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In an Epic Election – Do All You Can

Posted on Monday, November 2, 2020
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles

electionAs we approach this epic election – and it is epic, it will affect the future profoundly – the instinct drifts over me to look ahead, so as to solemnly look back.  The reason my mind goes there, I think, is to encourage me – and I suppose you – to take time, energy, and effort to get anyone we know to vote – and not to miss the chance.  Our Founders would expect as much.

The American poet John Greenleaf Whittier, scribbled: “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.’”  We face an election this week – which will deliver not four years, but impact for perhaps four decades – or more.

If there were ever an important election – one worth stopping for, using all remaining hours to think who may need help voting, making something good happen, it is probably this one.

Typically, 50 percent of eligible voters vote.  In 2016, we set a record – with 60 percent, or 139 million.  In 2020, we are on track to see another record – good for participatory democracy, but either good or profoundly bad for the future of this great nation, as a constitutional republic.

The stakes are incontrovertibly high. While different parts of the population read them differently, every indication is that we are in the teeth of a battle for the future. The battle is based on two starkly different visions of America – one governed top down, increasingly centralized, powerful, led by an increasingly unaccountable federal government, the other bottom up, led by The People – emphasis on rights scratched on parchment, which appeared in 1789.

These core rights – centered on individuals, not identity groups or government – lie at the heart of this 2020 election.  If America is to remain a liberty-loving constitutional republic, centered on representative democracy and a Bill of Rights, we must stand up for the rights, or lose them.

And what – so we recall – are they?  The Bill of Rights includes our First Amendment rights to free speech, free exercise of religion, and unrestricted assembly, Second’s right to keep and bear arms, Fourth’s promise we are secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects, free from unreasonable searches and seizures, Fifth’s due process before loss of life, liberty or property, plus protection of private property, Sixth’s assurance of public trial, impartial jury, right to face our accusers, Eighth’s bar to cruel and unusual punishments, protections against forfeiture, and Ninth’s and Tenth’s carve out of rights reserved to The People and the States.

The new Democrat Party, self-described as socialist, is centered on a vision hostile to many – if not all – of these rights.  There is no question about the position of party leaders.  The modern Democrat platform and positions put this crop so far outside mainstream America, our history, constitutional law, and devotion to individual liberty, that old standard bearers like Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Humbert Humphrey, let alone America’s founders would be in shock.

The contrast is stark – which is why this election is critical to the future, and the nation most Americans love.  That is why we must encourage friends and relatives, neighbors and anyone who wishes to stand and counted, willing to preserve these liberties, to vote. This is the hour.

A short story makes my point, succinctly.  Years ago, I worked for a congressman confident in victory – as he sought higher office.  He was honest, chipper, cheerful as primary day came. He felt sure results would go his way, so he could turn big guns on the general.  He was sure.  Many who might have did not bother to vote. They knew he would win.  And guess what? He lost.

I recall sitting in his office, after the loss.  He waited for the phone to ring.  For a while it did, people saying they “would have voted” if they had only known … how close it was.  After a while, no phones rang. He shuffled papers. He had lost. He might not have, but he did.

Memory sends shivers, for a reason.  Destiny – as a nation – is in our hands.  We cannot take for granted that others will save us from the grips of socialist control.  We cannot let the moment pass, without assuring we have done all possible – to preserve liberty, lovingly passed to us.

My glance ahead – so you know – is not because I think we will lose, but because we could.    It is to prevent us from losing. Donald Trump should with a mandate.  But to make that happen, we must act – together and with commitment – to assure those who can vote, do.  The future is ours.

In that simple vote, is the power to change our future – for better or worse.  We can – and we must – preserve the America we love.  Socialists know they have a shot at upending our Republic.  They are trying.  They are using violence.  If they win at the polls, they have power. We must understand, take stock of freedom – and then vote.  That is how constitutional democracies survive.  That is what our Founders expected us to behave – in epic elections.

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3 years ago

Excellent article and all completely true. That 40 percent of voters that choose to never case a ballot and then complain when the country lunges in the wrong direction always amazes me. The expectation in the minds of these people, that the country can vote into office people who fundamentally hate the country as constituted, and then think nothing bad will actually result, demonstrates a true disconnect from reality. Elections have always had consequences, either good or bad depending the choice of the public, and yet this 40 percent still can’t quite see it.

If people are not motivated to vote in this election and Biden / Harris win, then those that have chosen to sit on the sidelines will get to experience the first-hand horrors of true socialism just like the rest of us. That is after all what the Democrat party is offering on the menu.

I’ve been to a few so-called socialist Utopias around the world and know many people who have escaped from such oppressive countries to come here to the world’s beacon of freedom and personal rights. How anyone in this country can just apathetically refuse to even vote, when billions around the world would die for the chance to vote for the freedoms and rights we have here, is disgusting on so many levels.

Dan W.
Dan W.
3 years ago

This is the most epic election ever….no wait, the most epic election since 1960….no wait, the most epic election since 1964…no wait, the most epic election since 1968….no wait, the most epic election since 1980….no wait, the most epic election since 1992….no wait, the most epic election since 2000….no wait, the most epic election since 2008….no wait, the most epic election since 2016.

Oh well, the country seemed to have survived all of these previous “epics”. It will survive this one too.

3 years ago

ALL VOTES MATTER. If you think you can sit this one out, that your vote doesn’t really matter, that it won’t make a difference…YOU ARE WRONG!! What if 10 people on your street felt the same way…or 50 people in your neighborhood? Those numbers could lose the election for your preferred candidate.


Need some convincing? Watch a few YouTube videos of President Trump and then watch one or two of VP Biden. Simply search “Biden live” or “Trump live”, and you’ll get a list of recent rallies. Trump’s rallies are legendary: the enthusiasm is incredible, with tens of thousands of people attending! I just saw the Biden rally in Cleveland (couldn’t bear to watch the whole thing, so I skipped to the end), and, at the end, the camera showed the people in the “crowd”…yeah, all 60 or 80 of them. Half were security and press!

C’mon, people. Let’s get on the Trump Train!! We can MAGA, but the country needs YOU!

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