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Heritage Releases Plan to Win the ‘New Cold War’ With China

Posted on Tuesday, March 28, 2023
by Outside Contributor
Chinese and American Flag blended together

WASHINGTON—Today, The Heritage Foundation is releasing its most comprehensive set of policy recommendations for how America should respond to the threat from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The special report, “Winning the New Cold War: A Plan for Countering China,” is a major research collaboration reflecting inputs by more than two dozen foreign policy, legal, military, economic, and energy experts from Heritage and other organizations. This plan comes as part of Heritage’s larger efforts to counter the malign influence of the CCP—one of Heritage’s seven policy priorities.

Heritage breaks new ground with the 119-page report, describing the ends, ways, and means to secure America’s future while confronting the greatest external threat the U.S. has faced since the collapse of Soviet Union.

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts said:

“It is time to acknowledge reality: The United States is in a new Cold War with China. It is past time for a strategy—for a whole-of-government and whole-of-society effort—that serves American interests and protects the American people and economy from malicious actions by the Chinese Communist Party. This is not the end of the work, but only just the beginning.”

The report’s editors—James J. Carafano, PhD; Michael Pillsbury, PhD; Jeff M. Smith; and Andrew J. Harding—said:

“To succeed in the new Cold War, this plan calls for sustained U.S. economic growth, greater political will, stronger external partnerships, secure borders, synchronized economic and security policies, resilient supply chains, enhanced military deterrence, and American energy independence. It articulates the steps necessary to: protect the homeland; safeguard U.S. prosperity; diminish China’s capacity to harm the U.S. and hold the CCP accountable; reorient America’s defense posture; and exercise global leadership.”

The report’s comprehensive, ambitious recommendations address the full scope of threats to the U.S. homeland emanating from the Chinese Communist Party. Additionally, in the report’s afterword, Pillsbury, a renowned China scholar, teases a groundbreaking future project to track our competition with the CCP: an unclassified index to assess the relative national power of the U.S. and China.

Further, to aide in implementation, Heritage continues to actively provide expert and technical assistance to state and federal elected officials as they create robust policy reforms, build coalitions of national and international partners dedicated to countering CCP influence, and conduct an extensive awareness and exposure campaign to make one thing clear: the Chinese Communist Party is the most persistent and consequential threat facing the American people today. You can read the report here.

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8 months ago

Thank you AMAC for this article. I always appreciate what any author from the Heritage Foundation writes on any platform. I also appreciate the input from people like PaulE. I would take it a step further and question whether our kids and grandkids really need that new toy or game that was made in China. I know it’s difficult finding even nuts, bolts and nails that are not produced in China now. But I still look and will accept just about any country other than China. Thousands upon thousands of people died fighting communism. I feel we should at the very least honor their efforts with a little effort of our own.

8 months ago

I’ll simplify it for you. Completely undo everything the Biden administration has done over the last 2 years, Repeal every spending bill passed by Congress during the same time frame. Undo every regulation and new program created under Team Biden. Unfund it all and fire the federal employees added along the way. That is just a start to get us back to where we were before Biden. Anything short of that is just spinning our wheels.

Then we would have to create economic incentives to bring critical industries essentially for the 21st century back to the United States or at least relocate them to friendlier countries than China. This is a huge lift, because it took Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama to dig us into this mess over decades. So this will require the American people being able to tolerate some pain for an extended period of time (decades to finish this up).

joe mchugh
joe mchugh
7 months ago

The Heritage Foundation has a seven point plan of action to counter the economic threat of China.
Psst! Not one of those points would be remotely effective now, or over the long run.

With all due humility, I suggest a two point plan that would absolutely stop China in its tracks and even cause a complete collapse of the Chinese Communist Government.

1) Stop all trade whit China in micro electronic chips immediately, and let our other trading partners know that any such chip sales to China would jeopardize their American market permissions.

2) Apply differential tariffs on ALL products made in china that are sold in the United States. A differential tariff is one that causes the price of a Chinese product to be identical to one that could be profitably made in America.

Oh, and if the tariffs prove to be too slow to take effect, increase the specific tariff impact until market demand creates an opportunity for domestic manufacture.

One more thing, any domestic company that would owe its start up to the protective umbrella of tariffs, would be prohibited from signing any union labor agreement. Otherwise the American consumer would be victimized by artificially higher than justified product prices. Not to worry workers, there would be such a demand for your labor that companies would be compelled to offer decent wages to entice your interest.

Hey, if the Heritage Foundation feels the need my services as a consultant, I can be induced to provide such service for an agreed upon contract. Wait, ………. oops! I just tipped my hand, didn’t I?

7 months ago

Te plan is to destroy America. Thank you Heritage, but this administration wants to do to us what was done to Bolsonaro.

7 months ago

Its easy, instead of spending billions on Ukraine, increase our military budget by the same amount, & cut all funding for CRT training, Woke BS, and Gender crap and use it to buy updated weapons STARTING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It won’t happen though because the Biden crime family needs those millions that China is paying to them

Bob L.
Bob L.
7 months ago

Communist China’s empowerment began when Henry Kissinger convinced President Nixon to recognize them, thus leading to Communist China replacing the legitimate government of China – the Republic of China at the UN. The ROC has been in exile on the island of Taiwan since 1949, having been driven from the mainland by the communists. Our subversion by communist China took a huge leap when they became our “most favored” trading partner during Bill Clinton’s administration. They have since come to dominate our supply of consumer goods, both non-essential as well as essential, most notably an 80% share of pharmaceutical needs. The Chicoms have been buying up farmlands and food processing and distribution companies IN the U.S. Their “investment”/ownership in our economy has been expanding into numerous business fields to the point it can almost be stated that they OWN us.

The only way we can hope to win will have to be through retaking ownership and supply of everything they now own/control both on our shore or that is being shipped from China. If they decided to just stop shipping the massive number and amount of goods those giant ships carry to our shores, they would cause crippling havoc to everyday life in America. It took decades for them to force our industries into moving out of the U.S. or just go out of business all together and it will take decades to rebuild our manufacturing base again. If war breaks out, we don’t have that base to shift into a wartime footing as we had just before entering WW II.

Simply put – We need to break off all dependence for our needs from communist China and force them to sell all ownership and management of American business. Any remaining trade should be greatly restricted, protecting American suppliers from unfair the business practices that has decimated our domestic industrial and business environment over the last 30 years.

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