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Behind the Curtain of Election Fraud

Posted on Friday, December 4, 2020
by Outside Contributor

electionNY Times best-selling author Kenneth R. Timmerman is the author of Deception: The Making of the YouTube Video Hillary and Obama blamed for Benghazi, and 10 other works of non-fiction. The Election Heist, a fictional account of the 2020 election published in August, is his fourth published novel.

For the past month, our nation has been living through a real life version of The Wizard of Oz – or, if you prefer, my book, The Election Heist.

One of the beauties of fiction is that you get to see behind the curtain, to see the moving force – or personality – behind what otherwise might be a series of unconnected events.

In real life, we only see disjointed events that take place outside the curtain. When journalists and prosecutors still did their job, occasionally some of them would “connect the dots” so we could see how those events were part of a larger pattern. But even then, only rarely do we see the Wizard behind the curtain, howling into the microphone and pulling the levers of his animated world. Instead, we get duped by the smoke and mirrors of his deception.

In real life, we are told that prosecutors need “probable cause” to launch a criminal investigation. And if concerned citizens and private lawyers feel compelled to investigate what they believe is the greatest fraud ever committed on the American people, they get brushed away as conspiracy-theorists, crackpots, and tin-foil hats.

Just turn on CNN, MSNBC, or any other corporate media so-called “news” broadcast and you will see an impressive cast of characters summoned to repeat to us day after day that there is no such thing as election fraud. They believe this because our most trusted government officials have told them so, and we should believe them because they know things we can’t possibly understand. That is the unambiguous message of this condescending video posted just weeks before the election by FBI Director Christopher Wray, urging Americans to trust in the election process.

And don’t be an ankle-biting Toto, trying to pull away the curtain on Chris Krebs, that honorable custodian of the electronic Fort Knox of our nation’s democracy. Don’t dare suggest that he is just another piece of the wizard’s deception, working hand-in-glove with representatives of the companies whose voting machines were either hacked or designed to flip votes.

As former federal prosecutor Phill Kline said at a recent press conference where he introduced whistleblowers who witnessed massive mail-in ballot manipulation, we need to think of this election as a crime scene. “Crimes do not occur with people watching. In fact, most people don’t want to be watched when they commit a crime,” Kline said.

So what do prosecutors – and investigative reporters do? They “put together logical conclusions based on the information we have.” In other words, they use circumstantial evidence.

There is literally tons of it on the public record from recent hearings before the state legislatures in Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. That should give reporters and investigators sufficient probable cause that crimes were committed and a massive fraud occurred during this election. (And don’t forget: under the Election Law in every state I’ve looked at, most of the crimes we’re looking at are felonies).

But where to begin? Who holds the key? Perhaps the FBI could start by following the money. After all, if a massive scheme spanning at least six swing states actually occurred, involving the injection of hundreds of thousands of phony ballots into voting centers in the dead of night, that is a significant operation that must have cost real money.

We’re talking tractor trailors packed with ballots criss-crossing the country, tens of thousands of activists and paid poll workers, corrupt election officials and USPS supervisors, and whatever bribes or cash injection it may have taken to gain control over the companies who make and run the electronic voting equipment.

Would $400 million be a good guess at how much it would cost to buy an election in 2020 America?

I wonder who came up with that number when they asked Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg to donate $400 million to left-wing nonprofits under the guise of promoting “safe and secure” elections?

I wonder who instructed Zuckerberg to give the bulk of that money – $350 million – to a left-wing group called the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL). “Prior to Zuckerberg’s donations, CTCL’s annual operating expenses averaged less than $1 million per year,” according to former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell. “How was Zuckerberg even aware of such a small-potatoes operation, and why did he entrust it with 7/8 of the money he was pouring into this election cycle, despite the fact that it had no prior experience handling such a massive amount of money?”

Zuckerberg may be the money, but I doubt he is the mastermind. That’s why the FBI should start by questioning him as to who convinced him to provide the cash they needed for this massive, multi-state, vote-stealing scheme.

They also might want to examine October 2020 SEC filings that reveal another $400 million payment – this time by a Swiss investment bank owned by the Chinese Communist government to the holding company that recently bought Dominion Voting Systems. While they are at it, they might examine evidence that the Chinese Communist party has been funding U.S. activist groups affiliated with “Seed the Vote” in a massive nation-wide effort to “defeat Trump” by inflating the voter rolls in swing states.

In my fiction, The Election Heist, the mastermind has a face. He has a name. And the person he hires to insert patches into the voting machines that subtly alter their vote-counting algorithm also has a face and a name.

It’s rare to find those people in real life, but not impossible.

It’s time for the FBI and the Department of Justice to do their job.

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3 years ago

“It’s time for the FBI and the Department of Justice to do their job.”

Just about everyone on our side, including President Trump, has been demanding that both of these federal bureaucracies do their jobs since the morning of November 4th, 2020. To date all we’ve received as a response is one lame memo from AG Barr and a recent quote from him stating he sees no evidence of systemic voter fraud. Even as hundreds of instances of massive voter fraud, across all six states in question, have been presented over the last month. Even video evidence has been produced. Yet all we get from both the DOJ and the FBI is crickets.

I guess it is really kind of hard for AG Barr to see much of anything, as he is busy cleaning out his office in preparation for whomever Biden’s puppet masters select for as the next AG. The only question remaining is which network will give AG Barr a fat consulting contract to appear on their network come 2021 after selling out the American people. No doubt he will also be getting a lucrative book deal as well. That seems to be the path the Democrats use to funnel money to those that aid their agenda.

3 years ago

As I’ve stated before and I will KEEP stating it:

Old Biddy Biden DOESN’T BELONG IN the White House … instead HE BELONGS IN the Big House!!!

Along with his brother and son, Hunter!

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