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D-Day and the Truth about Transgenderism

Posted on Wednesday, June 7, 2023
by Dr. Sebastian Gorka

This week sees the 79th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, the largest amphibious landing in history, involving more than 24,000 men fighting for the survival of our Civilization. 

We remember what these GIs did for us because of the stakes involved: nothing less than the enslavement of Europe, the completion of Hitler’s “Final Solution,” and the destruction of the free World. 

Would today’s American warfighters be as committed to such a mission? Not judging by their leaders.

Carlos Del Toro is the Biden Administration’s Secretary of the Navy, the civilian in charge of the greatest Maritime fighting force in the World. With a war raging in Europe, China resurgent, and Afghanistan back in the hands of the Taleban, what are his priorities? Keeping global sea-lanes free? Making sure Americans can sleep safely in our beds? No. His priorities are homosexuality and sexual Transgenderism. 

In his Memorandum to the Fleet, disseminated just 4 days ago, Del Toro makes it clear what is important to him and “his Navy.” Secretary Del Toro tells all those under him to celebrate the theme of “Peace, Love [and] Revolution,” and commemorate “the Stonewall Riots of 1969” so LGBTQI+ individuals can “discover and celebrate their inherent pride.”

And there I was thinking the only job of the US Navy was to prepare for war, and win said war should it prove inevitable.

Apparently, the Pentagon is now about “Love,” and “Revolution,” (against what I wonder?) and being proud about homosexuality, Transgenderism and Intersexuality. (That’s the “I” in LGBTQI+, if you didn’t know.)

How is this injection of political correctness and woke ideology perceived by our enemies? How does Moscow, or Beijing look upon this all? 

Perhaps we could ask the captain of the Communist Chinese naval vessel that just harassed our US Naval destroyer in the Straits of Taiwan. 

How did we get here? How do we live in a world where the Navy hires a Drag Queen as a recruiter, and we have a month to “celebrate” where Americans put their sexual organs, but just one single day to remember our fallen heroes? 

Not long ago cross-dressing was reserved for pantomimes and comedy shows. Remember corporal Klinger from M.A.S.H.? 

Or what about Monty Python and the classic scene from The Life of Brian, in which Stan, one of the Palestinian revolutionaries, says he wants to have babies and be called “Loretta.” That was hilarious, one of the Python crews best ever skits. 

But now, for pride month, Glamour magazine just put a “pregnant man” on its cover. Here’s the picture

A few years ago, saying a man could have a baby was a joke, or if you believed it you’d be deemed demented. Today, if you deny the possibility it’s “hate speech.” In fact Python team member John Cleese is under pressure to delete the “Loretta scene” from his new theatrical version of the 1979 movie. Of course Cleese, who has no truck with Left-Wing censorship is refusing to bow as the altar of perverted propaganda. Good for him. 

But the sexual radicals have inveigled themselves into all facets of life, from fake Transgender “women” like Dylan Mulvaney becoming the face of Bud-Light, to Target stocking transgender children’s swimsuits for little boys to pretend to be girls, and even the beloved L.A. Dodgers hosting and celebrating the blasphemous anti-Christian Drag Queen troupe, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  

And it’s not just a political infection of US business or our favorite national sports. It’s also our children being targeted directly. 

From public school administrators and principles thinking it is OK to subject young children to pornographic and pedophilic materials in school, to hospitals and “doctors” performing operations on minors to “transition” them, mutilating and sterilizing them in the process, we are facing a truly diabolic tide. 

Some states are fighting back and banning such inhuman practices, abuse redolent of what Nazis would do to children in the labor camps and death camps of WWII. Bravo to Louisiana, and Oklahoma, and activists like Matt Walsh who speak the Truth and have forced hospitals to suspend this systemic abuse

Even erstwhile liberals like Elon Musk have publicly stated that anyone performing such “surgery” on a child should be imprisoned for life. Good for him.

What about you? Are you engaged? Have you attended the local school-board meeting to apply pressure on the radicals targeting our children and grandchildren? Are you stepping up? They say a civilization is measured in part by how it treats the most vulnerable in society, especially innocent children. Did the GIs on the Normandy Beaches die for this America?

Sebastian Gorka Ph.D. is host of SALEM Radio’s AMERICA First and The Gorka Reality Check on NEWSMAX TV. A former Strategist to President Donald Trump, he is a member of the National Security Education Board of the Pentagon. His latest book is The War for America’s Soul. Follow him on his SubStack page and website

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