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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – The Influence of Religion on White House Politics

Posted on Saturday, May 15, 2021
by The Association of Mature American Citizens

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – By Amy O’Donnell


America’s founders were intent on limiting government, including the power of any government to tell you what to believe. That conviction was strong, and it seems worth revisiting. While the Constitution’s framers were overwhelmingly Christian, and knew the republic depended on moral compass, they wanted no part of a state religion. On the other hand, they assumed the Commander-in-Chief would be a moral leader. So, where are we now?

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David Truncer
David Truncer
2 years ago

Outstanding article!.

Rev. Jeff fricke
Rev. Jeff fricke
2 years ago

If I were editing this article, I would ask for a rewrite. It is full of contradictions and non-sequitur logic.
You begin, “America’s founders were intent on limiting government, including the power of any government to to you what to believe and then proceed to say that the president should be a moral leader and tell people what to believe.
Take for instance the moral leadership of Ronald Reagan, who divorced and disowned his children.
Bill Clinton, who could not resist any woman he laid his eyes on.
Donald Trump who assaulted women, thrice married and played around with multiple porn stars, bribed officials and created false conspiracies.

But then you lambast Barak Obama and Joe Biden, both married, not adulterous and openly struggle with the aspects of “no easy answers” for the nation’s problems. This struck me as rather disingenuous.

Do you read the Bible? God’s laws are pretty clear about bearing false witness. And while I agree that abortion is an abomination, I do not see any movement to tend to the children born into poverty or for parents too young to care for them. The denigration of one side without the condemnation of a culture that shames and ignores poverty in its midst is also an abomination. You will find that in the Bible too.

Former president Trump, stacked the court… Just look at Merritt Garland, (rapist) and Amy Coney-Barrett. Both of these judges are recognized by left and right as being less than qualified, demagogues and improperly brought onto the court by a political process solely designed to pack the court with people who lack morality and integrity.

We do not have an establishment clause in the first amendment precisely to keep religious extremism out of our courts and our government. The writers of the constitution were not all Christians. So, in your article, separate your limited Christian understanding from what is Biblical and what is your flawed understanding of scriptures.

Amy, you can do better, much better. If you want to denigrate a person for their practices and policies just say so. But please, do not couch it in social religion, you really are not qualified to.
May God bless you and enlighten your heart.

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