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Donald Trump Jr. — America Has Become a “Scary Place”

Posted on Friday, May 27, 2022
by AMAC, John Grimaldi
donald trump jr

A recent Newsweek Magazine report noted that “Ohio’s primary elections caught the eyes of politicians and pundits alike, as the nation prepared to test just how strong former President Donald Trump’s grip remains over the Republican Party. But the outcome of the crowded and expensive GOP Senate race also revealed the political influence Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump, Jr., has, and hinted at how successful he could be should he mount his own run for office.” 

Trump Jr. put his bet on candidate J.D. Vance, and sure enough, Vance won. As the Newsweek article put it, “Vance’s victory in the primary illustrates the power of Trump Jr.’s political influence and signals that the eldest of the Trump children could make a compelling Republican candidate himself.”

In a recent interview with AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber on her popular Better For America podcast, Trump the younger offered his take regarding a spectrum of issues and concerns on the minds of voters as we approach the 2022 midterm elections.

As regards the progressive control of the administration and Congress, he said that America has become a “scary place to be” under the administration of President Biden. However, he said there is cause for optimism. “The veil has been lifted” and has exposed the fact they have “a trillion-dollar mainstream media complex functioning as their marketing department [that has been] protecting the Left from their insanity, making sure that people don’t see what their policies are really about.” But now, the consequences of their socialist designs are evident, such as “8.5% pay cuts due to inflation…which is probably more like 25% in terms of real cost increases.”  

What caused this inflationary cycle is the overwhelming presence of progressives in Congress. “You can’t be an elected national figure anymore on the left at this point without being a radical. You know, there are still moderate Democrats in America. They’re just not running for office,” Trump Jr. explained. He further noted how “they can’t get the California money that gets them into office or the New York money that gets them elected.” Thus, moderate Democrats are few and far between.

There is a consensus that social media, which tends to put a leftist spin on the news, has become the chosen news source, particularly among younger generations. It has become a critical element of the Left in increasing its messaging and following. To counter those “fake news” sources, Don Jr. recently created a new social media outlet, MxM News App.

In announcing the creation of the MxM (“minute by minute”) News app, he noted that “As I travel around the country, the complaint I hear more than almost anything else is that people don’t know what media outlets, journalis,ts or stories they can actually trust…We created the MxM News app to help people cut through that clutter and get trustworthy news and information about topics that matter and impact their lives. We view it as an important public service and also believe it will be a great business.”

During his interview with AMAC’s Weber, he said that the app began growing its audience on day one, explaining that in the first two weeks after its debut, MxM had an audience that was already approaching one million subscribers. This news app is particularly important in reaching out to young voters and soon-to-be voters.

Social media is, perhaps, the best way to reach these generations and, as Don Jr, put it, “I think there’s a lot of future for young conservatives.” As he helps these young conservatives, he notes that there are a lot more young conservatives than some may think.

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
2 years ago

Lock & Load time

Sally Tenney
Sally Tenney
2 years ago

Yes, I have thought for a ling time that Don Trump Jr. should run for public office!

2 years ago

This is merely an ad for Donald Trump Jr’s new app.
What is the point of this article? Don Jr. thinks the world is scary. I don’t. So what?

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