NH-01 Town Hall Synopsis: Rep. Frank Guinta

Guinta TH 1During the first official “District Work Week” of the 114th Congress, AMAC members in Manchester, New Hampshire had an opportunity to meet with their Representative Frank Guinta (NH-01) at the St. Anslem College Institute for Politics – a popular venue frequented by presidential hopefuls. To start off the meeting, Representative Guinta provided a comprehensive update of all the activities that took place in the nation’s capital over the course of the first six weeks of the new Congress. Optimistic about what this Congress plans to accomplish, the Congressman noted that 80% of the bills passed had been bipartisan and that that sort of bipartisan consensus would be essential if Congress is going to “push politics aside to help people.”

Much of the conversation between Representative Guinta and AMAC members centered on the many problems created by ObamaCare. The Congressman stated that he does not favor the top-down, forced approach to health care that has been implemented in America, and he has actually introduced one bill aimed at repealing one aspect of the law. Representative Guinta’s “Ax the Tax on Middle Class Americans’ Health Plans Act” is supported by AMAC because it repeals ObamaCare’s Cadillac tax – an unfair and unnecessary tax on health plans the federal government deems to be excessive. Moreover, two AMAC members in attendance shared personal accounts of how they have lost their health coverage and continue to struggle to find affordable, adequate care under the new law.

AMAC members also voiced concerns over the growing threat of ISIS in the Middle East, the President’s decision to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants by executive order, tax reform, and proposed FCC regulations pertaining to net neutrality. Representative Guinta responded to each question thoroughly and was pleased to spend time getting to know the issues about which AMAC members are most concerned. Representative Guinta and his staff look forward to scheduling another town hall meeting with AMAC members in a different part of the district in the summer.

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5 years ago

Please, OBAMACARE was sold and passed by Dems only by lying to the American people (now proved by Jon Gruber’s revealing comments) and on that alone, should be declared Unconstitutional, once and for all! All the lying, phony crafters of this law should be brought up on charges and jailed, not hailed! D.C. is now infested with scumbags and rats and needs a complete fumigation, if not in the ballot box, then in pine boxes!

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