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A Call for Veterans to ‘Stand in the Gap’

Posted on Thursday, July 23, 2020
by Paul Gardiner

If there ever was a time for America’s approximately 20 million military veterans to “stand in the gap,” it is now. Veterans are an important part of America’s warrior class and as such are urgently needed to combat and overcome the many forces currently arrayed against the nation.

Veterans also have a very important role to play in visibly and tangibly supporting our police and sheriffs who are experiencing unprecedented hardships and challenges. These hardships include increasing numbers of officers being attacked and murdered, mass resignations, low recruitment, and reductions in essential funding.

Veterans have much “skin in the game” regarding their service and sacrifices for America. Veterans swore an oath, a lifelong oath, to protect and defend the United States Constitution and, consequently, the American way of life.

When it comes to protecting their country with its cherished liberties and freedoms, veterans are not concerned about being called “racist” or other derogatory terms — duty, honor, and country are what truly matter to America’s veterans. The great majority of veterans realize that in reality, America belongs to ALL citizens, not just white people as constantly preached by members of various protest movements and radical left groups.

As of July 2020, it has become blatantly oblivious that First Amendment rights are under a concerted, severe attack. Many people believe these attacks are coming from both domestic and foreign enemies such as the violent antifa organization, certain members of the media, the entertainment industry, academic/societal intelligentsia, and certain off-shore wealthy individuals and entities.

Due to fears of being called a racist and/or experiencing various reprisals, there has yet to be a well-coordinated, comprehensive counter-narrative to the anti-American rhetoric spewing from the mouths of many American youth. Such a counter-narrative needs to be designed to win the hearts and minds of young Americans in such a manner that they realize the need to cherish the unique God-given freedoms and liberties that are guaranteed to them in America.

Also equally important is the need for a counter-narrative to the anti-American, socialist/Marxist teachings of many teachers and college professors. How this narrative will be delivered throughout America will require innovative use of social media and other outlets/delivery systems willing to cooperate.

Needless to say, it is way past time for the current volatile situation in America to change, and this article maintains that America’s veterans need to assert themselves to play a strategic leadership role in causing this change to happen.

It is well documented that much of the unrest experienced in numerous American cities is caused by young, well-educated Americans who believe they are standing up for social justice and the rights of minority citizens. They have been led to believe that America’s founding and subsequent constitutional republic was and is corrupt and illegitimate. For the most part, these beliefs are infused into these young people’s minds by many teachers and professors at numerous American colleges and universities, even at the secondary-school level.

In this regard, much recently has been said about the need for greater social justice in America. There is no doubt that greater sensitivity, fairness, equity, and respect between and among different ethnic and racial groups are truly needed. But is this all that social justice encompasses, or is there more to it?

As described herein, there is indeed much more to the meaning of social justice as it is taught and discussed in many American schools and colleges/universities today. As explained below, the subject of social justice has a meaning that is a truly sinister, anti-American meaning loaded with Marxist/communist ideology that is being infused into young minds.

Political commentator Dr. James Lindsay is a leading authority about what is being taught to many American youth regarding social justice and other associated subjects. Dr. Lindsay states the following: “Where Marxist revolutionaries believed that power was tied up in wealth, and so step one was to seize the means of production, their immediate successors of today, the critical revolutionaries, seize the means of cultural production to include education, art, media, language, and social media, to name a few.” A presentation by Doctor Lindsay can be viewed here.

Overall, Dr. Lindsay includes the subject of social justice under the banner of an ideology called critical social justice/critical theory. He offers the following observations:

  1. American youth are being taught that social justice requires the rejection of human freedom for the greater good, which means we have to do away with freedom so that people do not make bad decisions and choose the wrong things.
  2. American youth are being taught that they should not follow the dictates of their own conscious or their own best judgment. The freedom to speak, think, and make choices obscures and maintains oppression in society.
  3. American youth learn that nothing can long survive a persistent enough, cynical critique and constant barrage of criticism. In this regard, critical theory can be applied to literally anything, and the cynical criticism does not have to be understood.
  4. A key goal of the critical revolutionaries, i. e., numerous college/university professors and secondary-school teachers, is to “infect, unsettle, and disrupt traditional and entrenched fields by training students to be ‘human viruses’” to establish a new order.
  5. Another key goal is to get “a large enough group of people to complain constantly that society is unfair and unjust and is cheating them — do not have to offer solutions, just keep complaining.”
  6. The teachings of social justice “are just one more in a long line of ugly power grabs allegedly designed for our own good; human freedom needs to be replaced by something better, something where people in power determine what is right and wrong for everyone.”

Dr. Lindsay maintains that social justice/critical theory being taught to American youth “is a means of applying uniformed and cynical criticism to cause social and political revolution. It exists to limit freedom, to control thoughts and actions for our own good which it says we can’t be trusted to know.”

Critical social justice typically is espoused and taught by people sometimes described as self-righteous — people who are convinced that they are endowed with special knowledge and know what is best for everyone. Critical social justice seeks to change the very fabric of society — in other words, cause social revolution.

In conclusion, patriotic Americans have much work to do to combat and overcome the many years of Marxist indoctrination that millions of American youth have received. It is truly time to call out and confront the many Marxist elements and individuals teaching the youth of the nation and filling their minds with dangerous Marxist/communist ideology. Additionally, the nation’s police and sheriffs need much tangible support due to the continual attacks on and murders of officers, defunding efforts, mass retirements, poor recruitment results, and other negative situations.

In order to accomplish the above objectives and missions, strong, effective leadership is required. This article maintains that elements of the nation’s 20 million veterans need to step up and provide this leadership. America’s warrior class needs to be meaningfully engaged in the cultural hot war currently going on in America.

Among other things, an entirely new veterans organization may be needed to provide the necessary leadership and coordination with and among various patriotic individuals and organizations throughout America. Such an organization might be called Veterans Alliance for Law and Order, or VALOR for short.

For the sake of our great nation, it is time to make the above happen.

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3 years ago


3 years ago

Here’s an idea, which of course will go no where because it would quickly get things under control, so obviously it won’t fly:
The root problem of the growing, out of control violence and looting occurring in our major Democrat run states and cities is the Democrat elected officials running them. Whether it be the Democrat Governor, who refuses to call out the National Guard to restore order, or the Democrat City Mayor and his or her Democrat City Council, who orders the police to stand down as chaos is allowed to run rampant. The root problem is elected officials who have chosen to ignore their oath of office and side with their Marxist brothers and sisters in trying to transform this country into the glorious socialist Utopia of their dreams.
So the most expedient means to stop this all in its tracks would be for a well-armed, well-trained citizen militia of several hundred veterans per the 20 or so largest Democrat run states and cities to make a citizens arrest of those Democrat officials who have chosen to disregard their oaths of office. Physically removing all of them from office. Forcing them to sign resignation papers and then turning them over to federal law enforcement to stand trial for being willing and active accomplices to all the violence, arson, looting and murders they helped facilitate by ordering the police to stand down. The Trump administration can then appoint temporary Governors, Mayors and other officials until the people can elect responsible replacements. Wll the media and the Democrats scream bloody murder non-stop? Sure, just like they do every time they don’t get their way. So what? I live in New Jersey and the federal government has had to essentially take over a number of cities over the years due to rampant corruption or out of control violence. So there is legal case law on the books allowing for at least the city tale-over part.
The alternative is to simply allow the Democrats to continue as they are going. Crime escalating out of control. Murders increasing. Night after night of arson and looting with the police told to “just let it all play out”, as the Democrat officials deny anything is wrong. Like I said, my idea would get things quickly back under control, but because ot is NOT politically correct (can’t offend the media and the Democrats who have helped facilitate all of this), it won’t fly.

Bill Carson
Bill Carson
3 years ago

America’s veterans are the true one percenters…

3 years ago

Unfortunately, I’m seeing a lot of veterans supporting the protesters and saying things like, “These are exactly the freedoms I was fighting for when we liberated Europe.” I am too young to have fought in WW2 and obviously I’m no big fan of Hitler, but I do believe that those who were involved in that war ended up being brainwashed into believing excessively in things like freedom of speech or the right to assemble. I’ve even seen WW2 vets say that they support antifa because they, too, were fighting fascists back in the day! So sad to see such wrongheaded thinking. People who equate fascism with Hitler are so narrow-minded. The kind of fascism that President Trump is utilizing is the kind that maintains order and ensures a flourishing business economy. “Freedom” is not a given; you have to honor your President and behave correctly in order to earn it. It’s a shame that our so-called “Greatest Generation” don’t understand this.

3 years ago

I use to like this site but I’m getting tired of people like “Misty and “PaulE” who are obviously liberal trolls meant to make the rest pf of us folk look ridiculous. Cant really tell whose who anymore. Sad to say good bye to a former good spot on the web
Also what is the “im not a robot” business about. Frustrating.

Harry J Welsh
Harry J Welsh
3 years ago

Most of the WWII vets I knew are already gone and those who are left are likely sick of our ridiculous politics, not interested in wasting their time on todays nonsense.
My own war was Vietnam, We were supposedly trying to halt the advancement of communism. Now, our schools are treating it as if it were the second coming. From my point of view veterans have been betrayed by many of the people who sent us to war.
I have always been aware that we must do something to earn our keep, it is called work. That means to actually contribute to the production of something of value. Simply going to school does not accomplish this, if todays education is to result in non-production then there is no reason for the public to support it. I suggest removing Government loans for higher education and let these communists have no audience.
We must seek common sense.

3 years ago

When I was a civilian I stood with 12,000 Vietnam veterans and protested again the government to save American lives from a disastrous system that was crumbling before our eyes and got fired from my job. The American people cheered the government for destroying our lives.Veterans are a mixture of American society. We come in all colors, beliefs and abilities. Most veterans have seen that most Americans don’t care about safety, honor, duty or country. We can’t even get them to wear masks. And what ever organization you come up with will have an opposing organization with similar goals presented a little different way. When I retired from the military I integrated in to the general society. I support the candidate of my choice and vote – and it ain’t Biden…..

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