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AMAC Magazine Exclusive: Trump’s Secret Sauce

Posted on Friday, April 5, 2024
by The Association of Mature American Citizens

If you wanted to discover the secret sauce or X-factor that makes Donald Trump the irrepressible figure in American culture that he is, where would you look? Some would march straight to 725 Fifth Avenue, the address of Donald Trump’s namesake tower. However, as impressive as Trump Tower may be, it is not the place where his secret seasoning was first formulated…

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1 month ago

President Trump’s personality may not be as pleasing as some may wish it to be, but we need to be led by someone who has proven to perform at a high level in managing our country’s affairs, and, especially, in making sure we are solidly positioned – both economically and in regard to our national security.
Clearly, “President” Biden has intentionally failed us, due to his political motives that diminish the rights, wealth, safety and morale of Americans who still love our country – and what it was before President Biden was… “elected”. President Trump is our chance at redemption from this abysmal state that our nation is in, and I hope we all support him in his campaign. Now appears to be our last chance to escape this irreversible death trap where ignorance, poor judgement, and governmental corruption has placed us. I hope we all work hard to keep the bright future that is now so terribly threatened.

1 month ago

If Trump loses, it’s all over for the USA.

Don m
Don m
1 month ago

Really interesting article! I guess Trump isn’t the “boogeyman” he’s being portrayed as. Good for him—and us!

Jon Cappa
Jon Cappa
29 days ago

This article makes me wonder if there are two people by the name of Donald Trump. I am very familiar with Norman Vincent Peale who has had a big influence on my life. He taught the principals of positive faith. A true faith, based on belief in a loving God that is for us and not against us. Norman Vincent Peale was a man of integrity and he lived out the principals that he taught.
Donald Trump is the worst example of Christianity I have ever seen. In fact if he claims to be Christian, then he will do more harm than good to the Christian faith, because anyone with discernment will want nothing to do with what ever Trump claims he is. Most people don’t see him as Christian because his actions are so drastically opposite of the teachings of Jesus Christ and of Norman Vincent Peale and of what we have all been taught all our lives as what is decent and good behavior.
You said in your article that because Trump attacks individuals he is somehow taking the highroad because he is not attacking groups. This shows that you are not familiar with Norman Vincent Peale’s teachings or those of Jesus Christ. Donald Trump is a name caller like a Jr High School age boy would be, and doesn’t treat people with human dignity. He is boastful and arrogant with no sign of humility. He is always praising himself. He crosses the line of where right and wrong is constantly which is why is has so many court cases to deal with.
Please don’t drag Norman Vincent Peale’s reputation down into the mud. He was an honorable man that is highly respected and that many of us to this day still find inspiration from his words and actions.

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