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unborn abortion baby child fetal heartbeat Roe Wade Alabama abortion 63

Alabama Governor Signs Bill Designed to Overturn Roe v. Wade, Enable State-Level Abortion Restrictions

Joe Biden illegals healthcare 138

Generous Joe: More “Free” Healthcare For Illegals Needed

PBM China vitamins medicine drug prices medications pain relief lower prices Trump pills pharma programs millions vitamins supplements drugs trump administration seniors 1

The Trump Administration Says This Proposal Will Help Seniors Afford Their Drugs. AARP Says Not So Fast

god bless america 1

“God Bless America” Under Fire in Schools – Constitution Supports Faith

swing states

Just What Is a Swing State?

social security-rusty-marry-girlfriend social security benefits benefit increase medicare benefits retiree

What Social Security Benefit Will My Wife Get If I Die? – Ask Rusty

train railroad rail china control Chinese Washington metro 74

Chinese Bid for Washington Metro Contracts Is a Major Security Threat

medicare for all 2

3 Big Problems With ‘Medicare for All’

church crosses Christianity cross Christians persecution 23

Global Persecution of Christians Nearing Genocidal Levels, British Report Finds