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Weingarten Report Ep 14: The January 6 Committee Witch Hunt Exposed

Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2021
by AMAC, Ben Weingarten

While the world was focused on Afghanistan, the partisan witch hunt committee (aka the January 6th Select Subcommittee) wasted no time requesting documents that are raising red flags for Americans. The requests go beyond congressional oversight, seeking all documents and communications relating in any way to remarks made by Donald Trump or any other persons on January 6. This type of authoritarian undertaking is unprecedented and further reveals the true political nature of the Select Committee. Join Ben as he raises crucial questions about the future implications of this “Wrongthink Inquisition.”

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2 years ago

Time for an armed rebellion to free our citizens. They are political prisoners of Pelosi and the corrupt government.

2 years ago

Why hasn’t anyone been able to free those poor people Pelosi has in prison for no reason from Jan. 6.? It’s insane they are still in there and treated worse than real terrorists are in this country.
And this so-called committee of hatred, aka Shifty Shift, really?
Why isn’t he in prison from the impeachment hoax?
We the people nave been ask ing for some kind of accountability forevero.Please help put these corrupt politicians to the ultimate test.

It’s now or never.

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