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President Trump’s Historic Bronx Rally

Posted on Friday, May 24, 2024
by Matt Kane

President Donald Trump’s rally in the Bronx yesterday was a historic display of support for a Republican in a deeply Democrat area. During his first White House bid in 2016, Trump received just 9 percent of the Bronx vote, totaling 34,000 votes. Estimates from last night’s rally project approximately 25,000 supporters descended upon Crotona Park to listen to what the 45th president had to say to his native city, signaling a noteworthy hunger for change in the area.

Since early spring, President Trump has been largely confined to New York City thanks to the politically motivated case he finds himself at the center of. He has bemoaned that one of the many reasons for bringing the case against him was to keep him off the campaign trail in key swing states. However, if last night is any indication, it appears that Trump may be shifting New York into a tossup state, as spontaneous visits to city fire departments and bodegas, in addition to yesterday’s rally, prove Trump is viewed far more favorably in the area than most were previously aware of.

While disgraceful, Trump himself would agree that the lawfare is helping him politically in the region, as he is turning it into an opportunity to connect with voters he otherwise might not have reached. AMAC spoke with numerous Bronx residents in attendance, and there were a variety of reasons resonating with people in the area as to why they are supporting President Trump.

Many New York City residents saw yesterday as an opportunity to rally in defense of Trump, viewing his situation as political persecution.

“…people know what he stands for. Everybody I talk to says ‘TRUMP!’ So, people are gonna come out and vote for him,” said Kevin Jones, a long-time Bronx native.

Another strong sentiment from local residents was that despite his incredible wealth, they truly view Trump as a relatable man of the people.

“He came to my community. When he was in, he did good for the neighborhood; everybody was making money,” said Avil Garcia, who lived just blocks away from the rally site.

Said another local resident, “We do like him over here. My neighborhood likes him, we do not listen to the fake news. Trump is part of the culture here, he’s always around. And you know what? He’s funny. Keep the jokes coming.”

For many, the belief that Trump was in touch with the “average” American extended into his time in the White House.

John Garland, a born and raised Bronx native who appeared on Fox News following the rally, shared a story about how President Trump changed a law that impacted many across the nation after hearing about the circumstances of his struggle with a government program during COVID.

The last local rally goer AMAC spoke with, who did not wish to disclose her name, believes that as a Christian, we must judge people by their fruits. And although she is a self-described “Democrat conservative,” she believes President Trump’s actions as president align with her views far more than Joe Biden’s.

President Trump’s speech focused heavily on his life as a New Yorker. He talked about his time as a successful real estate developer where he took on many projects that involved previously inactive, decayed, and failing properties that he was able to turn into something great for his city. He compared that to today’s areas of New York’s society that have declined, and how he can, just as he did as a successful real estate developer for so many years, make great again.

In recent years, New York has seen a noticeable shift away from the left in voter behavior. Chuck Schumer’s 2022 election saw him receive less than 60 percent of the vote for the first time since his first election in 1998. During that same year, the governor’s race resulted in Republican Lee Zeldin losing the race by just six points. For reference, Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo won the three previous elections by 14, 23, and 30 points.

New York has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan, whose New York victories throughout the 1980’s were due largely to economic struggles and societal decay in the area. Nobody would deny both of those issues are once again present today, with many blaming the Democrat party that has long reigned in the state, which directly benefits Trump’s chances.

President Trump is serious about making a play for his native state. Before being quick to dismiss this possibility, even CNN admitted the rally was comprised of “A bigger crowd than Democrats would like to see, particularly given this is one of the bluest counties in the entire country.” Joe Biden’s chaotic term has resulted in many beginning to view politics beyond their usual purview, meaning anything is possible in this election.

If Trump can make it here, he can make it anywhere.

Matt Kane earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Stony Brook University. His work has been posted by President Trump, RealClearPolitics, and American Thinker. X/Twitter: @MattKaneUSA Truth Social @MattKane

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David Millikan
David Millikan
1 month ago

Excellent article. As President Trump fills Stadiums with his Rallies and crowds of 100,000 or more of supporters at other Rallies all you hear are Crickets at Dictator Beijing biden’s rallies.
Another reason I am Voting for President Trump.
President Trump puts the United States FIRST.
God Bless President Trump and the United States of America.

1 month ago

It’s reassuring to see so many people formerly joined at the hip with democrats break out and do some thinking on their own. When the national environment sours to this degree, merely for survival’s sake, voters in November will recall the damage done to them personally and vote for someone outside their predicted party affiliation. Democrats have done nothing “sustainably helpful” for the poor, for law enforcement, for the economy, for prosperity, or for our standing in the world. I’m glad the people in the Bronx and other parts of NY are beginning to recognize this. Maybe we are ready for the Red Wave at this point.

It’s time for a change from this incompetent, corrupt, and blind (to people’s needs) biden administration. The working poor are getting poorer, no one can afford to buy a house. Credit card debt is increasing, while income to pay it off is diminishing. Companies are laying off thousands of workers, many still refuse to give up remote work (including government employees), and new hires need to be guided in their responsibilities or schooled in the art of communication. Spoiled adults demand reparations, their college tuition bills zeroed out, free this, free that…this is becoming a nation of non-producers! As much as the progressives like to talk about sustainability, they clearly have failed to recognize what’s not sustainable, and that’s their view of how this country should function.

Good for President Trump for going to the difficult areas where there’s not much support for Republican candidates. Sometimes the people need a good wake up call to get them to see the light. And the data are showing this is working. Trump’s support from the minorities is increasing in a major way as they pull away from biden and liberal policies.

Keep it up, Mr. Trump. I donated twice the amount I usually do because you’re so much better at being a politician–at being the president–than any democrat.

MAGA 2024.

1 month ago

Only in NYC can you watch persecution, prosecution and prostitution on the same stage .

1 month ago

South Bronx was once liberal democrats. Not anymore. They despise the KKKJoe Biden who’s also an undercover segregationist.

Michael J
Michael J
1 month ago

But, but the mainstream say it wasn’t so. Now, maybe an honest election, something they can’t spin.

Gone baby gone
Gone baby gone
1 month ago

his hairs leaving him like my faith in America lol

Republicans versus Democrats, signs with two types of skies showing the opposite
kamala harris
trump flag
President Joe Biden departs after speaking at the NAACP Convention, Tuesday, July 16, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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