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You and America’s Unaccountable Class

Posted on Friday, April 5, 2024
by Dr. Sebastian Gorka
Dr. Gorka Exclusive - Red and Blue flames with you vs them

There is no Left and Right anymore. 

The labels Republican and Democrat don’t mean anything today. 

Even just the adjectives Conservative and Liberal have lost all relevance. 

There is one question that matters, one dividing line: Are you accountable and live in the real world, or are you unaccountable and live in an elite bubble isolated from the vicissitudes of the real world? 

Yes, the “Swamp” is a uni party of disconnected politicians and bureaucrats that have far more in common with each other across the political aisle, which ostensibly differentiates them from the actual voters who voted for them. But this distinction is more than that. This isn’t just about Washington DC, the “Hollywood for ugly people,” it is about how tens of millions of Americans have been betrayed by those who run the country. 

The reality of America’s political culture is more than just a competition between two forms of putative “populism,” the Socialist and anti-American populism of Bernie Sanders and the Squad, versus the America First economic nationalism of President Trump and the MAGA movement. This is about the “unaccountable” elite isolated from the economic betrayal of the working class and those Americans who live in the real world, for whom a 30% increase in the costs of food or a 300% increase in the price of gasoline creates an existential crisis for their family and future. 

I am indebted to the superb Rich Miniter for introducing me to this distinction between the unaccountable and the accountable of America. I give him full credit for illuminating this undeniable truth on my show recently. To paraphrase Rich, since the GOP, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the increasing upper-class, white, and college graduate-driven Democrat Party decided we don’t need to make things in America. Everyone should go to college to get a degree, and we can just ship all our manufacturing jobs to Mexico and China.

Our nation has collapsed into two new classes. 

One class doesn’t know how to make anything tangible. But they earn very well, and can do so anywhere there is a Starbucks with a decent Wi-Fi signal. Their “job” as a programmer for Big Tech, or as the head of HR for a woke corporation, or as Associate Dean of Diversity and Student Equity at an Ivy League is completely isolated from the price of gasoline, the availability of quality steel in America, or from any actual manufacturing, or from the existence – or lack thereof – of vocational schools in America. And if they even realize that bacon or milk is 30% more expensive, it has no meaningful effect on them since they think $7 for a soy milk latte is cheap. 

The other half of America lives in the real world. A world where a carpenter with a 12 year old F-150 that is crucial to his work and you being able to feed your family, along with the doubling of the price of gasoline, is a strategic problem. 

A world where an unplanned expenditure of just $500 totally drains your families emergency funds. 

A world where millions of illegal immigrants being welcomed into the country by your government. Illegals who are prepared to do your job for 50% less, in cash, means you may be unemployed and made incapable of simply feeding your family through no fault of your own. 

The first group are unaccountable because they never suffer any negative consequences for their world view, or the anti-working class ideology they endorse every 2 years. As long as the Wi-Fi signal is good, they’re good, and the lattes will also be hot and creamy. 

The second group of Americans cannot isolate themselves from the consequences of their decisions, nor – more importantly – can they protect themselves from the anti-working class and often anti-American decisions of those whose prosperity has absolutely nothing to do with whether America is energy independent, can manufacture steel domestically, or has trade schools that teach welding, plumbing or carpentry. They built America and that America has been systematically dismantled by the Unaccountables. 

On November 5th, we will decide whether the Americans who are accountable are long for this world, whether we can save them, and save the country. 

Sebastian Gorka Ph.D. is host of SALEM Radio’s AMERICA First and The Gorka Reality Check on NEWSMAX TV. A former Strategist to President Donald Trump, he is a member of the National Security Education Board of the Pentagon. His latest book is The War for America’s Soul. Follow him on his SubStack page and website. He is a regular contributor for the Association for Mature American Citizens (AMAC).

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of AMAC or AMAC Action.

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2 months ago

Growing up tinkering with Dad in the garage working on lawnmowers motorcycles and cars , led to vo-tech auto/mechanic class in H/S . Went to college for 2 years, not my cup of tea. Moved back home, drove semi truck for Coca Cola. Moved to Okla. and worked for Railroad for 2 years until bankruptcy. Got a job welding for road building machinery . Did all kinds of welding and learned how to build big machinery for 12 years. Started own body shop after going back to votech for auto/ paint school at nite which lasted 6 years and eventually got into home remodeling and construction for the last 28 years and paid huge dividends. All assets paid in full , no debt , retired , residual income each month from rentals as well! My brother is a retired doctor barely out of debt and no better off than me!

Word of Truth
Word of Truth
2 months ago

Well said. Government employs far too many whose “job” is telling others what they can and cannot do.

David W.
David W.
2 months ago

I agree that the unaccountables are ruining our country. For years I have classified society into four distinct and virtually independent economies. There is the Free-Enterprise group who are engaged in some form of “for profit” activity. They innovate, create, and move society forward. Then there is the “tax-supported” group (all governing bodies, public education, to some extent the military-industrial complex) who derive their existence from all forms of taxation. This group is an industry unto itself and has no understanding of profit and loss and, being very liberal, tend toward communism. They make rules for the first group to follow hindering all innovation, creativity and adding tremendous cost to everything they touch. Third is the Welfare group, and its industries that support them. They are totally dependent on the first two groups and are fully communist. I used to stop there, until I realized that there exists a fourth group that I call the Criminal Underworld group. They don’t care who is in charge as long as they can function for an insane profit. Each of these groups exist within their own distinct economic world with little interaction between the groups. Separate rules, goals and methodologies exist with each. The second and third group gang up on the first group at the ballot box much to the detriment of society. Until society understands the value of the first group, our country will continue toward communist slavery.

Better class
Better class
2 months ago

You could have just said we have more money then you and that you drive a ford that you can’t afford gas for. You know what ford stands for don’t you? Fixed or repaired daily lol

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