and at my age may never see it for real.

8 years ago

Why would you not go see it in real life?
It is awesome! Raised in Buffalo, this was in my “backyard” before moving to Houston.

Pat Ellen
8 years ago

AWESOME BEYOND WORDS! Thanks to the author for offering this breathtaking virtual tour of the falls from one who has not had the opportunity to actually visit.

8 years ago


A great tool for going places that are otherwise not accessable.


8 years ago

I now know how I can inspect my mobile home roof and those of my neighbors without pulling out the ladder.


Raymond Griffin
8 years ago

This is a place I’ve never been, which has been quite a resounding fact, given this wonderful presentation of what I’ve missed. I think I’ll plan a summer trip in that direction, seeing the only part of the country I’ve yet to see, namely New England.

Joe and Donna
8 years ago

Absolutely beautiful!! We have been to the falls three times, been to the Canadian side and American side, but this was a very unique view!!

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