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Pence China US Democracy death infanticide 34

Pence: Democrats Embrace ‘Infanticide and a Culture of Death’

american's creed 1

Time to Fully Embrace the American’s Creed

Democrat 1

Democrat Party Splintering – Not Good for America

immigration 74

Maryland Democrats Pushing for State to Become Sanctuary for Illegal Immigrants

free radicals 2

Free Radicals and the Importance of Antioxidants

healthcare 49

Basic Economics: Trump Administration Lowering Healthcare Costs, Debunking Socialism

Planned Parenthood ugly truth pregnant funding cut

Court of Appeals Backs Ohio’s Planned Parenthood-Funding Cut

senate confirm Trump Manafort progressive congressional Marxist democrats bully administration America fiscal house cards 3

America’s Fiscal House of Cards

Ron DeSantis Meeting 3

The Tireless Ron DeSantis