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Nation’s Drug Crisis – at DEFCON 1

Posted on Thursday, October 14, 2021
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles

How do you explain to a nation – or snap a nation’s political leadership to attention – around a crisis when many rage? Military protocol may help. First, prioritize by imminence and damage, second address worst first, then third expand resolution. By this measure, America’s drug crisis is at DEFCON 1, demands “maximum readiness, immediate response.” Why?

Today, we have at least seven unfolding crises – COVID 19 (which ebbs and flows), elevated crime (based on social unrest, reduced respect for police), border penetration, Afghanistan aftermath (Americans and allies left), China (global ambitions), socialist ideology (divisive), and the exploding drug crisis. 

Any one of these might rank first. All reflect a combination of incompetence, ideological disrespect for traditional legal rights and responsibilities, and lack of accountability – in short, poor leadership. 

But take a minute and unpack them – to see why the drug crisis may rank very high on that list. 

COVID is like background radiation, dangerous, ever-present, but not deadly for most, with basic precautions. Yet COVID isolation contributes to record drug abuse, suicides, public anxiety, and in a new twist, drug abusers – especially of marijuana – are more vulnerable to COVID. See, e.g., Substance use during the pandemic;  Addiction increases risk of COVID breakthrough: studySubstance abuse raises risks of COVID after vaccination — especially if it’s weed

Crime is high, homicides hitting records, but localized and resolvable. 

Still, much is tied to drug trafficking, gang warfare, drug-induced offenses. Justice even attributes between 61 and 92 percent of domestic abuse to substance abuse, much of that tied to drugs. See, e.g., Exploring the Connection Between Domestic Violence and Addiction

Open borders are infuriating, highly threatening, flout the law, threaten public health, safety, and electoral integrity. Yet they also feed the national drug crisis, record foreign drugs – in every state. See, e.g., Opioid Summaries by State

Afghanistan seems far away, a big concern still saving Americans and allies left by Biden and preventing a new terror attack. But the country is also a major producer of high purity heroin. See, e.g., Profits and poppy: Afghanistan’s illegal drug trade a boon for Taliban.

Communist China is a threat to world peace, South China Sea and space to trade manipulation, cyber penetration, and nuclear buildout, all demanding vigilance. China – with Mexico – also is a top drug trafficker of deadly fentanyl into America.  See, e.g., Drug seizures of fentanyl, meth see uptick along southwest border: DEA

Socialist ideology is inherently dangerous since it suppresses individual liberties – found in our Bill of Rights – for utopianism. It also promotes – as drug legalizers have – moral relativity, lawlessness, indulgence over self-discipline, dependence over self-reliance, falsity over truth.

Three points: First, these threats are all real. Second, all six contribute to the nation’s drug crisis – COVID isolation creating addiction, disinterest in crime allowing distribution, open borders for trafficking, Afghan heroin, Chinese fentanyl, and socialism which abides lawlessness.  

Third – the big one – recent CDC data show 93,000 young Americans died from high-potency narcotics last year. Sources at the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) concede the number is far higher, at least 96,000 – before counting drugged driving, drug-related suicides, shootings, domestic abuse deaths. 

So, back to military protocol – and where the drug crisis should rank. So-called “defense readiness conditions,” or DEFCON levels, go from 5 (“normal readiness”) to 1 (“maximum readiness, immediate response.”  See, e.g., DEFCON

While we could put other crises on this same scale, and some may also warrant DEFCON 1, the loss of 96,000 young Americans last year makes this crisis a clear candidate for DEFCON 1.  

The drug crisis may seem “old hat” to some, but to families and individuals in the line of fire – and the entire nation is now in the line of fire – loss of a loved one overnight to an overdose, drug-related traffic deaths, suicides, shootings, assaults, robbery, burglaries, carjackings, or other downstream effects – can feel like genuine combat, with relentless incoming, a near nuclear war. 

So, yes, we have much to concern ourselves about, all vectoring back to a crying need for principled, competent, accountable leadership. Yes, all crises are real, and all require action. 

But the drug crisis is now becoming central – fed and feeding others – with a terrible death toll. As synthetic opioids – including Chinese and Mexican fentanyl – drive record deaths, should we not sit up, understand this crisis is DEFCON 1, demands “maximum readiness, immediate response?”

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2 years ago

I wonder why we never see the numbers for murdered babies in these articles. That is one of the biggest crimes against humanity.

2 years ago

Thanks for your article. All the crises are pertinent, each snowballing into each other one way or another. What is COVID? Nothing more than FLU. Keep your immune system healthy. Masks have been worthless, if you smell odors through the mask, it won’t keep COVID out. Remember the outbreak last year, CDC told doctors to put patients on respiratory devices and what happen, the wrong solution led to many deaths. The COVID vaccines are a joke. Doctors have asked for contents/ingredients of the vaccines and have been denied. Independent researchers have found not one part of the COVID strains are in these vaccines. These researchers have found that the vaccines have been designed to attack certain parts of the human anatomy. There has been a rise of breast, ovarian, colon and testicle cancers this year in persons that have had the vaccine shots. This situation is the same sterilization process that the Nazis used during WWII against their undesirables. Will these independent research findings be published? Doubt it. The Government and CDC are working hard to suppress this information from the public.

James Thompson
James Thompson
2 years ago

The City of Seattle has decided,in all of it’s glory, to make hallucinajens a misdemeanor. You can also get free dope and needles with a safe place to shoot up.
So why is it there is a drug crisis? They want us all stoned stupid or dead.

2 years ago

We created this horrific drug crisis when we over regulated prescriptions of opioids! Now people must buy from the street dealers rather than a legit pharmacy and are getting killed in the process. The means do not justify the ends.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
2 years ago

Why cant the U.S. make it’s own drugs. ??? Go back to isolation ,and forget about all this global stuff. Kyle L.

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