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medicaid 2

Understanding Medicaid, Trump’s Push for Accountability, AMAC’s Role

amac membership Americans refuge core values country great equality act 3

Here’s What’s In The Dangerous “Equality Act”

border wall 2

Here We Go Again – Border Wall FY2020

southern poverty law center 46

Southern Poverty Law Center Bias Exposed

social security-rusty-marry-girlfriend social security benefits benefit increase medicare

No Special “Extra Dollars” for Veteran’s Monthly Benefit

build wall taxpayers save money billions border pentagon 2

Build the Wall to Save Taxpayers Billions

MMR Vaccine Safe proof 110

Study Offers More Proof That The MMR Vaccine is Safe, says AMAC

Trump Veto wall 148

President Trump to Veto Congressional Resolution Attempting to Stop Him From Building the Wall

welfare America jobs act 5

‘Self-Sufficiency, Not a Sinkhole’: JOBS Act Updates Work Requirements for Welfare Recipients